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Authentic Indian Dish: Biryani is a traditional Indian dish that requires little patience and skill to prepare, but it is worth every second of the process. The flavor starts with long grain rice (basmati), seasoned with herbs and spices like saffron, and mixed with different types of meat, including lamb, chicken, or even seafood and vegetables. Then you cover it all up, seal it tight and set it over a gentle flame for cooking.

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The origin story for authentic Indian dish: Biryani is an old one traced back to Persia, where it was a rustic rice-and-meat dish. It eventually made its way to India, where people started mixing different spices. It led to biryanis being distinctly different depending region they came from; some are relatively similar such as those in Hyderabad and Chennai, while others, like Lahori Biriyani, became popular outside of Pakistan due to influences of Muslim cuisines along the Southern Coast.

This authentic Indian dish has many main ingredients - including rice, meat, marinade, and spices. Of course, basmati rice is prominent in most cuisines; however, there are other types of grains depending on where the dish originates. Coastal regions, for example, often contain fish and shrimp, while inland areas may incorporate chicken, goat, mutton, or beef, depending on each preference.

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Types Of Biryani

Many different kinds of biriyani come from authentic Indian food from various cultures and regions.

Sindhi Biryani 

Sindhi Biryani

This aromatic dish is popular in Pakistan, known for its spicy flavor and intricate mix of spices. Sindhi Biryani originated from Mughal cuisine. The authentic Indian dish includes beef or lamb, Basmati rice with vegetables, and plenty of spices.

Hyderabadi Biryani

Hyderabadi Biryani

India's favorite type of Biryani, this dish is made with goat meat which has been marinated and cooked alongside the rice. Coconut and saffron are used for flavoring as well. This variation of biryani is termed an authentic lamb biryani recipe.

Malabar biryani

Malabar biryani is the only type of biriyani found in Kerala, India. Popular among the Muslims living there, it consists mainly of khyma rice cooked with plenty of ghee.

Calcutta/Kolkata Biryani

Kolkata Biryani

This dish often includes potatoes, eggs, and beef. The marinade consists of cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, cardamom, and other spices. Rice gets flavor with ketaki or rose water which gives it a beautiful yellow hue.

Ambur biryani

This authentic south Indian food hails from Tamil Nadu. It's one of the most famous types you can find, with Ambur supposedly having more stores dedicated to Biryani, than anywhere else in the world. The meat is first cooked and then mixed with rice before adding some fresh greens for flavor and tangy yogurt for creaminess.

Lucknowi biryani


This dish is similar to the Persian dum pukht technique, where the meat and gravy are only partially cooked and layered before being served in a sealed handi. There isn't much intensity in the spices used here in this different from other biryani dishes.

Mughlai Biryani

Mughlai Biryani comprises milk, chicken, almond paste, ghee (clarified butter), raisins, and green chilies, making for a flavorful authentic Indian food.

Kalyani Biryani

Small chunks of buffalo meat go into this even more economical biryani dish. It is rich and flavorful but doesn't include the pricier ingredients that most other biryani dishes have.

Summing Up On Biryani

The difference between the Pulao and the biryani is mainly in how they are prepared. When it comes to the biryani, for example, all of its ingredients (chicken, celery, carrots) are sautéed before adding some water and letting it boil. Cooking occurs at a higher temperature than with a Pulao, making authentic Indian food faster to prepare.

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