|September 26, 2022

10 Best Dairy-Free Alternatives For Vegans

10 Best Dairy-Free Alternatives For Vegans

Several people switch to veganism as it is better for both our health and the environment. But being vegan is a challenge when we can’t find any alternatives for the dairy products we grew up to.

Why can’t Vegans use Dairy Products?

A vegan diet is where a person stops consuming meat, eggs, fish, or any other animal-based product, excluding dairy.

Maintaining a strictly vegan diet can be pretty challenging, but there are so many alternatives out in the market that it isn’t a hassle if you’re vegan or are trying to be one. 

But not being able to use dairy isn’t limited to vegans. Many people are lactose-intolerant(a person who cannot milk and its products since it can give them food poisoning), so they must find suitable substitutes for the products they cannot consume. 

Also, choosing not to consume dairy is a thing we should all consider opting for since the dairy industries threaten our environment since they use enormous amounts of water and emit greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

Dairy Alternatives for Vegans

Top Milk alternatives:

We’ve known since our childhood how milk is so essential for our health and growth and is also a great source of protein, but some options have almost the same nutritional value. 

Also, some of us cannot imagine living without coffee or tea, so what creamers do we use to get the right taste for these caffeinated drinks? Here’s a list of vegan milk to put all your worries to rest.

Soy Milk:

It is one of the best alternatives when you are looking for a milk substitute. Although it has fewer ingredients than milk, there are options in the market or at natural food stores that have added nutrients to not lose out on the goodness. Users of soy milk also appreciate it for the taste it adds to dishes.

It is also low-fat and cholesterol. Apart from this, you can use it for baking and cooking.

Almond Milk:

It is versatile, and you can use it in various ways, but the only shortcoming in this milk is that it has 50% less calcium than cow’s milk. You can use this milk for cereals, smoothies, almond drinks, and cooking. 

Almond milk is also gluten-free, which makes it even healthier. Another great thing about almonds is that almond-based yogurts are an excellent fat-free option for vegans when yogurt alternates. Also, almond is one of the best brain foods, making it essential to your diet.

Coconut Milk:

It’s a great addition to your curries, coconut ice-creams, and as a coffee creamer. It is naturally sweet and is very creamy.

It has low amounts of carbohydrates and is a healthy alternative to cow’s milk. It's also important to note that coconut yogurt or coconut-based yogurt can be an excellent alternative for regular Greek yogurt. Another by-product is coconut cream which you can use instead of heavy cream to give the same taste.

Oat Milk:

This can be easily prepared at home and is also relatively healthy compared to the other alternatives on the list. It is suitable for people with high cholesterol and is rich in nutrients, especially vitamin D.

You can also use it in various ways except for desserts.

Rice Milk:

If you have nut allergies, this rice milk is the best alternative for you. Its taste is similar to cow’s milk and has almost the same nutritional profile. 

Also, it works well with different kinds of soups and sauces. But you cannot use it for your baking needs since it is too thin.

Top Cheese alternatives:

Cheese is tough to recreate since it has a variety of unique tastes and textures. Hence, it is a big challenge when one is vegan or lactose-intolerant but still wants authentic flavors, but some cheese alternatives come in handy for those cravings.

Tofu Gouda:

Made with tofu and potatoes, it tastes just like a gouda. It has all the buttery and nutty taste of a traditional gouda. So use it over pizza, lasagna, and whatnot. 

Aquafaba Mozzarella:

Use it for pizzas or in your pasta, and enjoy the good ol’ mozzarella in a way that neither harms the environment nor you. You get the same taste of the melty and smooth with just some cashew and aquafaba or chickpea brine. 

Cashew Blue Cheese:

Can Blue cheese be vegan? Who would've guessed, but with this cashew blue cheese, use it on crackers as it provides the same soft, spreadable texture?

Top Butter Alternatives:

Butter can be hard to recreate in a vegan form, but there are some excellent alternatives if you’re craving some well-buttered toast or want to create a perfect buttery dessert.


It has for long been an alternative for butter. Made from vegetable oils, margarine has the same buttery smoothness that you can use for dishes as an alternative to butter.

Nut Butter:

Various brands make vegan butter made with many different plant oils such as avocados, cashews, almonds, and many more. Smooth nut butter makes for great sources of proteins, and it’s packed with flavors. You can use this butter for various dishes and desserts. Like almond butter can be used on bread, for baking, and to create delicious dishes.

Summing Up:

So, if you’re someone who doesn’t want to or cannot have dairy products, we hope these alternatives help you out so that your lifestyle doesn’t come in the way of getting to enjoy your favorite foods. By making the small changes, you can still maintain a balanced diet without using milk products. 

These alternates will not come in handy to nut allergy-prone users since most of these products use nuts, but you will find some alternate or other to help you out.

The only drawback of vegan alternatives is their low accessibility profile, but there are always DIYs and recipes you can look for to help you maintain a vegan lifestyle. 

But if you are looking for vegan dishes that are also easy to cook, Alcoeats has some great options to look for when craving an instant and delicious meal.


What do Vegans use instead of Dairy?

Vegans use many cow’s milk alternatives, such as soy, almond, or coconut milk, with almost the same nutritional values. They also have different options for cheeses and even butter.

What are the milk alternatives that taste most like milk?

Rice milk and soy milk are the most milk-like tasting alternatives that vegans or even people looking for an option can opt for because these have the same taste, and you can use them in the same dishes as cow’s milk.

What are the best dairy-free alternatives for Vegans?

Soy milk, oat milk, or even almond milk are the best dairy-free alternatives that vegans can go for without a worry in the world since you can use them equally in desserts, tea, and coffees, or even in savory dishes.


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