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Ground coffee is beneficial for people on a plant-based diet, as coffee beans are a great source of vegan-friendly nutrients. Coffee beans are the seeds of the coffee plant, typically encased in red or purple fruit, more commonly known as a coffee cherry. Preparing ground coffee involves grinding or crushing the beans before brewing.

Ground coffee is created by crushing or grinding coffee beans that have been freshly brewed and filtered. The secret to turning it into an instant beverage is to remove all the water content, which will leave behind dried-out coffee granules. To make your coffee, place a spoonful of the granules in a mug, add hot water, and stir. In no time, you will have a freshly made cup of coffee.

Going vegan is a lifestyle choice that focuses on living ethically and respectfully for the animals and people that co-inhabit the planet. Black ground coffee is vegan-friendly, but those wanting to add creaminess should choose a plant-based alternative over dairy-based creamers or 2%. These alternatives will provide a richer flavor without sacrificing ethics.

At Alcoeats, our mission is to ensure that each sip of our vegan ground coffee is ethically sourced from farmers in some of the top coffee-growing regions. To provide our customers with a dependable, exquisite flavor all year long, we only roast our beans in small batches and promise freshness. As such, you will experience every flavor note and aroma with every cup of Cozy Bear's freshly-roasted coffee.


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Origin of Ground Coffee

Numerous accounts depict the discovery of the coffee bean and its unparalleled revitalizing effects. As written down in 1671, ground coffee is believed to have been discovered by Kaldi, an Ethiopian goat-herder from the 9th century. While out with his flock of goats, he observed that his goats seemed to have a peculiar energy whenever they ate the fruits from a mid-sized shrubbery with yellow and red berries. Thus, he started experimenting with the fruits himself, eventually leading to the great discovery of the best ground coffee.

Following his inquisitive nature, he took some of the mysterious “magic berries” with him to the neighboring monastery to have their effects explained to him by the chaplain. However, declaring them to be an evil temptation, the chaplain angrily threw the berries into the flames. Soon afterward, an exquisite, fragrant aroma of roasted coffee ground rose from the fire, captivating the monks. Acting swiftly, they managed to retrieve the beans from the fire and eventually brewed the first cup of coffee.

How To Choose Vegan Ground Coffee

To get the most benefits of common ground coffee, it is essential to learn the most suitable approach. Vegan coffee is the beverage closest to its natural form, and veganism is an excellent method for achieving a healthier lifestyle. To ensure that you enjoy your vegan best ground coffee in the best way possible, follow these few easy instructions.

  • Choose Environment-Friendly Options - Veganism is not merely about health and fitness; it is a dedication to maintaining environmental resources. Vegans make an effort to diminish the abuse of animals and vegetation by consuming natural products. Thus, when purchasing vegan coffee, ensure to scrutinize its label.
  • Grind coffee Yourself - In this day and age, when many of us lack time to spare, pre-ground coffee is the norm. Nevertheless, the healthiest option is grinding coffee beans, achievable with the help of a coffee grinder and some coffee beans. Be sure to grind the amount you need at any given moment to enjoy the flavor and aroma of freshly-ground coffee every time.
  • Ditch The Sugar - To reach your health goals, start having coffee without sugar. If you learn to control your cravings for sweetness, you can be certain of having a long, healthy life. If you must use a sweetener occasionally, go for natural options such as stevia or honey.


How do you prefer your morning coffee? Perhaps a creamy soya flat white, a smooth drip filter, or a rich pumpkin spice caramel latte? If you prefer something a bit more special, nothing compares to the mesmerizing scent of freshly-ground coffee beans in the morning!
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How To Make Vegan Ground Coffee

Crafting the perfect cup of vegan iced coffee is a simple process that adds a tasty accompaniment to any vegan breakfast or brunch. By omitting the sugar, you can make this recipe even healthier and more nourishing to start your day. All it takes to make this delicious coffee is to follow a few easy steps - so let's get started!


  • 1 tbsp - Ground Coffee
  • 200 ml - Plant-based Milk
  • 1 tsp - Sugar (preferably honey)
  • 1 tsp - Vanilla
  • 100 ml - Boiled Water
  • Some Ice Cubes 


  • Add one teaspoon each of either instant or cold brewed coffee, brown sugar, and vanilla extract to the boiling water.
  • Mix the ingredients well and refrigerate for 10 minutes.
  • Carefully pour this mixture into a glass with a few pieces of ice, making sure the glass is large enough to hold more ice cubes if desired.
  • Add non-dairy milk to it, preferably (coconut or oat milk).
  • Your vegan iced coffee is ready to start your perfect morning.

Summing Up

For many food items, creating vegan alternatives can be tricky and the resulting taste may not quite capture the classic flavors. However, when it comes to higher-ground coffee, vegan substitutes are typically easy to make and are nearly indistinguishable from their traditional counterparts. Most coffee recipes are naturally vegan, and for those that require milk, swapping in non-dairy options provides the perfect substitute.

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