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Mughlai Chicken Korma vs Hyderabadi Chicken Korma

Mughlai Chicken Korma vs Hyderabadi Chicken Korma

The most popular Chicken Korma can be found in every Indian restaurant around the world. Korma is a kind of cooking method that means braising. The chicken pieces are braised with yogurt and spices. Korma is probably the best cooked non-vegetarian curry from Indian cuisine.

Yet we know that Chicken Korma was originated in the Mughal kitchen, but later this flavorful recipe was made differently according to its region. So, mainly there are four types of Korma curries which are Mughlai, Shahi, Kashmiri, and Hyderabadi. The Shahi and Mughlai are kinds of similar recipes. Whereas Kashmiri and Hyderabadi chicken Korma are quite different. Out of these four types, the most popular one is Mughlai and Hyderabadi Chicken Korma.

To find the origins of Chicken Korma, we have to date back to the 16th century during the reigns of Mughal Emperors in India. The traditional Korma was cooked in clay pots by the Mughal chefs. The pot was kept on a mud oven called chulha and the woods worked as fuel. Some people say that Shahjahan was very fond of this creamy and rich gravy. So, what makes Mughlai Chicken Korma different from Hyderabadi Chicken Korma?

Mughlai Chicken Korma:

It is a popular chicken recipe from Lucknow where Mughals ruled. In the olden days, Mughal chefs cooked this slowly simmered gravy using Indian aromatic spices, nut paste, and yogurt. It was made either in mud pots or heavy bottom utensils made of copper. It was cooked on charcoal burners for long hours. Cooking in this manner is considered to be healthy for our bodies. Because while cooking the curry the gravy absorbed the minerals (Copper) which was later consumed while eating the food, and the smoky aroma of charcoal or wood can turn the recipe tastier.

Nowadays, people don’t have much time to spend on cooking. So, they prefer to cook it in a non-stick pan or pressure cooker.

What makes this recipe special?

The key ingredients of this recipe I believe are the caramelized onions and roasted nuts paste along with whole spices and thick curd. This luscious gravy goes well with butter-garlic naan or jeera rice.

This recipe doesn’t contain turmeric powder or tomatoes. Instead of turmeric powder saffron-infused milk is used which provides the gravy a nice orange color. Some restaurants also garnish this recipe with cream and coriander leaves.

Hyderabadi Chicken Korma:

It is another version of Chicken Korma which is called Murghi ka Korma. It is an iconic recipe of Hyderabad which is cooked in every Hyderabadi Muslim household.

This recipe is slightly thick when compared to North Indian Shahi Chicken Korma or Mughlai Chicken Korma. Muslim community of Hyderabad serves this recipe with bagara pulav khana on their special occasions. It goes well with all rice preparations. South Indian is famous for its coconut plantation and thus most of the South Indian food contains coconut paste or milk. The Hyderabadi Korma is cooked with coconut paste instead of butter or cream to thicken the gravy.

It is an ultimate delight for chicken lovers. This korma recipe is made by ingredients such as whole garam masala, curd, cashew nut and poppy seeds paste, coconut paste. One more thing that makes it different from North Indian Korma is the use of tomato puree, which provides the gravy fiery red color and a tangy taste. It is also popular by the name of Kozi Kurma in Andhra Pradesh restaurants. In South India, this fiery and spicy gravy is either served with steamed rice or Idli.

You can also give try some of the best Korma recipes while your visit to an Indian restaurant such as:

  • Navaratan Korma
  • Paneer Korma
  • Chana Kurma
  • Shahi Mutton Korma
  • Tehsildari Qorma

All these recipes are mouth-watering and some of the best recipes of Indian cuisine.

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