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October 20: World Butter Chicken Day

October 20: World Butter Chicken Day.

Rose Day, Valentine’s Day, April Fools Day, and many more are celebrated with colossal popularity but, hardly a few folks know that October 20th is celebrated as The World’s Butter Chicken Day. Here we will take you to a depth of how Butter Chicken originated and reached where it is today. 

India is a land of culture, diversity, and evolution. The exotic aroma and life of Indian cuisine are celebrated across the world with great enthusiasm. 

Because of its simplicity, it was widely accepted. While many people believe that Indian dishes are challenging to prepare, it should be emphasized that this is an essential cuisine that anybody can attempt preparing by consulting cookbooks or culinary shows on television. 

Aside from being easy to prepare, the dish maintains its nutritional content thanks to various spices and masalas added to make it taste better. India’s side dishes, such as salads and pickles, are just a few different things that set it apart.

How Butter Chicken Came Into Existence?

The Mughals left an indelible mark on the food of Delhi, India’s culinary capital. On the other hand, Butter Chicken has humbler origins and may be traced back to a site near its current position. Before partition, it was set at Mukhey da Dhaba, a Peshawar sweet shop managed by an elderly gentleman named Mokha Singh. Kundan Lal Gujral worked here as a young man, and his grandson Monish Gujral recalls that it was here that he helped invent the Tandoori Chicken that we all love today.

Eventually, due to Mokha Singh’s failing health, he sold the company and renamed it Moti Mahal (and the rest, as they say,it’syou’llisn’tWorld’shadn’tNagar’syou’llIt’sdish’sChicken’story). An astute trader named KL Gujral realized that Tandoori Chicken would dry up if left on the seekhs above the tandoor for the entire day. After that, he came up with the beautiful idea of cooking the Tandoori Chicken in a simple sauce made of tomatoes, butter, cream, and spices, which allowed the pieces to regain moisture and become more appetizing. As a result, the Butter Chicken came into being.

India was divided during the British rule, and Gujral and Moti Mdidn’tmigrated to Delhi, bringing their famous Tandoori and Butter Chicken dishes. It didn't take long for the little business in Daryaganj to grow into a nationwide network of eateries operated by his grandson, Monish.

Butter Chicken's appeal is due to the dish's exquisite balance of acidity and silky smoothness. It's easy to do it wrong because the majority of recipes you'll come across are either much too sweet or way too spicy. For whatever reason, Monish is reluctant to accept that the food available elsewhere does not measure up to the original, and he might easily assert that he is an expert on the issue (albeit a slightly biassed one). Marryam H. Reshii, a well-known food critic confesses that her benchmark for the dish is East Patel Nagar's Mughal Mahal.

Today, you can have anything from Butter Chicken tacos to pizza, rolls, burgers, and biryani (the one at Social is delectable). Purists may mock product expansion initiatives that are both unnecessary and regularly mandated. However, when it comes to food, I firmly think that it has evolved over time. Authenticity is overrated, and the best food is produced with little regard for anything other than pleasing the palate. After all, when Kundan Lal Gujral created Butter Chicken, he had no clue he contributed to the canon of culinary greatness. And if he hadn't tried, Tandoori Chicken, Butter Chicken, and even Dal Makhani would not exist today.

Celebrate World’s Butter Chicken Day With Spice.

With its mildly spicy and somewhat sweet flavor, Butter chicken has long been a popular dish for people of all ages and backgrounds. Gujral initially came up with the idea of using the marinating tray fluids to make this dish by combining tomatoes, butter, and cream with the remaining chicken. There are a lot of spices in this meal even though it isn't spicy. With garam masala (a spice blend formed from peppers and spices like cinnamon and cloves), you'll also find coriander and fenugreek seeds in addition to chili powder.

Butter chicken, like many curries, relies on the gravy, or sauce, as it's known informally. When it comes to butter chicken, the liberal use of spices provides richness and depth, onions and tomatoes offer sweetness, and the last touch of butter and cream ensures the mixture is creamy and smooth. Serve butter chicken with a citrus-spiked sauce like raita and fresh herbs to cut through the fat and richness.

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