|September 26, 2022

What Is Shahi And Why Is Paneer So Good With It?

What is Shahi, and why is Paneer so good with it?

As we all know, India is a land of diversity. The original Indian culture dates back over 5000 years. Currently, cultures from different parts of the world such as Mongolian, British, American, Chinese, and many more can be found in India. Just like Indian culture, Indian food is celebrated worldwide.

The organic and rare ingredients Indians use and handmade spices give unique flavors and texture to Indian cuisine. India witnesses travelers from across the globe to sample India's wide range of street cuisine. Including Pani Puri, Kabab roll, Biryani, Chola Kulcha, Lassi, Chai, and much more. The Indian menu constantly evolves with new and exceptional dishes, but the old and royal Shahi Paneer is my favorite. 

About Shahi

In a literal sense, the word 'Shahi' denotes something Royal such as Shahi Khandan, which means a Royal Family, or Shahi Poshak, which means Royal dress. The term Shahi holds an important place in the royal vocabulary. It is associated with high-end meals such as Shahi Biryani and Shahi Kabab when it comes to food. But the dish that everyone associates with the word Shahi is Shahi Paneer.

The 'Shahi' in Shahi Paneer is cashew sauce mixed with tomato puree and several other spices blended together to form a sauce-like gravy. Preparing Shahi is the primary job that requires careful detailing and is time-consuming. Try Royal Paneer - Indian Simmer Sauce Mix; Its rich flavor, organic and safe will make your Shahi time more fun at just $3.99. This mix is the best solution for working people who don't have the time to cook.

The most loved partner of Shahi is Paneer. Cottage cheese, commonly known as Paneer cheese, is a cheese made of cracked milk set with acid to make a block of soft spongy cheese. It's widely used as a substitute for meat by folks who are avoiding non-vegetarian food items. Paneer goes with every meal, be it breakfast, lunch, or dinner, and is added to multiple dishes like biryani, pulao, curry, Maggie, Dosa, and a lot more. It is high in protein, calcium and potassium, and many other healthy nutrients. In India, Paneer is a trick every mother uses when her kid refuses to finish their plate. 

About Shahi Paneer

When the aroma of Shahi unites with the richness of Paneer, we get the world-famous Shahi Paneer. The authentic texture and mildly sweet taste of shahi mixed with seasoned Paneer become a creamy and delicious dish paired with almost anything. Shahi Paneer was accidentally discovered during the Mughal reign when a chef spilled some paneer cubes into the 'Malai Kofta' batter. It is believed that Shahi Paneer was the leading and most loved dish by the emperors in ancient times. Since then, Shahi Paneer has made a place in every Indian and international menu with an Indian section. 

Today, Shahi Paneer is the main dish at every wedding or special occasion in India. There's a saying that without Shahi Paneer, there is no Shahi wedding.

Why is Shahi Paneer so good?

I'm sure the majority of you are curious about what is so unique in Shahi Paneer? Well, apart from its finger-licking taste, eating Shahi Paneer has several other health benefits too.

1) Reduces risk of cancer

When cancer is growing at an alarming rate and increasing cases of adulterated medicines, people are switching towards organic and healthy ways to prevent cancer. A recent study found that people eating Paneer are less prone to cancer than people who do not consume Paneer. Also, the ingredients in Shahi, such as tomato and cashew, contain nutrients that help women, especially unmarries, prevent or fight breast cancer. 

Hence, a family with Shahi Paneer on the table is moving towards a healthy and cancer-free future.

2) Helps in reducing excess body fat

The majority of youth are very cautious about their health and the amount of oil they are consuming. Unlike most Indian dishes, Shahi Paneer does not require much oil during preparation. For all the gym freaks out there, Shahi Paneer is the best option. It also helps to check our blood cholesterol levels so that people with heart diseases can enjoy the authentic taste of Indian Special Cuisine. 

To enjoy the royal taste of Shahi Paneer within minutes, try Paneer Easy Indie Bowls

If you're a workaholic who doesn't have time to waste on cooking but loves Indian food, Easy Indie Bowls is the one for you. These Indie mixes are 100% organic with no added flavor or preservatives and are quick to make. You don't have to waste hours perfecting the art of Indian cooking. 

You have to mix the jar contents in water and add seasoned Paneer cubes and Viola! Finger Licking Shahi Paneer is ready.


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