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Coffee enthusiasts love to learn and explore new types of coffee beans. They like to buy various coffee beans from the shelf or browse through every coffee shop menu. But it is crucial to know what goes into every coffee type and what makes it different. Coffee enthusiasts love to try something different with each cup they sip. For such coffee fans, Colombian Coffee offers something interesting and exciting. So, it is time to try out Colombian Coffee!

Colombia is a country that produces the highest amount of coffee beans in the world. The nation also grows some of the finest coffee beans globally. Coffee plants flourish in the tropical climate under the shade of banana trees. As Colombia has a high altitude, this factor shapes the growth of the coffee bean.

Colombia exports most of the best coffee beans that it produces. So, the next time you want Colombian Coffee beans, there is no need to go to Colombia for a brew. You can get your hands on these coffee beans and brew them in the comfort of your home!

A tropical location of Columbia with terrain has heavy rainfall and proper sunlight making it a perfect region for growing coffee. Most Colombian coffees are wet-processed. Different types of Colombian coffee exist, such as Castillo, Typica, Caturra, Bourbon, Geisha, Maragogype, etc. Columbian coffee beans are considered one of the best Arabica coffee beans in the world, because of their sweet taste and flavor. The most popular Colombian supremo coffee has a larger bean size than Excelso famous for its nutty flavor notes, smooth finish, and pleasant acidity. Getting Colombian coffee beans is now easier than ever. Buy Colombian coffee beans online at Alcoeats.com while sitting at your home.

What Do You Mean By Colombian Coffee?

After Vietnam and Brazil, Colombia is the third-largest producer of coffee.  Coffee reached Colombia in 1723. The initial spread was slow but gained significance at the end of the 19th century. By this time, coffee beans were 50% of the total exports of Colombia.

Colombian Coffee is not just a variety of coffee beans. It is named so because it is grown in Colombia. It has an excellent flavour with a prized aroma. Almost all Colombian coffee grown is that of Arabica variety.

If a packet of coffee is Colombian, it is a blend of various types of coffee. They could be from Colombia, or they could be of a single origin. Single-origin coffee from Colombia is produced by one farm. They are traceable from a single cooperative or farm in Colombia.

Colombian coffee packets contain the words Excelso and Supremo. The tag is a reference to the coffee bean size. The label does not give preference to the coffee quality and is not traceable to some regions in Colombia.

Is Colombian Coffee Better Than Other Coffee Beans?

The mesmerising aroma and unique flavors of Colombian Coffee make it better than other varieties. These coffee beans are remarkable due to the traditional roasting and brewing. Coffee culture is exclusive in many countries due to its brewing procedure. Colombian coffee is not just about the method of brewing but how it is grown.

The climate in Colombia is near-perfect for growing coffee. Colombian coffee bean is of a specific type due to the environment in Colombia. The country gets heavy rainfall. At any time in the year, its landscape never falls below freezing temperatures. The nation is in a tropical location, and it is perfect for coffee production! The coffee growers in Colombia pick beans using their hands.

A lot gets spoilt even after the coffee beans are grown as they need to be roasted and brewed. Any error in the brewing process can change the taste. Still, when one buys Colombian coffee, it is a great start.

Does Colombian Coffee Guarantee A Dark Roast?

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Colombian Coffee has a dark roast. It is beneficial for making rich espresso blends. The roast of coffee beans is not related to how the beans are grown. Colombian coffee is used to make light and dark roasts. Colombia is known for its great coffee beans. But the richer flavour of Colombia coffee makes them suited for a dark roast. A light roast made from these coffee beans is also great.

Does Colombian Coffee Beans Brew As Arabica?

Robusta and Arabica are the main types of coffee beans grown around the world. These give their beans the flowery light taste that coffee lovers crave. Arabica is sweeter and lighter, and Robusta is denser and bolder. Colombia usually produces Arabica beans. These beans are flavourful. Arabica beans ensure a delightful and light roast. They don’t need a heavy roasting process to bring out their taste.

Colombian coffee makes a perfect gift for coffee lovers as it is considered a luxury item.

How Does Colombian Coffee Differ From Other Beans?

Colombian Coffee is similar to all other types of coffee and is made from specific coffee beans grown in a diverse region. Colombian beans belong to the higher end of luxury coffee and are usually Arabica beans. Getting committed to Colombian coffee means buying higher-end coffee with a highly refined taste.

Is The Caffeine Content Higher In Colombian Coffee?

Colombian coffee has similar caffeine content to the beans that are grown elsewhere. The caffeine content in the coffee beans does not depend on their roast. The lightest of the roasts and the darkest of the roasts have a similar level of caffeine. There is no need to roast the coffee beans to develop the caffeine within the beans. The caffeine does not break down while roasting.

How Does Colombian Coffee Taste?

Colombian Coffee is a special one having superior quality. It is like Brazilian coffee with a little more acidity. The coffee beans exhibit various flavours like caramel, chocolate, and nuts. Acidity is a great trait. It is highly prized for good quality. It gives a refreshing and vibrant quality to the coffee. Acidity is not to be confused with sourness in coffee.

Colombian coffee is perfect for mass consumption due to its toned-down flavour profile. Coffee beans balance acidity, sweetness, and body. This makes for an espresso blend. Expresso Blends get made for a balanced taste. It is usually a concentrated blend. Any imbalance gets magnified in flavour. It can be enjoyable with diluted filter coffee, but it is disagreeable in an espresso blend as its characteristics get exaggerated.

Colombia has a variety of flavour profiles apart from rounded and heavier coffee. They also produce fruity and vibrant coffee flavours like berries and tomatoes. They also make jammy and floral notes. Colombian coffee beans are popular as they provide something for everyone.

Are Our Colombian Coffee Beans The Best Variety Of Coffee?

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The coffee beans grown in Colombia are of Arabica variety. When compared to other coffee-producing countries like Vietnam, they produce a large quantity of inferior Robusta variety. Colombian Arabica variety is better than newer varieties.

The climate in Colombia is most suited for coffee. As climate changes across the world, the top coffee-producing countries like Vietnam have been suffering. But the climate in Colombia is more stable than in other countries.

Unlike many Asian and African coffees that are dry and naturally processed, Colombian coffees are wet-processed. Wet processed coffee is highly regarded compared to natural-processed coffee. With washed processed coffee, you can experience coffee’s terroir and its processing results in pleasing acidity.

But whether Colombian coffee is the best in the world cannot be determined easily. There are very few coffee lovers who don’t appreciate Colombian coffee owing to loads of diversity in its flavours. But Colombian coffee cannot be called the best based on these facts.

Colombian Coffee is employed by most espresso blends and by speciality coffee shops. They shy away coffee from African countries like Kenya or Ethiopia due to their weird flavours. African coffee is more like tea coffee.

But the best variety of coffee depends on your preference. The crowd-pleasing coffees are delicious. But if you delve deep into coffee, you will grow to appreciate their less traditional flavours like berries, floral taste, and dried fruits.

Is Colombian Coffee Very Strong?

Colombian coffee is usually weaker than other types of coffee. Colombian coffee is Arabica, which is accepted as of higher quality. Arabica bean is lighter than Robusta.

Coffee strength depends more on roasting and its brewing than the beans. Using a dark roast leverages a bitter and bolder flavour. More grounds create a strong cup. Colombia’s gentle coffee flavour is superior to the strong and bitter variety of coffee grown globally.

How to Make Colombian Coffee?

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Colombian coffee beans are a good choice for crafting certain types of brews. The brighter and lighter flavours make these coffee beans ideal for a light roast and a rich cup of cappuccino. Arabica beans are great for light and sweeter types of coffee. They are also great for mixed coffee drinks. To maximize the health benefits of your brew, buy smooth Colombian coffee and drink it black. You should cut down on cream, sugar, and milk to improve your coffee routine.

Colombian Coffee is fit for all brewing apparatuses from percolation to infusion brewers to espresso and Turkish. A chocolaty Colombian brew needs an infusion brewer like the clever dripper, French press, or AeroPress. Heavy and chocolaty Colombian brew can work great like single-origin espresso. It has the right balance. There is no need to blend. Colombian brews are usually with infusion. They go great when accompanied by milk. Fruitier Colombians are possible with a percolation brewer like Kalita wave or V60. The highlight delicate flavours of the coffee beans are great for any decoction brewing like a Turkish cezve.

If you want summer coffee treats, then you can try iced coffee with a rich Colombian dark roast. It will give a clean texture with a rich flavour without the metallic bitterness that is so common in iced coffee. Colombian coffee demands a much higher price due to its superior Arabica variety and its heavy notes of nuts and chocolate or the lighter fruit or floral notes depending on the department in which it is grown.

Is Colombian Coffee More Premium Than Regular Coffee?

Colombian coffee is like any other regular coffee. Its coffee bean and roast profile and its brew method make it special. Colombian coffee is grown within the Colombian borders. It is used in premium packs of coffee, especially in supermarkets. It is mainly since Colombian coffee is made of Arabica variety which is superior to other coffee in various coffee-producing countries. They grow inferior Robusta variety. Colombian coffee is 100% Arabica and demands a higher price due to the exceptional quality.

Colombian coffee usually has a different packet label on the coffee pack. ‘100% Colombian Coffee’ is mentioned on the coffee jars and is used by Federación Nacional de Cafeteros (FNC) of Colombia. These tags are just a way of marketing to stand apart. Thus, Colombian Coffee is known to be specific in coffee consumers’ minds of coffee consumers. Words like ‘Morello cherries’, and ‘Italian lemons’ are mentioned on the coffee packets. This makes consumers think that the coffee is noteworthy.

Consumers think that Morella cherries are superior. But this is not always true. It is usually a way of marketing. But there is no doubt that Colombian coffee is of superior quality. People enjoy Colombian coffee at a mass level throughout the world. Colombian coffees are the real crowd-pleasers. It is much closer to real coffee when compared to the African variety of coffees.

But not everyone will differentiate between cups of coffee from Bolivia Brazil or Guatemala compared Colombia.

How Is Colombian Coffee Different From French Roast Coffee?

There is usually confusion in the roasting case of French Roast and Colombian roast. French roast is a type of roast profile used in the industry, unlike Colombian. ‘Colombian roast’ is written on a packet, but it is only a way of marketing.

French roast is used in North America and is one of the four types used by commercial high-volume roasters. It describes a coffee roasted very darkly and, it has oils showing on its surface.

This result is a highly bitter cup and is used among speciality coffee roasters. Coffee is usually roasted to this level to mask its inferior flavours found in cheap and low-grade coffees. They provide uniformity when coffee brewers use many different coffee blends in their cups.

Why Is Huila Special?

It’s not easy to Miss Huila when we talk about Colombian Coffee. Huila is one of the top coffee-producing departments in Colombia.

For many, this region is known for the Colombian coffee blends. It is a favourite among the barista. Huila Coffee is a regular winner of the Colombian Cup of Excellence awards. In 2013 it also gained the Denomination of Origin status.

Coffee from the Huila department is so great mainly due to the local climate in which it is grown. These farms enjoy temperatures between 17°C – 23°C. These are the Goldilocks of temperatures ideal for coffee. Most farms at elevations of 1,200 – 1,800m are ideal for growing Arabica. These regions also enjoy nitrogen-rich volcanic soil that ensures the best type of coffee beans.

Huila coffee is washed-processed, and the purists most enjoy this fact in the coffee industry. They want to experience the inherent qualities of the coffee bean found in washed-processed coffee. As the coffee farms are 1.5 hectares in size, they use their wet mills to process these coffee cherries. Thus their focus is on quality rather than quantity.

35 of 37 municipalities in Huila produce coffee and the most notable ones are Garzón, Pitalito, Neiva and La Plata.

What Are Some Facts About Colombian Coffee?

  • Geography - Colombian Coffee is produced in the northern half of Colombia. It is produced in a line that stretches from the south-eastern border that starts with Ecuador to the north-western border that ends with Venezuela. Coffee production is present in 20 out of the 33 departments of Colombia. The most notable of these 20 departments that produce coffee are Cauca, Tolima, Valle del Cauca, Huila, Risaralda, Quindío, Antioquia, Nariño, Caldas, Santander, Cundinamarca, Sierra Nevada and Notre de Santander.
  • Production - Colombia produces about 858000 metric tons of coffee in 2020
  • Varietals - Most common varietals in Colombia are Caturra, Typica, and Castillo. Bourbon, Maragogype, Tabi, Colombia, and Geisha are produced in varying degrees as per the department.
  • Harvest - Colombian coffees are usually produced in two harvests every year. Main harvest and smaller mitaca harvest happen in the country. The main harvest is between September and December. The smaller harvest is between March and June. Harvest time also depends on the region.

Where Can I Buy Colombian Coffee? 

Colombian coffee is present at select retail stores. It offers the best brews in the Popayan Supremo that guarantees the full flavour and aroma. Try different varieties of Colombian coffee to close in the flavour you like. People usually appreciate the lighter and medium roast, as it brings out the natural flavour of coffee beans. The sweeter Arabica texture is loved the most. Some people also prefer the dark roast as it has a boldness with bitterness even without giving in to its bitterness.

Summing Up on Colombian Coffee Beans

Colombian coffee has the best reputation that it lives up to. Regardless of how you consume coffee currently, it is likely that you will enjoy a cup made using the unique Colombian Coffee beans.

You must have seen the label - ‘100% Colombian Coffee’ on the coffee packet at the supermarket. Colombian coffee is exceptionally well grown and stands apart in the minds of coffee consumers. It is something special.

There is a diverse types of colombian coffee. Each region has distinct colombian coffee. It is the best version of Arabica coffee beans. You can easily get this flavorful sweet colombian coffee beans online without any hassle. Enjoy this amazing sweet Colombian coffee while sitting in your couch.

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What is different about Colombian Coffee?

Colombian coffee is the result of the washed processed process. The result is a highly loved cup and it is used among speciality coffee roasters. Coffee is usually roasted to bring out its superior flavours. They are found in high-grade coffees. They provide good taste when coffee brewers use the best coffee blends in their cups.

Why Colombian Coffee is the best?

Colombian coffee beans are the best export level coffee in the world. It is usually of the superior Arabica variety. Colombian coffee beans have an excellent flavour. Their aroma is prized. Almost all Colombian coffee grown is of Arabica variety.

What is the flavour of Colombian Coffee?

The aroma of Colombian coffee is prized. Its unique flavours make it better than other varieties. These coffee beans are special due to the traditional method of roasting and brewing. Coffee is made better not just by its brewing but also because of how it is grown.

What is Colombian Coffee Made of?

Colombian coffee is made of the superior coffee beans that are produced. The climate in Colombia is near-perfect for growing coffee. Colombian coffee bean is also of a specific type due to the environment in Colombia.

How does Colombian Coffee from Alcoeats stand out from others?

Alcoeats brings you the best Colombian Coffee beans at an affordable price. The superior coffee beans brew the coffee that is helpful even in weight loss and improving the immune system. Also, it adds to improved metabolism. 

Is Colombian coffee the best in the world?

Of course, it is the best available coffee in the world. The richness of taste for which Colombian coffee is renowned is primarily owing to an excellent climate, ideal soil and the identical apt amount of rainfall. The finest coffee is produced on steep slopes, shrouded ideally by trees and banana plants – which deliver much-needed shadow and avert the beans from being toasted in the hot sun – and every bean is picked by hand.

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