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Vanilla is a flavor that nobody can ignore. It smells so sweet and divine; it is Heavenly delicious. Coffee provides a whole new experience due to its rich beans. Imagine the taste when Arabica coffee beans get infused with Vanilla; the combination is irresistible. We have tasted Vanilla ice cream and cakes; it is time to taste French vanilla coffee. 

French Vanilla is the Bourbon vanilla that saw its origin on Reunion Island. Reunion Island was earlier known as Bourbon. The name came after a French Dynasty settled in Reunion Island; The coffee thus acquired its reputation as French Vanilla. The taste of French vanilla instant coffee is rich in flavor. It is creamy and has a sweet tinge to it. It is the vanilla beans that create the magic in the coffee. It is a mix of vanilla syrup and Vanilla extract combined in coffee.

If you thought you had to go out and buy yourself an expensive mug of coffee, the good news is you can make the café type of coffee at home. Eureka! The aromatic and creamy coffee is now minutes away. 

How to make French Vanilla Instant Coffee Recipe?

The homemade version of French vanilla coffee always wins hearts. Homemade coffee is refreshing and made to order. Here’s how you can make your cup of French Vanilla instant coffee 


French vanilla coffee is made with vanilla syrup, vanilla extract, or vanilla coffee creamer to flavor the coffee with vanilla. Read here to learn more about it.
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  • Type - Beverage
  • Preparation time - 2 mins
  • Cooking time - 5 mins

French Vanilla coffee ingredients

Optional Additions

  • ¼ cup Steamed milk
  • ½ tsp sugar
  • ¼ cup Whipped Cream
  • ½ inch Vanilla strands

Steps to make French vanilla coffee

  • Add 2 tbsp of Alcoeats Vanilla Hazelnut coffee to the coffee maker.
  • Pour water into the reservoir. 
  • Let it brew for a couple of minutes ( 4-5 minutes).
  • The French vanilla coffee is ready to serve. ( You can alternatively add steamed milk and sugar.)
  • If you like it creamier, add whipped cream. Add a few strands of Vanilla (optional) before you serve it. The aroma is too good to resist. 

Health Benefits of French vanilla coffee 

DISCLAIMER- This blog does not provide you with any medical advice. It is strictly meant to be an informational and recipe blog only. Please consult your physician or medical expert for what works best for you.

  • Vanilla is said to have a calming effect. People with sleep apnea can get relief by sipping a cup of French vanilla coffee. It can help to prevent sleep disorders but only before noon. Consuming caffeinated beverages may disrupt your sleep cycle. 
  • For people under calorie control and carbohydrate radar, vanilla-infused coffee is the option you can go. It reduces sugar intake and aids in living a healthier lifestyle. 
  • Alcoeats Vanilla Hazelnut coffee is rich in calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, and potassium. They are antioxidant properties that help the body protect from free radicals. 
  • French vanilla coffee aids in losing weight. It helps to suppress the appetite making you feel full. 

Summing Up with vanilla coffee 

A couple of mugs of vanilla coffee are suitable for mood and health. It keeps you fresh and can uplift your temper for the day. The smooth and creamy coffee is here to stay for a long time. You need a cookie to go with it. A lot can happen over a cup of French vanilla coffee. Invite friends and family over lunch and dinner, and your dessert companion is always ready. Be sure to get a branded and premium vanilla coffee. You are lucky to have Alcoeats by your side. The pack of Vanilla Hazelnut coffee is packed with deliciousness. 

Cozy Bear Vanilla Hazelnut coffee is just the flavor you're looking for. The goodness of hazelnut and the delicate aroma of Vanilla make it challenging to resist. Alcoeats Vanilla Hazelnut coffee is a single-origin bean from Brazil; it is a medium roast coffee. Make your version of Vanilla coffee and share your story with us. 

FAQs on French Vanilla Coffee Recipe

Can we have a Vegan version of Vanilla coffee?

You can make a vegan version of French vanilla coffee by adding coconut or almond milk instead of regular milk. 

How to make Instant coffee French vanilla flavored in a coffee press?

To make Instant coffee French vanilla style in a coffee press, follow the following steps-

  1. Add the Alcoeats Vanilla Hazelnut coffee powder to the coffee press and pour hot water to saturate the ingredients. 
  2. Keep the plunger on the top of the coffee press without pushing it down.
  3. Let it brew for 4-5 minutes. After brewing is done, push the plunger down.
  4. Your delicious mug of the Instant Vanilla coffee French Vanilla flavored is ready. 

What is the acidity level of Alcoeats Vanilla Hazelnut coffee?

Alcoeats Vanilla Hazelnut coffee has a low acidity level.

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