|October 22, 2022


One of the hottest trends in coffee right now is cold brew. It started in boutique coffee shops worldwide and is now loved globally. Cold brew coffee is the way to go if you're looking for the ideal summer beverage! Cold brew is sometimes mistaken for iced coffee, but believe me, they are not the same! Iced coffee is created by steeping coffee grounds in hot water, pouring it over ice, and serving it cold. Whereas, Cold brew coffee involves a particular technique, extracting natural tastes using cold water rather than boiling water. Cold brews are perfect for those who prefer to sip on smooth, sweet, chocolaty coffee with low acidity. This coffee is easy to make at home and can be consumed within 4-5 days of brewing.

A Unique Coffee Experience! 

Cold brew is revolutionary!

Brewing coffee in cold water ensures that the coffee is never exposed to heat throughout the brewing process. The boiling water removes the flavor from the coffee in a few minutes when using the standard hot brewing method. But Cold brew has a significantly longer extraction process, generally lasting 12-24 hours, resulting in a brew with a distinct taste that coffee enthusiasts worldwide are falling for!

Coffee lovers are skipping the coffee shop and beginning to take control of their coffee experience thanks to the growing trend and ease of at-home cold brewing. All of this makes cold brew coffee the hottest trend this summer.

What Makes Cold Brew Coffee So Good?

  • It's Healthier - Coffee naturally contains antioxidants and other beneficial nutrients, which are also preserved during cold brewing. Cold Brew is brewed without the use of heat. Using this method, the acidity of the brewed coffee may be reduced by over 65%, giving your coffee a smooth, naturally sweet flavor.
  • Smoother, Sweeter & Tastier - Cold brewing extracts the rich flavor compounds in coffee while leaving behind the bitter oils and fatty acids released during hot brewing. As a result, the brewed coffee tastes smoother, sweeter, and tastier. 
  • Easy to Brew at Home - Cold brewing takes less than 5 minutes to prepare a batch. Make it, store it in the fridge, and leave it to brew for 12-24 hours before serving. You can drink freshly made cold brew daily with minimal effort because you can keep it fresh in your refrigerator for up to two weeks. We advise consuming it within 4-5 days.
  • Time & Money Savior - It's so simple. Water and the choice of your beans are all you need to make your cold-brewed coffee at home. It takes a few minutes of preparation to save time and money from coffee shop visits. Not to mention how convenient it is: you can keep the coffee fresh every morning by storing it in your refrigerator for up to two weeks. 

    The hottest trend right now is Cold-Brew Coffee, which can be made easily at home to add a budget-friendly, ready-to-go coffee to your daily routine. Read here to learn more about it.

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    • Course - Drinks
    • Prep Time - 5 Minutes
    • Resting Time - 12 Hours
    • Servings - 4 Cups

    Ingredients for Homemade Cold-Brew Coffee

    • 1 liter - Cold water.
    • 100 g - Freshly ground coffee, medium to coarse.
    • You can go for Alcoeats Indonesian Sumatra, Dark Roasted 100% Arabica Beans Coarsely grounded with modification to lower acidity.

    Instructions  for Homemade Cold-Brew Coffee Recipe

    • Pour the coffee into a big ceramic or glass jug. Stir thoroughly after adding the water, then cover. After an hour, stir once more, then leave on the table or in the refrigerator for 12 to 24 hours.
    • Place a strainer over a bowl with a capacity of at least 1 litre. Cover with a coffee filter, an old, clean tea towel, or a piece of cheesecloth. To remove the coffee grounds, pour the coffee through a strainer.
    • Store in the fridge or enjoy for up to a week.
    • Add sugar or maple syrup to taste and dilute with water or milk as you like.

    Note: Remember that 1 litre of water provides around 750ml of cold brew. The coffee absorbs up to 20% of the water throughout the brewing process.

    Health Benefits of Switching to Cold-Brew:

    DISCLAIMER-  This blog does not provide you with any medical advice. It is strictly meant to be an informational and recipe blog only. Please consult your physician or medical expert for what works best for you.

    • It may enhance your metabolism - Cold brew coffee has as much caffeine as hot coffee, if not more, which has been shown to increase your body's metabolic rate by up to 11%.
    • It reduces the risk of heart disease - The cold brew contains heart-healthy components such as magnesium, antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory substances. Drinking 2 to 3 standard cups of coffee daily may reduce your heart disease risk by up to 15%.
    • It may be easier on your tummy - Many people avoid drinking coffee due to acid reflux, indigestion, and heartburn. Some studies have found that cold brew is somewhat less acidic than regular coffee, as it takes 12-24 hours to brew. It implies it may be less annoying to your stomach.
    • It aids in Weight-loss - Caffeine is a natural appetite reducer and will temporarily postpone frequent hunger pangs, according to the Mayo Clinic. Since cold brew contains more caffeine than regular coffee, it may help people feel less hungry and consume fewer calories. You'll eat less overall because hunger frequently leads us to consume larger meals and snack more.
    • It may lift your Mood - Do you feel down? Grab a mug of cold brew! Besides tasting delicious, cold brew has been scientifically confirmed to have mood-boosting qualities. According to a study on PubMed, caffeine increases the amount of dopamine absorbed by attaching to adenosine receptors. Whether or not you understand what this implies, it stimulates the region of your brain linked with reward and motivation, resulting in overall happy feelings.

    Faqs On Cold Brew Coffee Recipe

    What type of grind is best for cold brew?

    Coarsely ground, as though for a french press. It simplifies filtering and allows you to steep while you sleep.

    How much coffee do I need to use?

    You should use twice as much coffee as you would for hot coffee if you want to make a cold brew concentration. You may also use half as much water. So, instead of 20g of coffee and 300g of water (1:15 ratio) as typically used in hot brewing, use 40g of coffee and 300g of water (1:7.5 ratio). After the brewing process is done, you can re-mix the concentration to the desired strength.

    What types of coffee should I use for cold brew?

    Dark-roasted coffee beans work best for making cold-brew coffee. You can be sure to get the notably intense coffee-flavored cold brew concentration by using dark-roasted coffee beans. Alcoeats Cozy Bear Indonesian Sumatra Coffee is the perfect combination of dark roasted 100% premium Arabica beans with a fuller body and lower acidity levels. 

    How long should I let my Cold Brew steep?

    Sixteen hours, but try not to worry. We've discovered that extraction substantially slows down once the water and coffee achieve balance. Just avoid the 20 to 24-hour period to avoid unpleasant woody notes. Instead of steeping longer, if you want a more robust profile, dilute a bit less. It's okay to range from 14 to 18.

    What recipes can I make with Cold Brew Concentrate?

    You can do SO MUCH with your concentration, buddy.

    • Iced Coffee: Combine your concentration with ice and cold water.
    • Iced Cold Brew Latte: Dilute your concentrate with milk and ice to make an iced cold brew latte.
    • Hot Cold Brew Coffee: Use hot water to weaken your concentration. 
    • Cold Brew Soda: Mix the concentration with flavored syrup, ice, and soda water. Serve with the added sweetener of your choice.

    It is just the beginning. I suggest you check out more cold brew cocktails and mocktails as well.

    Making cold brew coffee isn't a big secret, and it doesn't take the ninja-level talents of a skilled barista to perfect. Aside from a big container for preparing the coffee and a filter, you don't need any extra equipment. So, what are you waiting for; stop buying brewed coffee and start brewing it yourself!