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Coffee enthusiasts love to try something different with each cup they sip. For such coffee fans, Colombian Coffee offers something interesting and exciting. Colombia produces one of the highest amounts of coffee beans in the world. Coffee plants flourish in tropical climates under the shade of banana trees. As Colombia has a high altitude, this factor shapes the growth of coffee beans.

Coffee reached Colombia in 1723. The initial spread was slow but gained significance at the end of the 19th century. By this time, coffee beans were 50% of the total exports of Colombia. After Vietnam and Brazil, Colombia is the third-largest producer of Coffee.

Colombian Coffee is not just a variety of coffee beans. It is named so because it is grown in Colombia. It has an excellent flavor with a prized aroma. Almost all Colombian Coffee grown is that of the Arabica variety.

If a packet of Coffee is Colombian, they are either a blend from Colombia, or they are of a single origin also from Columbia. Single-origin Coffee from Colombia is produced by one farm, and they are traceable from a single cooperative or farm in Colombia. Colombian coffee packets contain the words Excelso and Supremo. The tag is a reference to the coffee bean size. The label does not give preference to the coffee quality and is not traceable to some regions in Colombia.

Colombia exports most of the best coffee beans that it produces. You can get your hands on these coffee beans and brew them in the comfort of your home! So, next time you want Colombian coffee beans, there is no need to go to Colombia for a brew.

It is time to try our Colombian Coffee Homebrew Recipe!


If you're looking for a coffee that is full-bodied and packed with flavor, then Colombian coffee is the drink for you. It has a strong, bold taste that is perfect for those who like their coffee with a little bit of a kick.
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  • Cook Time - 30 mins
  • Brewing Time - 4 mins 
  • Total Time - 34 mins 
  • Course - Breakfast, Coffee, Colombia drink, Beverage

What is the recipe for Home-Brewed Colombian Coffee?

Here are the step-by-step instructions for Home-Brewed Colombian Coffee - 

  • Preheat the French press by adding hot water.
  • Add 21g of coarse-ground Coffee.
  • Pour in 300ml of hot water, then mix.
  • Set the lid on top and wait for four minutes.
  • Descent gradually.
  • Serve and relish.

How Does Colombian Coffee Taste?

Colombian Coffee is like Brazilian Coffee with a little more acidity. The coffee beans exhibit various flavors like caramel, chocolate, and nuts. They balance acidity, sweetness, and body; any imbalance gets magnified in taste. Colombian Coffee is highly prized for good quality. It gives a refreshing and vibrant quality to brewed Coffee. 

Please note that acidity is not to be confused with sourness in Coffee.

Colombian Coffee is perfect for mass consumption due to its toned-down flavor profile. It is usually a concentrated blend. It can be enjoyable with diluted filter coffee, but it is disagreeable in an espresso blend as its characteristics get exaggerated.

Colombian coffee beans are popular as they provide something for everyone. Colombia has a variety of flavor profiles apart from rounded and heavier Coffee. They also produce fruity and vibrant coffee flavors like berries and tomatoes.

Where Can I Buy Colombian Coffee?

Alcoeats is your one-stop shop for buying Colombian Coffee. It offers the best brews in the Supremo, guaranteeing full flavor and aroma. We recommend you try the Grounded and Whole Beans. People usually appreciate the lighter and medium roast, as it brings out the natural flavor of coffee beans. The sweeter Arabica texture is loved the most. Some people also prefer the dark roast as it has a boldness with bitterness, even without giving in to it.

How does Colombian Coffee from Alcoeats stand out from others?

The Colombian Supremo bean is the largest and best Coffee bean that Colombia has to offer. Alcoeats has long lasting personal relationships with all of the farms that they source from to guarantee premium quality and taste. Not only does Alcoeats source the best beans from Colombia, but they take great pride in their roasting as well. All of their beans are small batch roasted, which allows the roastmaster to carefully observe the beans to ensure better quality and consistency. Because of the quality and freshness of their beans, they make sure to never over roast. Over roasting leads to a burnt and bitter taste preventing you from being able to truly enjoy the natural subtle flavor notes of Colombian coffee.

FAQs on Home Brewed Colombian Coffee Recipe

Why is Colombian Coffee the best?

Colombian coffee beans have an excellent flavor and aroma. Almost all Colombian Coffee grown is of the Arabica variety. The coffee beans are the best export-level Coffee in the world.

Is Colombian Coffee the best in the world?

Colombian Supremo is the perfect balance of citrusy, nutty and sweet flavor notes, but it depends on your flavor profile. A lot of people love drinking Colombian Coffee, which is why Colombia is the largest producer of Arabica coffee in the World. Colombia has a total of twenty-two coffee growing regions. Colombian Supremo Beans are the highest grade of beans sourced from Colombia with a screen size of 17 or 18. Colombian Supremo was first introduced to Colombia when Jesuit Missionaries brought arabica coffee trees to the mountains of Colombia. The Colombian Mountains with its cool year-round climate and volcanic soil provided the perfect environment for the arabica coffee trees to flourish. The cooler climate slows the coffee cherries maturation process, which allows the coffee to develop unique and stronger flavor characteristics. The volcanic soil provides more nutrient dense soil that is filled with minerals and also contributes to the coffee’s unique flavor characteristics.

How Is Colombian Coffee Different From French Roast Coffee?

Colombian Coffee is a single origin coffee sourced from Colombia, while French Roast is a blend. A blend is composed of beans from a variety of different coffee growing regions across the world. A blend is also supposed to have a consistent taste all year round, while a single origin coffee may taste different depending on the time of year and other factors such as weather. Colombian is typically a medium roast coffee, while French Roast is a very dark roast coffee with very oily beans. French Roast makes a very bitter cup of coffee that is used to mask its inferior flavors from the cheap and low grade beans.

Is Colombian Coffee Very Strong?

Colombian Coffee is usually weaker than other types of Coffee. Colombian Coffee is Arabica, which is accepted as of higher quality. Arabica beans are lighter than Robusta.

Coffee strength depends more on roasting and brewing than the beans. Using a dark roast leverages a bitter and bolder flavor. More grounds create a strong cup. Colombia’s gentle coffee flavor is superior to the pungent and bitter variety of Coffee grown globally.

Is The Caffeine Content Higher In Colombian Coffee?

Colombian Coffee has a similar caffeine content to the beans that are grown elsewhere. It is commonly believed that the caffeine content is dependent upon the roast level, however that is not entirely true. The roast level does not affect the caffeine content of a single bean, but  the longer you roast a bean the larger the bean becomes. Therefore in a lighter roast of coffee you will be able to brew more coffee beans per cup leading to a higher caffeine content per cup than 

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