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White coffee is one of the hottest coffee trends among coffee aficionados and those who do not consider themselves coffee fans in general! White coffee is a variety of brewed coffee made from beans that have undergone light roasting giving it a unique nutty flavor and smooth finish. White coffee is becoming mainstream in coffee shops, typically constructed as just an espresso. Using the appropriate beans, a conventional pour-over coffee maker, and a gooseneck kettle, making white coffee at home is also simple.  High on caffeine and low on bitterness, this mild, nutty-flavored coffee will become your favorite. 

So, let's get clarity on a few things. What exactly is white coffee? While ordinary coffee is typically roasted at a temperature between 450 and 480 ℉, white coffee refers to beans that have been heated at 325 F. The roasting time for white coffee is almost half compared to regular coffee. White coffee beans are lighter in color than black (darker roasted) beans, hence the name "white coffee." Again, the moniker "white coffee" comes from the hot white espresso made from these light beans and has a much more delicate appearance than a typical brew.

White coffee offers a wide variety of flavors and aromas, and these remarkable traits are helping to increase its appeal and popularity. The most fantastic part about white coffee is that it has more caffeine and less bitterness! This coffee is a delightful and fascinating tweak if you're looking for a different flavor horizon to savor in your morning cup.

The Origin of White Coffee

While white coffee is a relatively recent development in Western culture, Yemen has long had a similar coffee beverage where the beans are roasted at a lower temperature, ground, brewed, and then blended with a spice mix known as Hawaij. Lebanon, too, has its own variation of the Yemeni beverage.

In Malaysia and Indonesia, there is yet another variation. Malaysian white coffee is created by roasting the coffee beans in palm oil, brewing them into a conventional black coffee, and adding condensed milk to the mixture to give the coffee a white appearance.

White coffee may have different meanings to different people, depending on whether they are referring to the Malaysian Ipoh beverage with its sweetened condensed milk or the Yemeni version of white coffee with its distinctive spice blend. Still, the Western fad of extremely light roasted coffee beans is more trendy lately within the coffee industry, surrounded by both fact and fiction.

How to Brew White Coffee at Home?

White coffee cannot be brewed in the same manner as regular coffee. Because the beans are more challenging in this situation and are likely to harm your coffee grinder, we do not advise grinding your coffee beans at home. Most likely, if you enjoy medium and dark roast coffee, you won't enjoy white coffee alone. But if you are a fan of mild coffee, White coffee is your Joe. Brewing it half, and half with a scoop of your preferred roast and a scoop of white coffee is terrific advice from the roasters at Alcoeats.

You could blend it into a smoothie. Due to its lighter flavor, it might have a more minor impact on your smoothie taste than regular coffee.


The term "white coffee" refers to a particular coffee beverage in which the coffee beans are roasted at a low temperature and lighter level, much below the roasting standard. Read here to learn more about it.
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  • Prep Time - 3 Mins
  • Total Time - 3 Mins
  • Course - Beverage Drinks
  • Yield - 1 Serving

Ingredients to Make White Coffee

  • Filtered water
  • 15 grams of freshly ground white coffee

Steps To Brew White Coffee With An Espresso Machine

  • Fill the portafilter with the required amount of white Coffee - 7 grams for a single shot and 15 grams for a double shot. To save time weighing the coffee, fill the portafilter until the top is rounded.
  • Firmly tamp the grounds into the portafilter. We disagree with the school of thought that claims you shouldn't tamp because our testing has shown the tamp approach to be effective. Packing down ground white coffee beans is crucial since they are grippy, firm, and do not absorb water like conventional ground beans.
  • After starting your shots and counting to four, pause them to pre-soak the area. Wait 20 seconds, then repeat your shots as usual. This extra step will assist in maximizing the flavor and caffeine content of each draw.
  • Add your white coffee shots to flavored milk or water to create the magical beverage of your fantasies.

Four White Coffee Brewing Tips:

  1. White Coffee expands while brewing so avoid completely filling it to the brim before putting it in your espresso machine.
  2. It might be beneficial to pause while taking your shots as it slightly slows down the brewing process and lets the flavors stand out more than a drip machine.
  3. Another excellent alternative for brewing this coffee is a french press because you may play with the steeping period to enhance the flavor.
  4. And another excellent choice is a Moka pot, which produces a full cup of coffee similar to but not as potent as an espresso machine.

Health Benefits of White Coffee

DISCLAIMER-  This blog does not provide you with any medical advice. It is strictly meant to be an informational and recipe blog only. Please consult your physician or medical expert for what works best for you.

Here are some of the most essential health benefits of white coffee:

  1. White Coffee is a Healthier Option - Given that its qualities are preserved, and no nutrients are lost after roasting, white coffee is healthier than fully roasted coffee. Because of this, white Coffee is a healthier option than regular coffee.
  2. Healthier Stomach - White coffee has a high chlorogenic acid content, a fantastic antioxidant due to its light roasting. This helps you with various stomach issues and is healthy for the stomach.
  3. Higher Caffeine Content Gives Higher Alertness - Due to its higher caffeine concentration, it increases alertness. White coffee is your best pick if you have to stay awake at night, need to be aware, or want an immediate energy boost.
  4. Higher Antioxidants Gives Better Health - Antioxidants increase the immunity level of your body. High antioxidant levels in white coffee can protect your health in various ways. It helps you fight various diseases and keeps your heart healthy. 
  5. Goodbye to High Coffee Acidity -White coffee is less acidic than regular coffee, making it a good choice for people who experience acidity after consuming regular coffee. This is the case because coffee beans get more acidic when roasted. White coffee beans are only lightly roasted; thus, they have less acid.

Summing Up on White Coffee

While intriguing, white Coffee beans are an exciting method to experiment with new drinks. To brew at home, however, requires some knowledge and equipment. Espresso, coffee from a Moka pot, or coffee from an Aeropress are the best options. A beige-colored beverage full of nutty and spicy flavors will serve you. You must try white coffee if you're adventurous and enjoy discovering new flavors and fragrances in coffee.

Faqs On White coffee Recipe

Is white coffee stronger?

While coffee loses a bit of its caffeine, the more it is roasted, it does not yield up to 70%. White coffee contains 5.4% more caffeine than regular coffee, yet some say you can barely taste the difference.

What does white coffee taste like?

White coffee tastes mellow and creamy, with hardly any bitterness. The flavor is frequently referred to as "nutty," as you are tasting the entire bean rather than just the components released during roasting.

Why is White Coffee so unique?

No matter what you order, you'll enjoy something unlike anything else because of the deep flavor notes and strong scent. This is due to the industry's emphasis on the quality of the coffee beans, appropriate tools and machines, and suitable processing processes. Alcoeats offers a wide range of this premium coffee to keep your coffee palate exquisite. 

Is white coffee a healthier choice?

Because white coffee includes more antioxidants, specifically low chlorogenic acid, than ordinary coffee, it has been promoted as a health elixir. Antioxidants protect human cells from oxidation and prevent inflammation. So, yes, it is true that white coffee is superior in terms of health.

How much caffeine is in white coffee?

A regular white coffee beverage has approximately 130 milligrams of caffeine in it. Two espresso shots are included in a typical flat white coffee for around 130 milligrams of caffeine.

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