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Coconut Milkshake With Chocolate

Coconut Powder -

Coconut Milkshake With Chocolate

Prep Time: 5 minutes

Cook Time: 15 minutes

Note: All ingredients in blue are available at alcoeats.


 Ingredients Quantity
Chocolate Bean Ice Cream 2 cups
Coconut Milk 1 can
Cardamom Powder 1 tsp
ALCO Coconut Powder  cup shredded
Chocolate Sauce 4 tablespoon


1. Place chocolate bean ice cream in the blender jar. 
2. Then shake the can of coconut milk for a few times, now open it and pour it into the blender jar with cardamom powder. 
3. Then add in shredded coconut and chocolate sauce. 
4. Blend for eight to ten seconds until it's combined. 
5. Then Coconut Milkshake With Chocolate is ready serve immediately.