|September 26, 2022

My Weekend Love "Spicy and Smoky Butter Chicken"

Who doesn't like weekends? After a long, stressful week where everything feels uncertain and hazy, weekends are something that remains constant that every nine to five-er is waiting for. The weekend means extra sleep, not setting an alarm, and even staying in pajamas all day enjoying the fruits of life. 


Indians love their food taste. That spiciness in the cuisine and, when related to food, it's no distinct from that. Countless dishes are cooked in India. People of different cultures live in India; therefore, we can expect a variety of delicious dishes. Indian tongue is dominated by Butter Chicken, Chole Bhature, rajma chawal, biryani, and other delicious dishes.

alcoeats butter chicken

If you would ask me, I love all of these dishes, but it is elementary if you want to know about my favorite dish. I love eating butter chicken. Being India's famous cuisine, it has made a special place in my heart too. When I was in India, every Saturday night was Butter Chicken night for me. My mother used to cook very delicious butter chicken, and my whole family and I loved it. When it comes with ghee rice and lemon on top, its buttery texture can make anyone's mouth watery. There is no standard way of preparing butter chicken; it differs from household to household and region to region. Everyone has a different taste and preference. 


So now I have shifter abroad, and like any other Indian, I miss my Indian food. Everything is good here, but my tongue wants that spice back. So I do cooking by myself, though I work six days a week, so I cannot cook delicious food daily, but on weekends there is no compromise. Come live the butter chicken weekends with me:


First of all, I'm a terrible cook and don't have the spending money to order food every time my cravings overrun my brain. Ah, the dreams of those creamy chicken leg pieces. I adapted and figured out how I can make it work. One of my friends told me about Alcoeats Butter Chicken Gravy. Their healthy, gluten-free sauce helps me enjoy the original flavors of Butter chicken.


You might be wondering why I used the word cheat code. So, to answer your question, all I have to do is salt and grill chicken pieces with butter in a pan and mix the sauce with water to make a thick, buttery gravy. Add the two, and voila! I am ready to dig into my dish of the year. Sometimes I serve it with tandoori naan and sometimes with ghee rice. Still, my favorite is when it goes with butter naan, and Indian food is incomplete without some Onion rings. They are just like a lifeline for us. 


I never need to sacrifice my sleep. I just order some raw chicken online. Prepare some coffee by that time my fresh chicken is delivered to my doorstep. I just need to fry the chicken well and add my Alcoeats Butter Chicken Gravy and cook it well. It is just mind-boggling what I feared the most about not enjoying Indian food, but now I can all thanks to my mix.

Reasons I like Alcoeats Butter Chicken Gravy :

It helps me to relax- Work is always stressful no matter what you do. As a workaholic, for five days, I don't keep track of my sleep, my health, or my comfort; work is all I know, which has done wonders for my career but is quite exhausting. With Alcoeats readymade butter chicken sauces, I don't have to work myself out adding the right flavors, spending hours preparing spices, and more. I can finally focus on my comfort and get my favorite dish in a matter of minutes. 

 alcoeats Butter Chicken Gravy

Healthy- Packed food is known for added chemicals, preservatives, and artificial flavors. Also, they prepare their products with pure gluten-free original spices without any preservatives, making them a healthy option in the market. So if you want to eat the most original Butter Chicken, then, Alcoeats is here to help you come closer to your most bonafide bite of this chicken dish.


Buy Butter Chicken - Indian Simmer Sauce Mix at just $3.99 to fulfill your craving for the most authentic Butter Chicken dish. To try more such finger-licking Indian cuisine easy to use mixes, visit alcoeats.com


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