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Instant Pot Pav Bhaji | Indian Street Food

Cumin Powder, Kashmiri Chili Powder, Pav Bhaji Masala, Turmeric Powder -

Instant Pot Pav Bhaji | Indian Street Food

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Cook Time: 25-30 minutes

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 Ingredients Quantity
Capsicum 1 and ½ cup
Carrot 1 and ½ cup
Cauliflower 1 and ½ cup
Cabbage 1 and ½ cup
Peas 1 cup
Potato 1 cup
Butter 5-6 tbsp.
Onion ½ cup (Chopped)
Ginger- Garlic Paste 2 tbsp.
Tomato 2 cups (Chopped)
ALCO Kashmiri Chili Powder 1 tsp
ALCO Pav Bhaji Masala tsp
Turmeric Powder tsp
ALCO Cumin Powder tsp
Lemon Juice 2 tbsp.
Salt to taste
Coriander Leaves  (Chopped)

1. Firstly, wash the all veggies, and add them to a pressure cooker along with some water and pressure cook until done. Keep aside.

2. Now heat butter or oil in a large pan. Then add ginger-garlic paste, onion, and fry till the onion turns translucent.

3. After then add green chilies and tomatoes and ½ cup of water and cook for 2-3 min. Then add Kashmiri chili powder, turmeric powder, pav bhaji masala, and cook for a minute.

4. Then add the cooked veggies to the pan and mix it well. After then mash the bhaji till it is all mushy and mixed very well. Now add lemon juice, salt, and coriander leaves and mix well.

5. Then our pav bhaji masala is ready, and Serve hot.