Strawberry Banana Cashew Smoothie

If you are a fan of strawberry milkshakes; you are going to love this recipe. It's a slightly sweet strawberry smoothie with cashews and a banana made with the milk of your choice. Quick and easy to make and kids are gonna love this. Also, a perfect mid-day filler if you're on a diet regime.

Made with the finest gourmet flavored cashews by MiAmore Alco. This recipe will delight your sweet palate. 

How to make this smoothie:

All you need is:

1 ¾ cups milk (of your choice)

1 cup cashews

½ cup frozen strawberries

1 medium ripe banana

Pinch sweetener of choice( optional)

2 tablespoons ground flax or chia seeds

Nuts for garnish

In a blender jar, add ½ cup of frozen strawberries and a cup of Alco's White Chocolate Cashew. Take 1 medium-ripe Banana and add it to the blender jar in bold pieces, you can add a little bit of honey or sugar or any sweetener of your choice or you can also skip it. Finally, add 1 ¾ cups of milk (of your choice), you can definitely go for soy milk or any other flavoured milk. Now close the lid of the jar and blend it till it has a smooth texture. Make sure your smoothy isn't too runny. 

Pour the smoothie into a serving bowl and garnish it with some ground chia or flax seed. Decorate your bowl with some Alco's MiAmore flavored cashews and your Strawberry cashew Smoothie is ready to enjoy.