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What Is Coriander & How to Use It?

Coriander powder is made from the roasted and ground seeds of the coriander plant. When the plant has passed its productive cycle, it flees and produces small, round, light-brown fruit or seeds. These seeds are dried, roasted, and ground to make the Coriander Powder.

Coriander Spice or Dhania powder is the essential spice of Indian cooking with an earthy and sweet flavor. It is a part of masalas, seasonings, marinades, rubs, and chilis. It is easy to make Coriander Powder at home using unground seeds. Coriander seeds are also called seeds of cilantro. It is vital in many dishes in the North and South of India. The leaves of the plant are also an ingredient in cooking. It is known as coriander leaves or fresh Coriander and Chinese parsley.


Where Does Coriander Come From?

Coriander seeds are native to Southern Europe, Northern Africa, and Southwestern Asia. The soft plant has a height of 50 cm. Its leaves are variably shaped and broadly lobed at the base.

Uses of coriander seeds

Coriander seeds are known as dried Dhania. They are used extensively in regional cuisines for flavoring curries, fries, or snacks. They help to treat stomach and skin-related ailments. Chopped coriander leaves are used for garnishing various food items.


Indian recipes use Dhania or coriander powder with cumin powder or garam masala or with a combination of aromatic spices like onions, garlic, ginger, and green chilies. Read here to learn more about it.

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Recipes That Use Coriander Powder/Spice

Many Coriander Spice recipes use either dried coriander seeds or leaves. Coriander powder is prepared by drying the seeds, roasting them, and turning them into a fine, grounded powder. Coriander seeds are essential to garam masala, bottle masala, curry powder, or Sambar Podi (or chutney). Both coriander seeds and coriander leaves are used in different foods or beverages. Apart from the significant health benefits of Coriander, Dhania lends its distinctive flavor to various Indian curries.

Chopped coriander leaves and powdered Coriander are used in critical recipes and for garnishing food items. Ethiopian berbere is like the Indian spice mixture. It has coriander fruits. Latin American cuisine also uses a lot of coriander fruit. Many South Indian recipes use coriander fruits that are toasted to a dark color before use. It has flavors like South Indian Sambar or vegetable curry. It is used in a Moroccan delicacy known as Ras el-hanout and in the recipe for Cilantro Pesto.

Coriander leaves are also used for making Dhaniya chutney or Coriander Chutney recipes. It is a side dish in many South Indian recipes like Dosa, Idli, and Vada. It adds additional flavor to salads, soups, and curry pastes.

How to Make Coriander Recipe?

There are many coriander seeds recipes that are prepared using dried Coriander. As the seeds are dried and roasted, it works for masalas, curries, vegetables, and soups. The coriander Powder Recipe is made using dry roasted coriander seeds. It is used for lentils, curries, and vegetables. Recipes with coriander leaves include chutneys and pesto sauce.

Health Benefits of Coriander Seeds

Disclaimer- This blog does not provide you with any medical advice. It is strictly meant to be an informational and recipe blog only. Please consult your physician or medical expert for what works best for you.

Coriander Recipes bring out the best health benefits of spice. 

  1. Rich in antioxidants - It is an antioxidant that may possess disease-preventing properties. 
  2. It May Boosts Immunity- Coriander may also improve immunity as it is rich in dietary fiber. 
  3. It May Improves Digestion - It may improve digestive health and may resolve intestinal issues like gastric, bloating, and diarrhea. 
  4. It May Controls Blood Pressure- Coriander seeds are anti-Inflammatory, may help in blood pressure regulation may help to control cholesterol and menstrual pain. 
  5. It May be Good for Skin & Eye- Coriander seeds may also resolve skin issues, heal ulcers, and provide bone health and may act as an eye health agent.

Summing Up with Coriander Powder

Whole coriander seeds powder is packaged and can be bought from the spice aisle of most grocery stores. It is also available in different types of packaging. However, the best coriander powder can be procured from Alcoeats.

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