|September 26, 2022

Shahi Paneer: Paneer in Cashew Sauce

Shahi Paneer: Paneer in Cashew Sauce

India is known for its diversity, culture, and, of course, food. Indian cuisine is dated over 5000 years back. The options we see on an Indian table can be seen nowhere else. The authentic beauty of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes can make anyone fall in love. The rich spices and finger-licking Indian flavor can make any dish delicious.  Indian food combines food cultures across the world, be it Mongolian, Persian, Chinese, Italian, and blend them with an Indian touch and Viola! You can taste every cuisine in one place.

Some of the main attractions of Indian cuisine include Pani Puri, Butter Chicken, Chole Bhatoore, and my favorite Shahi paneer. Let’s dig a little deep into Shahi Paneer.

History of Shahi Paneer

According to many believers, Shahi Paneer was invented when the Mughals ruled India. They employed a chef to prepare multiple dishes for them; he prepared a dish called “Malai Kofta” and kept the creamy sauce in a corner. He began chopping Paneer (also called Cottage Cheese, made of curdled milk) for some other dish. Accidently, he dropped some panner cubes into the Kofta sauce; he quickly collected the cubes and kept them separate. Later he realized that the mess he created was actually created was not a mess after all. 

Not long after this incident, Shahi Paneer was accepted and enjoyed nationwide. Almost every king loved its taste and added it to their royal menu. Today, you can find Shahi Paneer in every Indian as well as international restaurants encouraging Indian cuisine. People from all over the world enjoy the aroma of Shahi Paneer.

What is Shahi paneer?

You must be wondering what Shahi Paneer actually is? To give you an idea of what Shahi Paneer feels like, think of a thin paste of crushed cashew added to cream with tomato puree. Add spices like chili powder, salt, pepper making it a sauce and giving it a smooth, spicy, plus sweet texture. To make such a mixture quick and easily, try Royal Paneer - Indian Simmer Sauce Mix. With this mix, you can easily prepare the tricky mixture in minutes; it’s best suited for workaholic folks who cannot make time for cooking.

This smooth, creamy mixture is then paired with seasoned paneer cubes and. This is how the exotic taste of Shahi Paneer is enjoyed in India. In a nutshell, Shahi Paneer is a cashew sauce mixed with seasoned Paneer. It accompanies Indians on almost every special occasion.

Partners of Shahi Paneer

There are many items you can pair with Shahi Paneer. Some of the choices are listed below; check them out.

  • Rice (Pulao, Fried Rice, Jeera (Cumin) rice, and more.)
  • Roti/Chapatti (Butter Roti, Tandoori Roti, Layered Roti, Mixed Roti, and more.)
  • Shahi Paneer can also be eaten as a Salad. It’s best suited for gym enthusiasts who avoid oils and butter.

No matter what you pair Shahi Paneer with, it will never fail to amaze you with its sizzling flavors and aroma. Still, people are discovering new ways to pair Indian dishes like Shahi Paneer with; one of them is bread. People are also finding new recipes with Shahi Paneer like Shahi Paneer Pakora, Shahi Paneer noodles, etc. Make sure to enjoy this royal dish no matter what you pair it with.

Why do people love it?

With the popularity of Indian cuisine comes the living culture and a wonderful experience. Shahi Paneer is no less. People cherish its smell and sight; small kids get excited when they hear the line, “Today we have Shahi Paneer.” The main question arises why does Shahi Paneer get all this love and attention. Here are a few reasons that you should try Shahi Paneer Today.

1) Healthy

Shahi Paneer not only excels in taste and aroma but also in nutrients. It contains all the health benefits of its ingredients such as cashew for carbohydrates and fiber; Paneer for its richness in protein, iron, calcium, magnesium, vitamin A, etc.; milk cream for calcium and healthy fats. It is also rich in multiple vitamins and minerals that come from tomatoes, capsicum, and more.

2) Helps in weight management

This one is for all the gym and fitness lovers out there. While most Indian dishes are soaked in oil or butter, Shahi Paneer requires only a minimal amount of it. It makes sure your heart is healthy, and your cholesterol levels are in check.

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