Chili paneer is the most loved party starter. The Chili Paneer recipe is relatively easy to do, and the most promising part about this Chili Paneer gravy recipe is that if you are running short on time, you can go with this dish every time. 

Call it an appetizer or just a starter; the Chili Paneer recipe has everything that can ignite the emotions of individuals worldwide. This delicious starter is addictive for most food lovers as the Chili Paneer is tossed in a tangy hot sauce that makes them go crazier over this delightful starter. 

You can prepare Chili paneer in different styles; some love dry chili paneer, and others enjoy the gravy version. As the Chili Paneer recipe is the most loved Indo-Chinese snack, some people believe it is a vegetarian style adopted from chili chicken. 

You must try this appetizer if you want a break from traditional foods. People worldwide are acknowledging the health benefits of Paneer and having it in their routine diet to manage or lower their weight. Paneer has always been a high-protein diet that helps shape the body. 

Chili paneer constitutes different flavorful ingredients like Paneer, chili, spices, and Alcoeats Paneer Chili Gravy Mix. This Alco Indian paneer chili mix is an excellent savory simmer sauce that goes finely with paneer cubes.