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In the great plains of India, a young boy with a belly that of a large Indian prince would devour the meals his momma set out for him. Pleased he was with his family’s age-old secret recipes, so pleased, he set a charter for the New World to share his beloved spices.
India Map
US Map
The journey landed him in the palm of the midwest. Here, he passed a deli at which he befriended an Italian who loved food just as much, if not more than he.

Thoughts of the foreigner’s homeland and spice sharing quest filled his mind, so he took a long and thoughtful run on a sandy beach. Just a few steps in, he encountered a Surfer-Dude and soon after, they were chillin’ in the waves.
Later on, the foreigner gave his new friends a taste of his favorite specialty dish. The Italian was enchanted instantly, a feeling he only finds after his nine shots of espresso in the morning, and the Surfer-Dude’s reaction was equivalent to his excitement for a warm September sunset surf session.
The three joined together and took their spice-recipes to the Chicago city streets. Their spirits were tough, sophisticated, and resilient and their spices were sensational, wooing women, and giving grandpa and grandma their taste buds back.
The streets began to speak of a trifecta of Spice Boys, merchants of flavor-madness rumored with providing date night saving recipes and getting the little ones to eat their greenies.
The Spice Boys knew what they were doing. They were putting excitement back into every meal, joy around the dinner table, and providing plate licking satisfaction that would make momma proud.

“If you want a spiced life, leave it to us for the assist”

Sincerely, The Spice Boys at Alcoeats