Alco brings you delicious cashews for snacking. These dry-roasted cashews are not only full of flavors but also a powerhouse of nutrients that can add deliciousness to your daily health. Binge on these deliciously slow-roasted and flavored cashew nuts for the perfect taste and crunch. A delicious fusion of taste and health. 

Alco offers the Mi Amore range of Chocolate Espresso Cashew, White Chocolate Cashew, and a tingly flavor of Cinnamon Sugar Cashews, all in a sweet and savory taste that comes bundled with health benefits. While Alco's Funny Nuts' range of flavored cashews has a variety, from Mirch Masala Cashew to a delightful taste of Jalapeno & Cheddar Cashew. Assorted flavor cashew gives a nutty crunch with a lip-smacking bite to your binges. 

Alco's range of flavored cashews will become your go-to snack and will also become a great gifting option for your loved ones. The crackling chemistry of notorious flavors and the ultra-premium quality of the cashews will keep you coming back for more.

Alco foods make snacking fun and hanging out with friends a blast with its range of sweet and savory Mi Amore range and notoriously flavorful funny nuts. Snacking is made healthy and yummy with Alco Cashews.