|September 26, 2022

Cozy Bear Single Origin Coffee

What do we cover?

  • What is Cozy Bear Single Origin Coffee?
  • What are the ingredients in Cozy Bear Single Origin Coffee?
  • Where does Cozy Bear Single Origin Coffee come from?
  • How is Cozy Bear Coffee Processed?
  • What does Cozy Bear Single Origin Coffee taste like?
  • What dietary and health benefits can coffee provide?
  • How to use Cozy Bear Coffee?
  • What makes Cozy Bear Coffee unique?
  • What is Cozy Bear Single Origin Coffee?

    Single Origin Coffee is used to describe coffee that is entirely sourced from one specific region of the world. Single origin coffee has become increasingly popular because they can offer unique flavor characteristics that are only available in a specific region of the world. If you are someone that claims yourself as a lover or enthusiast of coffee, then single origin coffee is the only way to taste the pure and true flavor characteristics that coffee beans have to offer. Single Origins are typically more flavorful and best when enjoyed black, so that the unique characteristics of the coffee aren’t masked by the added flavoring. 

    • A single origin coffee sourced from Colombia. Colombia is one of the largest coffee growing countries and is world renowned for producing high quality arabica coffee. The Colombian Supremo bean is the largest and highest grade coffee bean sourced from Colombia. It has the perfect balance of citrusy, nutty and sweet and flavor notes.
      • A single origin coffee sourced from the Indonesian island Sumatra. Sumatra is known for rich and low acidity coffee because of the island's high elevation and volcanic soil. Sumatra Mandheling is a smooth full body coffee with earthy, fruity and nutty flavor notes. Our Indonesian Sumatra is CERTIFIED ORGANIC and FAIR TRADE CERTIFIED.

        What are the ingredients in Cozy Bear Coffee Blends?

        • Medium Roasted Colombian Supremo Coffee from Colombia
          • Medium Roasted Indonesian Sumatra Mandheling Coffee from Indonesia

            Where do Cozy Bear Coffee Blends come from?

            • Colombian Supremo beans are sourced from Colombia. Colombia is the second largest producer of coffee in the world and the largest producer of Arabica coffee. Colombia has a total of twenty-two coffee growing regions. Colombian Supremo Beans are the highest grade of beans sourced from Colombia with a screen size of 17 or 18. Colombian Supremo was first introduced to Colombia when Jesuit Missionaries brought arabica coffee trees to the mountains of Colombia. The Colombian Mountains with its cool year-round climate and volcanic soil provided the perfect environment for the arabica coffee trees to flourish. The cooler climate slows the coffee cherries maturation process, which allows the coffee to develop unique and stronger flavor characteristics. The volcanic soil provides more nutrient dense soil that is filled with minerals and also contributes to the coffee’s  unique flavor characteristics.
              • Indonesian Sumatra coffee is grown on the Indonesian island Sumatra. Indonesian Coffee is known for being a low acid coffee. The reason for this is the way the farmers process the coffee beans, which is called wet hulling. Sumatra has three major coffee growing regions called Takengon, Lintong and Gayo. Cozy Bear Indonesian Sumatra coffee is grown in Gayo, which is also referred to as Mandheling. Gayo is the northernmost of the three growing regions and is considered the best coffee sourced from Sumatra. The Mandheling Coffee got its name from the Mandheling, who were the group of people that originally started growing coffee in the Gayo region. Mandheling Coffee is a world renowned specialty coffee with unique flavor characteristics because of the region’s perfect growing conditions. The Mandheling Region grows coffee at elevations ranging from 2,500-5,000 ft above sea level and contains nutrient dense volcanic soil.

                How are Cozy Bear Coffee Blends Processed?

                Coffee trees typically take three to four years before they start bearing their fruit, the coffee cherries. Most coffee trees are only harvested once per year, but in certain areas like Colombia the coffee trees can be harvested twice per year. The coffee cherries are ripe and ready to be harvested, when the cherry turns a bright deep red. Depending on the area and quality of the beans, the coffee cherries can be harvested by hand or machine. Colombian Supremo Beans are processed using the more common wet method, while the Indonesian Sumatra beans are processed using a unique method called wet hulling, which gives the coffee its unique flavor characteristics:

                Wet Method
                • The coffee cherries are put through a machine, which removes the pulp and skin from the bean. Next, the beans are separated by weight and size. Once the beans are sorted by size, they are put into water-filled fermentation tanks, which will dissolve away the last layer of mucilage on the bean. If the beans are processed using the wet method, they must then be dried to 11% moisture using the sun dry method or machine dry method
                  Wet Hulling
                  • Immediately after harvesting the coffee cherries from the trees, the farmers will remove the pulp and skin from the coffee cherries. After removing the pulp and skin, the coffee cherries are put into woven bags to ferment overnight. The remaining mucilage on the coffee beans is then washed off by hand. Before sending the beans to the milling warehouse, the farmers will partially dry the parchment coffee beans.

                    Once the beans have been dried, the beans are referred to as parchment coffee, which must be milled before exporting. A Hulling Machine is used to remove the parchment from the wet processed coffee beans. Some places will also polish the beans as well to ensure that all of the parchment is removed. After the beans have been milled, they are then graded and sorted based on size and the defective beans are removed. The milled coffee beans are referred to as green coffee and are ready to be exported and then roasted. Roasting is the process that turns the green coffee into brown color beans that we buy from the store. Roasting machines typically roast coffee at 370 to 540 °F and the beans are constantly rotating to keep them from burning. When the beans reach an internal temperature of 400 °F, they begin to brown and the oils start to release from the beans. After roasting, the beans are then cooled and packaged.

                    What do Cozy Bear Coffee Blends taste like?

                    COLOMBIAN SUPREMO
                    • Roast: Medium
                    • Body: Medium to Full Body
                    • Acidity: Mild
                    • Flavor Notes: Citrusy, Nutty & Sweet
                      INDONESIAN SUMATRA
                      • Roast: Dark Roast
                      • Body: Full Body
                      • Acidity: Mild
                      • Flavor Notes: Earthy, Nutty & Fruity

                        What dietary and health benefits can coffee provide?

                        Dietary Benefits of Coffee:

                        • 100% Natural
                        • No Artificial Flavors
                        • No Preservatives
                        • NON GMO
                        • Gluten Free
                        • KETO Friendly
                        • Vegan

                        The reason that most of us drink coffee is for the boost in energy. Coffee contains caffeine, which is a stimulant for your central nervous system. It works by blocking the receptors of a neurotransmitter called adenosine, which increases neurotransmitters in your brain that regulate your energy levels. Beyond increased energy levels, coffee also has several other potential health benefits which include:

                        HELPING PREVENT TYPE 2 DIABETES
                        • The reasoning is believed to be that the coffee helps preserve beta cells, which are responsible for regulating blood sugar through the production of insulin. Another factor may be inflammation contributes to your risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes and coffee contains antioxidants, which help reduce inflammation. 
                          SLOWING DEMENTIA
                          • A study was published by the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease that caffeine can slow the rate of dementia. Researchers recorded the blood caffeine content of a group of elderly with mild cognitive impairments and then recorded their blood caffeine content two to four years later. The researchers found that those with a blood caffeine content equivalent to three cups of coffee were far less likely to develop severe cases of dementia.  
                            LIVER HEALTH
                            • Several studies have been conducted that show that people with liver disease who drank coffee were far less likely to develop liver scarring and liver cancer. Another study was conducted that showed that people who drank one cup of coffee per day were 15% less likely to die from chronic liver disease and those who drank four cups of coffee per day were 71% less likely to die from chronic liver disease.

                              How to use Cozy Bear Single Origin Coffee?

                              Cozy Bear Single Origin coffee contains so many unique and subtle flavor notes. You may be asking yourself what is the best way to brew and serve single origin coffee? Single Origin Coffee is best served black. When you add extra flavoring to single origin coffee, it will mask the subtle flavor notes that are unique to a specific coffee growing region. Some of the best methods for brewing single origin black coffee include:

                              BREWING USING PRESSURE
                              • It works by pushing pressurized water through a puck of finely ground coffee and then it pushes the water through a filter to create an espresso shot. The advantages of brewing using pressure are the faster brew times and a more intense and flavorful brew. The best way to brew single origin coffee using pressure is through a device called an aeropress.
                                FILTRATION OR DRIPPING
                                • Filtration or dripping is the most popular brewing method that many of us use today. The filtration and drip process is very simple. You just place ground coffee in a filter and then run hot water through the ground coffee. The advantage to this style is that it is very cost effective and produces a consistent clean light bodied brew. Some of the best filtration or dripping devices for brewing single origin coffee include:
                                  • Chemex
                                  • Hario V60 Dipper
                                  • Cold Drip Brewing

                                  What makes Cozy Bear Coffee unique?

                                  ETHICALLY SOURCED COFFEE 

                                  • Cozy Bear's coffee is ethically sourced directly from farmers in the best coffee growing regions of the world. We have long lasting personal relationships with all the farms we source from to guarantee premium quality and taste. 
                                    FRESHLY ROASTED
                                    • Cozy Bear's coffee is freshly roasted, so you can experience all the flavor notes and aroma like never before. The difference between freshly and non freshly roasted coffee is immense. Once the coffee is roasted, the oils and compounds begin to break down which dulls the flavor and aroma of the beans. Freshly roasted coffee will actually smell more earthy compared to non freshly roasted coffee. 
                                      SMALL BATCH ROASTING
                                      • Cozy Bear roasts all of the coffee in small batches to guarantee consistency, quality and freshness. Small batch roasting allows the roast master to keep a better eye on the roasting process, so that our customers can rely on a consistent and excellent taste all year around. 
                                        ​​NO OVER ROASTING
                                        • Cozy Bear coffee beans are high quality and fresh, so we will never over roast our beans. Over roasting the beans covers up the true flavor notes of the coffee and produces a bitter and burnt taste. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that most coffee companies over roast their beans to save on cost and cover up the lack of quality in their beans.