|January 27, 2023


Your Order Number #SS-1873 has helped Shivam in getting one midday meal. As promised when you purchased from us, we have fed a malnourished kid healthy, wholesome and nutritious food at our Alco headquarters in Chhattisgarh, India, as part of our commitment to the “Feed A Kid” program.

Thanks for enriching and making this world a better place, one kid at a time!

Story of Shivam

Shivam Sahu, aged five years, lives in the Raipur district of Chhattisgarh. His parents are wage earners; thus, some days, when they do not find any work to do, the family stays without food.

Alcoeats' team members found him standing in the queue for food outside a temple in 2020. After a short conversation, the team brought him to the Alcoeats headquarters and served him fresh and hot food. Since then, Shivam has visited the headquarters on a regular basis.

Since inception Shivam has gained adequate weight and is on a road to recover from malnourishment.

Shivam values the help you've given him.

How can you continue to support Shivam and Kids like him?

For any purchase (no minimum cart value) made at Alcoeats, we feed one kid on your behalf. Once the kids are fed, a confirmation and proof of feeding kids on your behalf will be promptly shared with you over email. 

    So far, Alcoeats has served 2319 kids in 216 days. 

    Remember, Alcoeats not only earns from your purchase but also spreads happiness.

    Everytime you make a purchase at Alcoeats, a Kid is fed with Food, Love and Care.