|September 26, 2022


For non-vegetarian eaters, chicken is a prime ingredient in Korma. But what do you do if you are vegetarian and can’t find any alternative?

Vegetarians can use many substitutes for chicken in their curries and kormas. One of the best substitutes for chicken is tofu. It has a somewhat similar texture to meat and is a good source of protein. Another option is Mushrooms which have a chewy texture and are also high in protein. You can also use paneer, an Indian cheese that has a similar consistency to meat, and nuts such as almonds or cashews, which have a crunchy texture when roasted and cooked.

What is Korma?

Korma is an English word derived from the Urdu word “Qorma,” meaning ‘to braise.’ It is a combination cooking method that uses dry and moist-heat techniques to break down challenging pieces of meat or vegetables. It is soft and creamy when prepared in the north and spicy in the south.

The essential ingredients used while preparing Korma are yogurt, mix of spices such as cumin and coriander, coconut milk, tomatoes and more. The method includes marinating and cooking on low heat to let meat or vegetables cook.

Korma is originally a Mughal touch to Indian cuisine. It was often prepared in Mughal court kitchens to serve Mughal emperors. Meat or vegetables are braised with yogurt and coconut milk. Then they are put in a hot pan with ghee or butter on low heat that gives a rich aromatic flavor to Korma.

9 Substitutes for Chicken in Korma

Meat is the main ingredient in Korma, but Tofu, Mushrooms, and Jackfruit go well with it. To satisfy Korma cravings of vegetarians, we can use other alternatives to chicken or meat. Let’s go through the list of substitutes of chicken or meat below. 



Tofu is an excellent alternative to chicken in Korma since it has almost the same texture. Tofu is chewy, hearty, and ultra-flavor absorbent, making it one of the oldest forms of soy-based food. It is perfect for vegetarians and vegans and an excellent substitute for meat because it can be easily seasoned and can absorb flavors.



Cauliflower is also a great alternative to chicken in a korma. It has a great texture that goes well with the spices and ingredients used to prepare Korma. It absorbs any flavor very quickly.



A chickpea, or garbanzo bean, is a small round legume that is beige and covered in papery skin. Chickpeas are high in protein and fiber, making them an excellent alternative to chicken. 



Jackfruit is a tropical vegetable that can be used in Korma. It is known as meat for vegetarians. The protein content found in jackfruit is comparable to beef. The pieces of jackfruit resemble chicken cubes.



Use Mushrooms in place of meat in Korma. Mushrooms are fewer in calories and are rich in antioxidants, proteins, and fiber. Mushroom Korma with plenty of spices and cashew-based curry gives a delicious flavor.



Tempeh is a soy product made from soybeans. It is similar to tofu as it is also made from soybeans, but tempeh has a grainy, nutty texture and taste. It also contains more protein, fiber, and vitamins, making it a better alternative to meat used in Korma.



Seitan is a wheat gluten with a stingy and chewy texture similar to meat. It is soy free, high in protein, and a perfect alternative to chicken. Korma prepared with seitan gives the chicken Korma an identical taste and flavor.



Potatoes are widely used in making Korma for vegetarians and vegans. It goes well with the curry and spices used to make Korma. Potatoes are carb-rich products and are the most common vegetable in every household.



Paneer is a healthy alternative to chicken and meat. It is used in Korma in place of chicken because of its similar texture to meat. Paneer is a dairy product and rich in protein.

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Korma is only for non-vegetarians?

Korma was initially for non-vegetarians, but many vegetables can be used in place of meat for vegetarians and vegan people.

Korma is not healthy?

Korma, be it chicken or vegetable, is a healthy dish. It consists of ingredients that have plenty of protein and energy. Korma is prepared with a mixture of spices rich in fiber, minerals, and vitamins.

Are tomatoes present in korma?

Initially, tomatoes were not used in preparing Korma, and a tangy flavor was given by adding yogurt. In south India, people use tomatoes in their Korma recipes.

What can we eat with Korma?

Korma goes well with rice, naan, or chapatis. Also you may use Pita breads as well. 

Is Korma curry dry?

Curry in Korma is thick and saucy. The thickness of curry is also variable in distinct regions around the world.