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What Vegetarians Substitute for Chicken Can you Use in Korma?

Korma has several vegan-friendly and vegetarian variants that give you the authentic taste of Korma without having to sacrifice anything.

Korma has several vegan-friendly and vegetarian variants that give you the authentic taste of Korma without having to sacrifice anything.

When it comes to non-vegetarian dishes, chicken korma just steals people's hearts as soon as the course hits the taste buds.

But now a question may arise in your mind: Can a vegetarian eat this delicious dish, or do they just have to get satisfied by hearing about it from their non-vegetarian friends?  Well, you are in luck!

Korma has several vegan-friendly and vegetarian variants that give you the authentic taste of Korma without having to sacrifice anything. Now, before digging deep into the different types of vegetarian Kormas, let's first know a little about the delicious dish as a whole. 

What is a Korma?

Korma is an Indian recipe that contains either meat or veggies with yogurt or heavy cream, aromatic whole spices and a range of masalas to produce a thick gravy. It is a typical Mughal dish prepared in the Mughlai kitchens and served Shah Jahan and his guests at the inaugural ceremony of the Taj Mahal. The English name "Korma" is an anglicization of Urdu qormā, meaning "braise''. Braise is nothing but a method of cooking food in both wet and dry heats. The Korma has different preparation techniques and various styles. The flavors of kormas are the result of the combination of spices and yogurt. Traditionally, the whole process is conducted in a pot set over a shallow fire, with charcoal on the lid to provide the heat all around it.

Vegetarian Substitutes for Chicken in Korma

As a dish, it pairs very well with meats like chicken or mutton, but when it comes to a vegetarian diet,  this dish does not limit it to meat. It goes very well with vegetables. It's just that this path is less recognized than the non-vegetarian one. Many substitutes do the work of chicken in kormas, some of which are listed below :

9. Tofu:

alcoeats Tofu Gravy

Tofu is probably the best substitute for chicken since it is made of soy and has more or less equal nutritional value than chicken. It can easily replace chicken in the chicken korma to fit it in the vegetarian diet. 

8. Seitan:

Seitan, made from wheat, also known as wheat meat because of its texture, is one of the best substitutes for chicken in kormas. 

alcoeats Seitan

7. Potato:

Potatoes can also replace chickens in the Korma for the vegetarian people. Kormas made from potatoes, and other veggies taste good.

alcoeats Potato Korma

6. Mushrooms: 

While making kormas for a vegetarian diet, chicken is easily replaced with mushrooms with any alteration of the richness and legacy of the dish.

alcoeats Mashroom Gravy

5. Eggplant:

Eggplants are another exciting and delicious substitute for chicken in kormas. 

alcoeats Egg Plant Gravy

4. Tempeh:

This soy-based protein is similar to tofu, but it usually has a firmer texture, darker brown, and a nutty flavor. When Tempeh is replaced with chicken in kormas, it changes the game for kormas from the vegetarian perspective. 

alcoeats Tempeh Gravy

3. Jackfruit:

Jackfruit is also known as vegetarian meat, goes very well in kormas in place of chicken. One must try this dish and enjoy its authenticity. 

alcoeats Jack Fruit Gravy

2. Cauliflower:

While making the vegetarian Korma, you would not want to miss out on cauliflower as it doubles the tastes of the Korma.

alcoeats Cauliflower Gravy

1. Nuts:

This isn't a replacement, just a delicious addition that you can use for vegetarian or non-vegetarian korma recipes.

For making the Korma more rich and delicious in tastes, nuts can play an important role. When you are making a vegetarian Korma, nuts enhance the taste of the dish to another level.

alcoeats Nuts Gravy

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What Vegetarian Substitutes can you Use in Korma?

To prepare vegetarian Korma, you can substitute chicken with tofu, eggplant, jackfruit, paneer, mushrooms, or cauliflower.

What are the ingredients for chicken korma?

The chicken korma contains different Indian spices like coriander, cumin seeds, Garam masala, etc. It is cooked with rich nuts and onion pastes, cooked over low flame for hours.

Is Veg Korma Vegan?

We can make veg korma vegan by nullifying dairy products used in it. You can replace dairy products with tomato puree.

What is a Substitute for Korma Paste?

To substitute the korma paste, you can go for Malai Kofta or masala tikka paste. If you're looking for an authentic, guilt-free taste, check the Alcoeats' products above available at a reasonable rate.