|September 26, 2022


Setting Goals for the New Year: Our Favorite Products

“What are your goals for the new year?” This is a question that people often ask when they want to know what you’re up to, or what’s important in your life. When setting personal goals for the year ahead, it can be helpful to create an action plan. A goal without a plan is just wishful thinking! That’s why we’ve made this handy list of products to help assist you with those new year’s resolutions. We’ve also included some of our favorite health and wellness items.

Products to Motivate and Inspire You this Year

The first step is setting goals for the new year and making sure those are attainable goals. Whether you’re setting a small goal or big goal taking a few baby steps can help you reach your end goal with a sense of accomplishment. Make a list of your long-term goals. Do you want to eat healthier? or Loose weight? Be more organized? It could be even something as simple as making more time for yourself.

Alcoeats Simmer Sauces

Need some new spices to keep your lean meats tasting great?

Indian cuisines are known to include a variety of different spices that have many health benefits and is also known to incorporate local and seasonal vegetables and fruits that increase good health and strong immunity when eaten at the right time.

Bring out the International chef in you, by getting Indian spices, seasonings and a variety of herbs online in the US to cook quick and tasty Indian food. And Alcoeats, just add water, indie bowls makes it easy to enjoy, authentic Indian cuisine, at home or on the go!

We tried these Easy Indie Bowl over rice with veggies and chicken. I absolutely loved the flavor. Not too spicy, but enough flavor to give the chicken a great kick without adding a ton of less than healthy sauces. Just mix with water and/or milk or cream.

Alcoeats Funny Nuts

I love these cashews! They have been a great snack alternative for regular peanut and trail mix, and chips and crackers.

From the Website: These uniquely flavored cashews pack a punch when it comes to taste!
These cashews are farmed in the landscape of India and are peppered with natural flavors for a healthy and tasty source of energy. Made in India, made with 100% natural ingredients, designated Halal, Paleo friendly.

The bundle option is available for $17.99.


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