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Founder Adit Agrawal’s triumph over obesity inspired ready-made, healthy Indian sauces for everyone

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Cooking your favorite Indian dish, whether it’s a warm Garam Masala or creamy Butter Chicken, can be a labor of love in the kitchen – and often a timely one. Meet Alcoeats! The ready-made simmer sauces and seasoning mixes make it effortless to prepare 26 different Indian dishes that celebrate founder Adit Agrawal’s heritage and journey to healthful living.

Each made with only the purest spices and no unwanted additives, Alcoeats is perfect for those who want to savor a nourishing meal without the time or fuss, who are interested in expanding their palate to try more traditional Southeast Asian recipes and for those seeking healthy dinners bursting with flavor.

Adit Agrawal, Alcoeats founder and CEO, is a 26-year-old engineer and entrepreneur who struggled with obesity throughout his childhood. He faced difficulties with his weight and was often bullied for it throughout high school. He finally found recovery in lifestyle changes and a balanced perspective on eating healthy, after he moved from Raipur, India to the U.S.

In 2019, Agrawal created Alcoeats to help others discover the aromatic, delicious flavors of his roots that make it incredibly simple to eat well without heavy butters, synthetic ingredients or trans fats. Available on Amazon.com, Alcoeats has two lines of sauces. All are vegan or vegetarian, dairy-free, keto and paleo friendly, soy-free, gluten-free and non-GMO.

  • The Masalas: 13 spice pouches, each for a specific dish, can turn your favorite vegetable or protein into a restaurant-worthy meal. The Biryani Masala, for example, boasts warm spices like cardamom and clove, earthy notes of turmeric and a little black pepper for added depth and a subtle kick. ZERO calories, ZERO carbs, ZERO sodium. Just rich flavor.
  • Easy Indie Bowls: These jarred sauces come in four collections designed around the type of chicken, lamb, meat, egg or vegetable is being cooked. It’s as easy as pouring the sauce and the protein/veggie into a pan, simmering for 6 to 12 minutes and, voila! A luscious, low-calorie dinner is served. Many of the creamier sauces have a cashew nut base, elevated with natural ingredients like ginger, chili, tomato or onion.

Visit alcoeats.com to learn more.

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