|September 26, 2022


Alcoeats Funny Nuts are  uniquely flavored cashews pack a punch when it comes to taste! These cashews are farmed in the landscape of India and are peppered with natural flavors for a healthy and tasty source of energy. Made in India, made with 100% natural ingredients, designated Halal, Paleo friendly, Tastier, Healthier, Better. The reason’s simple: We stay pure.

Alcoeats is helping people have the unique flavors of Indian cuisine at home, and providing some International flavors for your meals and snacks!

Exploring something new is difficult but, exploring new cuisine shouldn’t be. We believe everybody is an explorer. We provide relatable, easy to use ingredients for your everyday use, so you keep exploring new flavors every day.

  • Alcoeats is a more gourmet way to prepare and enjoy Indian flavors

  • Alcoeats saves 30 minutes of time and efforts in the kitchen – under 15 minutes of prep, almost 200 times quicker

  • Alcoeats uses all natural, very high quality, selective ingredients such as cashew-based gravies

  • All whole ingredients, lower in calorie with a really “good punch of taste;” good to eat on a daily basis

Bring out the International chef in you, by getting Indian spices, seasonings and a variety of herbs online in the US to cook quick and tasty Indian food. And Alcoeats, just add water, indie bowls makes it easy to enjoy, authentic Indian cuisine, at home or on the go!


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