|October 07, 2022


Coffee lovers know: Nothing can turn around a sleep-deprived morning or an afternoon slump like a good cup of joe. The glorious aroma, comforting warmth, happy little buzz — you name it — keeps us, java enthusiasts, at Shop TODAY coming back to our home or office coffee bar. But to cut down on coffee shop trips and make the best brew from your kitchen, we asked the pros how you can make a truly great cup of coffee at home. Their response was unanimous: You should start with high-quality beans and a good grinder.

"Freshly ground beans are the most transformative change you can make to your home brewing," said Sam Barkley, co-founder, and CEO of Home Brew Coffee Consulting, adding that the foundation of your coffee bar should be a high-quality grinder.
But beyond the basics, there are other coffee accessories and gadgets that will take your brew from middling to magical every time — whether you're a Keurig user, no-frills espresso drinker, or pour-over aficionado.


To come up with our list of the best coffee accessories, we:

  1. Consulted the editors in our team who love coffee and brew their own at home;
  2. Asked various coffee experts we know what tools they use at home and what their budget picks are;
  3. Scoured the Internet for bestselling tools with mostly positive verified reviews from several retailers; and
  4. Made sure that we picked a mix of both high-end and budget coffee gadgets and accessories that meet a variety of coffee needs.

So go ahead, splurge (or not!) on your home coffee bar, just in time for National Coffee Day on Thursday, Sept. 29 (or International Coffee Day, which falls on Saturday, Oct. 1, this year). Here, is our list of 32 coffee accessories and gadgets to make your cup just how you like it.

This unpretentious compact tool was the first electric coffee grinder that Adit Agrawal, founder of food distribution company Alcoeats, used before he moved to his current higher-end burr grinder. The intuitive gadget is very easy to use, and its sturdy stainless steel blades are powerful enough to make quick work of your coffee beans, seeds, or spices. What's more, the grinding bowl is removable and dishwasher-safe.


  • Adit Agrawal is the founder of Alcoeats, a food distribution company that recently launched coffee products. Its mission statement is to "provide tastier, healthier, and better food items to every pantry in America."
  • Sam Barkley is the CEO and co-founder of Home Brew Coffee Consulting LLC, in New York City. He loves empowering his clients to feel like professional coffee tasters.
  • Caroline Bell is co-founder and co-owner of Café Grumpy in Brooklyn, New York. Her go-to coffee gift is a vintage mug from her favorite local ceramic artists.
  • Josey Markiewicz is La Colombes Coffee Roaster’s Senior Director of Café — aka the brand's resident coffee expert. The company is headquartered in Philadelphia.


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