|December 28, 2022


My kids are tired of the snacks that we’ve had around for a while; eating the same ones over and over has reached pure boredom. Can you help me choose healthy but different ones that we might all enjoy?

From a reader • If your kids don’t have any allergic reactions to nuts and enjoy them, they make awesome snacks. They have a ton of nutritional value and fill my kids up, providing them with energy at and after school or anytime. Try different kinds and see which ones are their favorite. We buy them in the bins at the grocery store because you only have to buy a few to let them taste before you buy a whole bag. — Sam Rollins in Dallas

From Jodie Lynn • I agree with the reader above, nuts have a significant nutritional value for your kids as a snack as opposed to them eating high calorie, sugary snacks. You can also slightly toast or bake them in the oven to give a little extra fresh and different taste. Earlier in the year we tried the world’s first no nut peanut with Festive Chickpeas. They have zero preservatives, are soy-free and gluten-free and are 100% vegan with protein, fiber, iron and potassium. There are amazing flavors and kids love them. See feelfestive.com for additional info.

Earlier in the year my family also tried Alcoeats which have come out with Funny Nuts for older kids and adults which are cashews that are packed with a punch inside a pouch or bottle and are convenient for an on the run family. The flavors are crazy good. These come in peri peri, taco, ranch, cheddar and more. Check them out at alcoeats.com/collections/cashews and see if your kids like them.