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What's in Achari Aloo?

We care About You

Gluten Free


Paleo Friendly

Soy Free


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Proud to serve ZERO

Zero Artificial Flavors

No mix of chemicals that will trick your brain in thinking you are eating healthy. We keep it 100% natural.

ZERO Preservatives

Our products are 100% free of chemical preservatives. Our promise - we will nver put anything in our products that we are won't eat oursleves.

ZERO Anti-Caking Agents

We don't use any anti-caking agents in our products. #stayNatural

ZERO MSG or Fillers

some MSG Content here.

Beinge on your favorite flavor, guilt free!


1 tbdp. serving unit

3 meals serving size

macro nutrients

0.5g. carbs

<1g. protien

0g. fats