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Introduction to Korma

Come to think of this – Can we ever imagine our lives without Mughalai food?

You can't even dream about it.

You're right. Today, we can't imagine living without Mughlai food. Be it the older generation, Millennials, or the ultra 'Hip' Gen-Z, the magic cast by the Mughlai cuisine affects us all the same. In that sense, we need to learn about its true roots & journey to pay its due reverence and carry forward the authenticity of this lavish cuisine. 

Let's now return to the question at hand – What is Korma?

Origins of Korma

Chicken Korma

Tracing the origins of this mouthwatering delicacy is a complex task. 

When tracing the lineage behind a dish, especially one as old and iconic as Korma/Kurma, one can never be 100% accurate. Even written records or scrolls can be inaccurate. We can only propagate the knowledge we have gathered from past generations and let others build and add to it. Here is what we know about the ever-beloved Korma.

Korma, popularly called "The king of Indian curries," is believed to have origins in Turkey, Azerbaijan & Persia. The original name "Qorma" has been derived from the Turkish word- "Qavirma" which has its roots in Arabic and Urdu.

Some food historians claim that a blend of Persian meat curry dish (called "Khormeh" probably) with various Indian masalas through a collaboration of Rajput cooks and Mir Bakrawal, the superintendent of Mughal kitchens. Then others say that the dish got its name from a Rajput clan – Kurma. 

As it stands, both these assumptions about the origin of Korma curry are quite suspect as there's no reference to "Qorma" found in either the Ain-i-Akbari or the Nuskha-e-Shahjahani that were written during the era of the early Mughal emperors.

What are the types of Korma dishes?

Korma dishes

The popular technique of making Korma curry by braising vegetables and meat with yogurt, cream, korma curry paste, and various spices is a favorite among a large population across India. Why, there's even a lip-smacking vegetable kurma for vegetarians and a vegan korma for people following vegan diets! Apart from this, many different variants of Kurma are prepared in multiple parts of the country, like Chicken Korma (also known as Chicken Kurma in South India), Mutton Korma, Lamb Korma, Chicken Shahi Korma, prawn korma, and many many more.

Let's now get to know a few of them.

Lamb Korma

Try this Lamb korma prepared with rich gravy of cream, almond paste, yogurt, and spices. Just combine it with crisp naans, and it's a match made in heaven.

Chicken Korma with Coconut Milk

This curry is prepared by marinating Chicken breast pieces for hours in yogurt to make it extra flavorful. It is then cooked with coconut milk and different spices that will make your mouth water with its exquisite taste.

Chicken Shahi Korma

It is a rich, creamy chicken korma curry with a distinctive nutty taste. This royal dish can be served with naans/rotis of your choice.

Dhaniwal Korma

Dhaniwal Korma is made with lamb meat cooked in different masalas, saffron-infused milk, and yogurt to make a delicious Korma curry dish. Mouthwatering!

Bhopali Gosht Korma

Bhopal Korma

Coming from the royal Nawabi kitchens of Bhopal is another excellent korma curry recipe called the Bhopali Gosht Korma. Here, succulent mutton chunks are doused in a rich, spicy gravy seasoned with whole spices.

Marchwangan Korma

Prepared out of exotic khada (i.e., ungrounded) masalas, ghee, and succulent meat, this red hot korma curry is an absolute winner for any occasion. Can't believe us? Well, try it, and you will.


Korma-e-vaqil is a traditional non-vegetarian recipe in Uttar Pradesh. Korma-e-vaqil is the type of Mutton Korma that can be enjoyed if it has its characteristic fat floating around it! This curry is prepared from tender meat marinated in yogurt and spices and cooked in an onion mixture.

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