|September 26, 2022

How does a Vegan Diet Benefit Your Health?

How does a Vegan Diet Benefits Your Health?

Many people are opting for a vegan diet due to its health benefits. According to a research report, a vegan diet has been explained as to reduce the chance of future diseases. In today’s article, I will provide you a brief idea about the vegan diet, its health benefits, and also share some vegan recipe ideas with you.

Vegan Diet –                          

A vegan diet includes plant-based products such as fruits, vegetables, nuts, legumes, sprouted seeds, and whole grains. A vegan diet can not include dairy products, eggs, seafood, or meat. In some cases, vegetarians are seen to be avoiding honey also.

A vegan diet is more restrictive in comparison to a vegetarian diet. A vegetarian can consume eggs, dairy products, and honey but a true vegan will not since the products come from animals.

Let us see some benefits of choosing a vegan diet –

A Powerhouse of Nutrients –

You can gain enough nutrients from a vegan diet. A vegan diet contains more fiber, minerals, and antioxidants. They are also a rich source of iron. Non-vegan diets will not allow your body to absorb these useful nutrients. Nuts provide your body with fatty acids and zinc while legumes provide more protein and vitamin B12. Green leafy vegetables are a good source of calcium. These nutrients are the similar to what would be in a meat diet.

Controls Your Sugar Levels –

Diabetes has become a big health risk factor. Many people lose their life due to this dangerous disease. But the vegan diet can help you to improve your lifestyle and controls your sugar levels and body fat or weight. The main cause of this disease is high sugar intake, though studies suggest that half of the vegans have reduced the chances of diabetes. The main reason is the intake of whole-grain and fibrous food which breaks down food slowly on a cellular level and gives cells the proper nutrients to feed off of, keeping the sugar level low.

Keeps Your Kidneys Healthy –

It is also thought that plant proteins are healthier for human organs than animal proteins. It is good for the liver and kidneys.

A healthy heart means good physical life. Most men and women suffer from heart disease due to consuming saturated fats through meat. This in return increases their cholesterol and blood pressure. A vegan diet can lower heart risk by up to 42% according to studies. The vegan diet controls blood pressure levels and reduces the chances of heart disease. Eating whole grains, nuts and vegetable make your heart muscles strong as well.

It Helps to Reduce Weight?

Animal products are higher in fats and calories while a plant-based diet helps you lose excess weight because while it offers the good fats and proteins, it has less carbs and calories. although the plate of vegetables may look large, it isn't as many calories as if you were to eat the same size of food in meat.

Healthy Indian Recipes for your Vegan Diet –

  1. Moong dal khichdi – It is a complete pack of healthy nutrients. It is made with moong dal, rice, and veggies like peas, tomatoes, and cauliflowers. This is a staple food of Indians cooked from centuries ago. To make it a little spicy you can add a tadka of cumin seeds, ginger, asafoetida, and ghee. But these are completely optional. This simple recipe has the power to recover you from sickness. It can be consumed daily as a normal part of your vegetarian diet.
  1. Pindi chole – This delicious and spicy chickpea curry will provide you with a taste of essential nutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, and fiber. It is a very popular vegan curry from Amritsar. It is made with chick-peas, ginger-garlic paste, spicy chana masala, and dry mango powder. You can have this healthy and spicy recipe with plain bread.
  1. Cabbage curry – Cabbage curry is very easy to prepare, delicious, and healthy. A plate of cabbage curry provides fibers, minerals, and vitamin A and K. This curry is prepared with cabbage leaves, green peas, tomatoes, ginger paste, and potatoes. It tastes great with Indian bread or steamed rice.
  1. Veg pulao – It is a good recipe for special days and is packed with the healthy veggies, aromatic spices, and rice. It can be prepared in less oil and you can also cook it in the pressure cooker. This amazing recipe belongs from north India and is served with Indian curries.
  1. Rajma curry – Just like chickpeas, this is also a spicy legume curry made with red kidney beans, onions, tomatoes, chilies, spices, and herbs. It is a stapple food in many Punjabi households served with steamed rice. It has lots of health benefits such as regulating blood sugar, keeping hearts healthy, and strengthening bones.

Hopefully, you have understood the health benefits of vegan diets. To make your vegan recipes tasty and healthy you can add Alco Spices to your recipes. These are a pack of fresh and healthy spices which have been made with all natural ingredients, no preservatives, gmo, msg, additives, fillers, or anti-caking agents. Simply pure spices, the way it should be. I always use Alco Spices to make food tasty and healthy for my dear ones. So, are you planning to start a vegan diet today?


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