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Introduction to Veganism

Veganism is a way of life that strives to avoid animal abuse for ethical grounds. It has grown to include people who choose their diet and way of life with care for the environment and their health. A plant-based diet is rich in nutrients from all plant sources, including fruits, vegetables, seeds, grains, pulses, etc. The vegan diet entirely cuts out all dairy products and other items originating from animals.

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Environmentalists, fitness gurus, and dietitians who advocate veganism continually urge the general public to go vegan. According to a study published in the journal of hunger and environment nutrition, eating a plant-based diet is significantly cheaper and better for the environment than eating meat. Eating a plant-based diet instead of lean animal protein will save you money. However, most people who move to a plant-based diet frequently complain about how much more expensive it is. 

Why Are Vegan Alternatives More Expensive?

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Even though many individuals are becoming vegans, we are still a minority. The production of meat and dairy products is subsidized, which means that the government spends a lot of money annually to guarantee that both products can continue and that prices will remain continuously low for its residents. Vegan products can not receive government subsidies; hence they cannot maintain constantly low prices. As a result, the average cost of a vegan diet is slightly more expensive than their meat and dairy equivalents because there is less demand for them and less mass production.

The good news is that as vegan demand rises, supply may also increase, resulting in cheaper options shortly! For example, a block of cheddar cheese will cost approximately $2, whereas a block of vegan cheese can cost up to $6. The same is true for other vegan food cost options, such as plant and nut milk and meat substitutes. Essentially, as more individuals go vegan, the prices of things will fall!

How to Eat Vegan on a Budget

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The simple truth is that a vegan diet can be less expensive than eating omnivorously. It takes more planning.

However, if you are willing to adjust your diet to include more whole foods, you will be able to eat a vegan diet for next to nothing, and it is easier than you may believe! We've even compiled a list of 4 simple changes you can make in your weekly grocery shopping to make it happen!

Purchase in Bulk

Dry items are always more affordable than processed foods. While practically every grocery shop sells bulk items, some have a specialized section where you may fill your bags or containers, making your purchases more sustainable! Legumes, such as beans and lentils, as well as most grains, such as oats, quinoa, rice, couscous, and a variety of others, can all be purchased in bulk and will last forever! Well, almost forever!

Learn How to Make the Basics

If you can learn to prepare your favorite foods like hummus, dips, dressings, sauces, burgers, soups, desserts, and so much more, you will minimize the average cost of a vegan diet! Of course, this will take some extra time in the kitchen, but one day of cooking can go a long way, and everything you make can be refrigerated or frozen to enjoy later in the week.

Plan Ahead

The solution is to prepare in advance. Bring snacks wherever you go, pack a lunch for outings or errands, and prepare your dinner the night before if you know, you will have a particularly long day. In this manner, you can avoid paying for the vegan chicken price options that restaurants provide. It may appear to be a lot of work, but your bank account and tummy will be thankful.

Avoid the Specialty Shops

When you first start buying vegan food, you may believe that shopping at specialty stores will reduce your average cost of the vegan grocery bill, but they are usually significantly more expensive than ordinary grocery stores. Of course, if you need something specific, you may need to make a memorable trip, but most of your weekly grocery shopping should be done elsewhere.

Summing up

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However, we hope you now see that the vegan diet cost can be low! It is only the processed options that are prohibitively expensive! You can eat a completely vegan diet at a fraction of what you used to pay if you follow the tactics and solutions outlined in this article. If you plan ahead of time, buy a good cookbook, shop in bulk, and avoid purchasing specialty items or meat and dairy alternatives, you will save the cost of eating vegan! At Alcoeats, we strive to create something healthy for everyone. Best vegan snacks, gravies, masala, and coffee to make a healthy choice regarding your dietary needs.

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