|September 26, 2022

Why is Butter chicken the Best Creamy Chicken you can ever have?

Why is Butter chicken the Best Creamy Chicken you can ever have?

Butter chicken has a long history and geography. Before starting digging in more about this best creamy chicken, let’s just put it out there- Yes, butter chicken is one of the most famous Indian-originated cuisines out there in the world. 

Butter chicken originated by Kundal Lal Gurjal in the late 1950s. He was a refugee who came down to Delhi after the Pak-Indo partition. Kundan used to work in a Dhaba in Peshawar, almost 100 years ago, owned by Mokha Singh Lamba. He first invented Tandoori Chicken while experimenting with marinated chicken. 

But, after partition, he got forced to shut down the doors of his already established work in Pakistan and came to Delhi for the new beginnings. 

Kundan Lal Gurjal, along with some partners and cooks, opened a restaurant named Moti Mahal back in the 1950s, and then, one fine day, due to the lack of refrigerators and storage of chicken leftovers, he experimented with dry chicken stuffed with tomato sauce, delicious cream, and butter, and then invented one and only- Butter Chicken. 

Over time, through word of mouth recommendations and the fame of Moti Mahal, Butter chicken went on to become one of the greatest and most popular Indian cuisines globally. In fact, people worldwide often love to have Butter chicken served with authentic tandoori rotis. 

The invention of Butter chicken shows us how a little experiment can become your greatest invention. Later, Kundan’s son expanded their business and opened the first-ever Moti Mahal Delux in South Delhi and then spread it across Delhi NCR and Uttarakhand, and various other states across the nation.  

Today, Moti Mahal is one of the biggest brands in India, especially in Delhi and nearby regions. It is still famous for eating the most authentic Butter chicken you can ever have. So, if you are in Delhi and craving for the most authentic Butter chicken, then Moti Mahal and its subsidiaries are a place for you. Of course, your nearby locations can also serve you the best creamy chicken. It might be a matter of some research and deep digging in. 

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Coming back to the topic, well, by now, we know some history and geography about the origin of this amazing Creamy Chicken, which is Butter chicken. But, now it’s time to know how Butter chicken is the best creamy chicken you can ever eat and enjoy and dance with that. Lol! Jokes apart! Let’s get started!

Why Is Butter Chicken The Best Creamy Chicken You Can Ever Enjoy?

Butter chicken is the best creamy chicken because-

  1. It consists of a delicious tomato base, making it creamy and aromatic. 
  2. It gets dry fruits like almonds and cashews, enriching its slightly sweet texture. 
  3. It gets cooked in butter instead of normal oil, pushing it more on the creamy side. 
  4. It is a bit of all the tastes, like a bit sweet also, a bit salty too, a bit spicy as well, and a perfect combination of all of these things. 
  5. Its nutritional value is quite higher as compared to other creamy chicken dishes. 
  6. It gets super authentic and healthy if it gets cooked with complete research and as per the best cooking instructions.
  7. It is often served with tandoori rotis and a bit of hot rice bowl, making it a complete diet for you. 
  8. It has got everything: protein, minerals, vitamins, antioxidants, and much more. 
  9. It can be cooked with a lot of variations and tweakings- meant to say it is super customizable and can be shifted easily as per your consideration. 
  10. It can be cooked within no time at home and anywhere. So, it’s not a big deal to have it wherever you want to have it. 

These were some of our biggest reasons why Butter chicken is the best creamy chicken for you to try and enjoy with your friends and family. 

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Butter chicken was, is, and will always be one of the finest food inventions India ever had. According to researchers, Butter chicken is one of the most searched Indian cuisines on Google. From Delhi to the United States of America, people enjoy this creamy chicken the most. 

So, what about you?

Is butter chicken your fav? Let’s share your views with us! Would love to know from you!


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