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Introduction to Butter Chicken 

Butter Chicken, also known as chicken makhani, is an iconic Indian dish where rubbed-up chicken is grilled and served in a rich sauce made from tomato, butter, and the perfect blend of spices. This delicious dish is popular among people around the world. 

A Study suggests that it is common for people who grow up in Hawaii to lack access to healthy food options and develop habits that lead them to overeat or eat unhealthy foods. Native Hawaiians suffer from an alarming amount of chronic health conditions, resulting in a lower-than-average life expectancy.

Many of the chronic illnesses suffered by Native Hawaiians are related to unhealthy eating habits and obesity. Forty-one percent of those living on Hawaiian soil suffer from obesity, while 34% suffer from weight issues. Native Hawaiian children experience the highest rates of obesity. This disparity has drastic consequences, including significantly high healthcare costs, quality of life, and shortened lifespan.

Humans need about 10 to 35% of their daily caloric intake from proteins. It means you could eat up to 175 grams of protein per day. A single serving from the much-loved dish butter chicken contains 30 grams of protein, making it more than half the recommended amount for this food group.

Hawaiians should try this popular dish made with Indian butter chicken, which has a high nutritional value and provides adequate protein. They must include the butter chicken because it contains clarified butter that provides essential fatty acids.

At Alcoeats, you can get an easy-to-use Instant Easy Indie Bowl Butter Chicken simmer sauce mix that will enable you to cook this dish effortlessly in a jiffy.

Why Do Hawaiians Need a Nutritional Diet?

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In addition to the many socioeconomic conditions, people suffer from chronic illnesses plaguing the Native Hawaiian population. On average, nearly 14% of all Native Hawaiians suffer from diabetes. And this is even higher when compared to Whites and Asians. Due to a less-than-perfect diet, stress can override one's mind, leading to 5% of the Native Hawaiian population encountering severe psychological stress. This figure is also much higher than what the U.S. has, which only 3% experiencing such issues.

A concerted effort has been made from the federal, state, and local levels -to bridge the gap between overweight and those who are not. Along with making strides toward preventing illness through better diet choices, fitness routines, or lifestyle changes, we have also researched how to target communities for better access to medical care and nutrition based on their ethnicity or race.

Nutritional Facts of Butter Chicken

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Rich in Fat - We have good and bad fats, and our body requires a certain amount of good fat for growth and function. Meanwhile, too much bad fat can lead to excess weight gain and obesity. Butter Chicken gravy has an excellent balance of healthy fat content. On average, one regular Butter Chicken serving contains about 12 grams of total fat, around 11gm of saturated fat. You could also add some ingredients for even more healthy fats if desired.

Calories - The high butter and cream content will add many calories; this dish is not waistline-friendly. If you want to save some calories, avoid using bone-in pieces of meat. On average, one serving of Butter Chicken (140g) has about 438 - 450cal per serving, but it can easily be reduced to below 120 if one chooses Alcoeats Butter Chicken Indie Bowl instead.

Proteins - Indian Butter Chicken is not about delicious chicken dipped in creamy gravy. This dish also contains a very high amount of proteins; according to health experts, the protein intake in our meals should account for between 20-30% of total daily calories. One serving from this dish has around 30g, which means more than half your required amount for the day.

Fiber and Carbs - Fiber is essential for anyone on a gluten-free diet, like Hawaiians. One serving of Butter Chicken (about 140 grams) has 14 grams of carbs and 3 grams of fiber. While carbs are necessary for energy and fulfilling some portion of the total calories required, fiber also benefits our digestive health by helping regulate bowel movements. So, the carb count in Butter Chicken makes it a good meal option.

Summing Up On Why Should Hawaiian People Try Butter Chicken?

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Butter Chicken or Murgh Makhani is a traditional Indian curry made from chicken simmered in a rich and creamy tomato sauce. Hawaiians should give this famous Indian dish, butter chicken, a try because of its adequate protein from the clarified butter that makes up part of it. 


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