|September 26, 2022

Why Should Hawaiian People Try Butter Chicken?

Why Should Hawaiian People Try Butter Chicken?

What do you think Hawaii is still among the healthiest states? 

Well, surprisingly, NO. A recent federal survey says Hawaiians are in worse health than many other Americans, and things are not getting worse day by day. 

This is because a majority of Hawaiians go gluten-free either as a whole or partial. Going gluten-free without necessity eliminates essential nutrients required for a healthy go.

Why Do Hawaiians Need a Nutritional Diet?

Recently, a report says that almost 40 percent of total Native Hawaiians are suffering from obesity. Hawaiians need some good fiber content foods to overcome this obesity.

On average, nearly 14 percent of total Native Hawaiians suffer from diabetes. And this is even higher compared to whites and Asians.

Hawaiian people should try Butter Chicken, and it's not because of the taste only, but for the nutritional content, they lack in their daily diet.

With an improper diet, stress too overrides. This is why around 5 percent of Native Hawaiians experienced severe psychological stress. Even this figure is higher compared to the U.S. with 3 percent.

What Are The Nutritional Benefits Of Butter Chicken?

Rich in Fat :

We have both good and bad fats, where our body requires good fat for growth and functioning. On the other hand, bad fat increases weight and leads to obesity.

Butter Chicken gravy plays a significant role with a quality amount of good fat content. But you can add ingredients as per your choice to increase extra fat if needed. 

On average, one regular butter chicken serving contains nearly 12 grams of fat in saturated form. Expert says 22 grams of fat is necessary for our daily intake, and 12 grams lies under the mark.

Calories :

The high butter and cream content will add a good amount of calories, and of course, these are not waistline-friendly. But you can reduce the total calories content by having boneless chicken, preferably chicken breast. 

An average serving of Butter Chicken (140 grams) contains around 438 to 450 calories, but you can even reduce it to less than 120 calories by choosing Alcoeats Butter Chicken Indie Bowl.

Rich in Proteins: 

Well, Butter Chicken is not about delicious chicken dipped in creamy gravy. It also contains a very high amount of proteins. According to health experts, the protein intake in our meals daily should be a part of 20 to 30% of total calories intake.

From this, you can now figure out that you should have 50 grams of protein in your daily intake. On average, one single serving of butter chicken has around 30 grams of protein, which means more than half of your daily requirement.

Fiber & Carbohydrates: 

Fiber is essential for those who are on a gluten-free diet, like Hawaiians going with the trend. One serving of butter chicken (roughly 140 grams) has around 14 grams of carbohydrates and 3 grams of fiber. Carbohydrates are needed for energy and can fulfill some part of the total calories required.

Fiber, as we said, is very much required by our body because it takes care of our digestive health and helps in regulating bowel movement effectively. So, both fiber and carbs content in Butter Chicken is good. 

That's all about butter chicken and its benefits for Hawaiian people, but did you know you can get the fantastic butter chicken taste and its nutritional content in one pack, even gluten-free. Unbelievable, right? Well, Alcoeats don't think so.

Alcoeats Butter Chicken Indian Simmer Sauce Worth It?

Butter Chicken gravy is among the tastiest ways to add fiber, carbohydrates, good fat, and calories. Want it gluten-free? No worries! Alcoeats bring that too.

Alcoeats brings you the best butter chicken Indian simmer sauce mix with all-natural ingredients. The pack is gluten-free with an authentic taste, even better than that. 

Even being gluten-free, it's budget-friendly and has quality assurance from Alcoeats. Every single pack has gone through many tests to provide only the best one to their customers. 

The website is similar to a supermarket, where you can have all your queries answered by our experts related to that product in the product FAQ section.

Here's a direct link to Alcoeats Butter Chicken Indian Simmer Sauce.


Is Butter Chicken healthy?

Apart from having a fantastic taste, Butter Chicken has many other nutritional benefits too. It adds 12 grams of fat content to your daily diet. Other than fat, it also contains 120 calories, 30 grams high protein, 3 grams of fiber, and carbs around 14 grams. 

Is butter chicken good for weight loss? 

When prepared using yogurt instead of heavy cream, Butter Chicken reduces the fat content to a great extent. Also, the Alcoeats Butter Chicken Indian Simmer Sauce has around 111 calories, allowing Butter Chicken to be in your weight loss plan.

Which chicken part is best to make your bowl light?

Chicken breast is the best cut for you with less calorie content. Even it increases the amount of protein in one serving. So if you are a bodybuilder, then always go for this. 


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