|January 14, 2023


What do we cover?

  • What is Cozy Bear Flavored Coffee?
  • What are the ingredients in Cozy Bear Flavored Coffee?
  • Where does Cozy Bear Flavored Coffee come from?
  • How is Cozy Bear Flavored Coffee Processed?
  • What does Cozy Bear Flavored Coffee taste like?
  • What dietary and health benefits can coffee provide?
  • How to use Cozy Bear Flavored Coffee?
  • What makes Cozy Bear Coffee unique?

What is Cozy Bear Coffee Flavored Coffee?

Coffee Flavors

We all enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning, but are you looking for a new way to spice up your coffee? Then Cozy Bear flavored coffee is the perfect choice of coffee for you. Cozy Bear is able to recreate all of your favorite flavors and aromas and combine them with our freshly roasted coffee beans. Cozy Bear offers seven different varieties of flavored coffee that everyone will be able to enjoy.

Bourbon Pecan - We flavored our Love Me Some Espresso five bean blend with Bourbon Pecan to enhance the coffee's flavor and aroma to a whole nother level. The Love Me Some Espresso flavored with the barrel aged bourbon and pecan makes for the perfect sipping coffee. Bourbon Pecan has sweet, earthy and nutty flavor notes.

    Chocolate Fudge - For all of the chocolate lovers out there! It’s hard to beat the classic flavor of chocolate, so come dive into our rich and sweet flavored Chocolate Fudge coffee with us.
      Cinnamon Roll - We all remember those days waking up as kids and mom baking cinnamon rolls downstairs in the kitchen. There was nothing that beat the mouthwatering aroma of the rich browned butter, caramelized brown sugar and warm cinnamon. Now you can relive those great childhood memories as you sip on our Cinnamon Roll flavored coffee.
        French Vanilla - Another all time classic flavor loved by so many. Enjoy the sweet aroma of French Vanilla as you let its rich, sweet and creamy flavors fill your palate. 
          Oatmeal Cookie - We all know the distinct pleasing aromas of the ground ginger, clove, cinnamon and vanilla that fill the room as you bake a batch of oatmeal cookies. Now you can enjoy those same flavors and aroma as your sip on our Oatmeal Cookie flavored coffee.
            Snickerdoodle - Is there anyone that doesn’t love the smell of freshly baked Snickerdoodle cookies? Our Snickerdoodle flavored coffee will brighten up your morning as you enjoy the aroma of the french vanilla with hints of maple syrup, gingerbread and cinnamon.

              Vanilla Hazelnut - We combine the rich and sweet flavor of vanilla with the nutty and spicy flavor of toasted hazelnut. You won’t be able to resist smiling as you enjoy sipping on this truly delightful cup of coffee.

              What are the ingredients in Cozy Bear Flavored Coffee?

              Bourbon Pecan
              • Love Me Some Espresso Blend
              • Bourbon Pecan Artificial Flavoring
                Chocolate Fudge
                • Medium Roasted Coffee from Brazil
                • Chocolate Fudge Artificial Flavoring
                  Cinnamon Roll
                  • Medium Roasted Coffee from Brazil
                  • Cinnamon Roll Artificial Flavoring
                    French Vanilla
                    • Medium Roasted Coffee from Brazil
                    • French Vanilla Artificial Flavoring
                      Oatmeal Cookie
                      • Medium Roasted Coffee from Brazil
                      • Oatmeal Cookie Artificial Flavoring
                        • Medium Roasted Coffee from Brazil
                        • Snickerdoodle Artificial Flavoring
                          Vanilla Hazelnut
                          • Medium Roasted Coffee from Brazil
                          • Vanilla Hazelnut Artificial Flavoring

                          Where does Cozy Bear Flavored Coffee come from?


                          Excluding our Bourbon Pecan, all of the Cozy Bear flavored coffee is single origin coffee sourced from Brazil. Brazil has been the largest coffee growing county in the world for the past 150 years. One third of the coffee in the world is grown in Brazil! Coffee beans from Brazil are very popular in many espresso blends because of their ability to not turn bitter when dark roasted. Our Bourbon Pecan flavored coffee is made using the same blend of beans from our Love Me Some Espresso Blend. The Love Me Some Espresso is a custom five bean blend that  makes for the perfect blonde espresso with cocoa and fruity flavor notes and a caramel crema.  

                          How is Cozy Bear Flavored Coffee Processed?

                          Coffee trees typically take three to four years before they start bearing their fruit, the coffee cherries. Most coffee trees are only harvested once per year, but in certain areas like Colombia the coffee trees can be harvested twice per year. The coffee cherries are ripe and ready to be harvested, when the cherry turns a bright deep red. Depending on the area and quality of the beans, the coffee cherries can be harvested by hand or machine. There are two ways to process the coffee:

                          Dry Method

                          The older of the two methods and more commonly used when water is not easily accessible. After harvesting, the coffee cherries are placed on a large surface to dry in the sun. While they are drying in the sun, the cherries must be turned throughout the day and covered at night to protect them from the rain. The coffee cherries must continue to dry in the sun until their moisture reaches 11%. It could take up to several weeks for the moisture to reach 11%.

                            WET METHOD

                            The more efficient of the two processes. The coffee cherries are put through a machine, which removes the pulp and skin from the bean. Next, the beans are separated by weight and size. Once the beans are sorted by size, they are put into water-filled fermentation tanks, which will dissolve away the last layer of mucilage on the bean. If the beans are processed using the wet method, they must then be dried to 11% moisture using the sun dry method or machine dry method.

                              Once the beans have been dried, the beans are referred to as parchment coffee, which must be milled before exporting. A Hulling Machine is used to remove the parchment from the wet processed coffee beans. Some places will also polish the beans as well to ensure that all of the parchment is removed. After the beans have been milled, they are then graded and sorted based on size and the defective beans are removed. The milled coffee beans are referred to as green coffee and are ready to be exported and then roasted. Roasting is the process that turns the green coffee into the brown color beans that we buy from the store. Roasting machines typically roast coffee at 370 to 540 °F and the beans are constantly rotating to keep them from burning. When the beans reach an internal temperature of 400 °F, they begin to brown and the oils start to release from the beans. After roasting, the beans are then cooled.

                              After the beans have roasted and cooled, the flavoring is added to the coffee beans. The coffee bean flavoring is made by combining flavoring oils to develop a flavor and aroma that replicates that of the desired flavor you are trying to recreate. The flavoring is added to the whole beans by placing the beans in a gentle tumbler and using a pressurized sprayer to evenly coat the beans in the flavoring oils. After the beans have been flavored, we will ground the beans if they need to be ground and then package the finished product.

                              What does Cozy Bear Flavored Coffee taste like?


                              BOURBON PECAN

                              • Roast - Medium
                              • Body - Full Body
                              • Acidity - Medium
                              • Flavor Notes: Sweet, Earthy & Nutty

                                CHOCOLATE FUDGE

                                • Roast - Medium
                                • Body - Full Body
                                • Acidity - Mild
                                • Flavor Notes - Rich & Sweet

                                  CINNAMON ROLL

                                  • Roast - Medium
                                  • Body - Full Body
                                  • Acidity - Mild
                                  • Flavor Notes - Creamy & Sweet with Hints of Spice

                                    FRENCH VANILLA

                                    • Roast - Medium
                                    • Body - Full Body
                                    • Acidity - Mild
                                    • Flavor Notes - Rich, Sweet & Creamy

                                      OATMEAL COOKIE

                                      • Roast - Medium
                                      • Body - Full Body
                                      • Acidity - Mild
                                      • Flavor Notes - Sweet & Nutty with Hints of Spice


                                        • Roast - Medium
                                        • Body - Full Body
                                        • Acidity - Mild
                                        • Flavor Notes - Sweet with Hints of Spice

                                          VANILLA HAZELNUT

                                          • Roast - Medium
                                          • Body - Full Body
                                          • Acidity - Mild
                                          • Flavor Notes - Rich, Sweet & Nutty

                                          What dietary and health benefits can coffee provide?

                                          Dietary Benefits of Coffee

                                          • 100% Natural
                                          • No Artificial Flavors
                                          • No Preservatives
                                          • NON GMO
                                          • Gluten Free
                                          • KETO Friendly
                                          • Vegan

                                          The reason that most of us drink coffee is for the boost in energy. Coffee contains caffeine, which is a stimulant for your central nervous system. It works by blocking the receptors of a neurotransmitter called adenosine, which increases neurotransmitters in your brain that regulate your energy levels. Beyond increased energy levels, coffee also has several other potential health benefits which include:

                                          Helping Prevent Type 2 Diabetes - The reasoning is believed to be that the coffee helps preserve beta cells, which are responsible for regulating blood sugar through the production of insulin. Another factor may be inflammation contributes to your risk of getting Type 2 Diabetes and coffee contains antioxidants, which help reduce inflammation. 

                                            Slowing Dementia - A study was published by the Journal of Alzheimer's Disease that caffeine can slow the rate of dementia. Researchers recorded the blood caffeine content of a group of elderly with mild cognitive impairments and then recorded their blood caffeine content two to four years later. The researchers found that those with a blood caffeine content equivalent to three cups of coffee were far less likely to develop severe cases of dementia.  
                                              Liver Health - Several studies have been conducted that show that people with liver disease who drank coffee were far less likely to develop liver scarring and liver cancer. Another study was conducted that showed that people who drank one cup of coffee per day were 15% less likely to die from chronic liver disease and those who drank four cups of coffee per day were 71% less likely to die from chronic liver disease.

                                                How to use Cozy Bear Flavored Coffee?


                                                There is nothing better than the taste and smell of a freshly brewed cup of coffee or espresso in the morning. However you might be asking yourself, what is the best way to brew your Cozy Bear Flavored Coffee?  

                                                BREWING USING PRESSURE

                                                The most common way to brew using pressure is by using an espresso machine. It works by pushing pressurized water through a puck of finely ground coffee and then it pushes the water through a filter to create an espresso shot. The advantages of brewing using pressure are the faster brew times and a more intense and flavorful brew. Some of the most common devices used to pressure brew include:
                                                • Espresso Machine
                                                • Stovetop Espresso Brewing
                                                • Aeropress


                                                  Steeping was the first method used for brewing coffee. It works by mixing the ground coffee with hot water and then separating the brewed coffee from the wet coffee grinds. The quality of the coffee is based on timing. If you do not wait long enough the coffee will taste like weak brown water and if you wait too long the coffee will be dark and bitter. Some of the most common devices used for steeping include:
                                                  • French Press
                                                  • Soft Brew
                                                  • Coffee Bag
                                                  • Vacuum Pot

                                                    FILTRATION OR DRIPPING

                                                    Filtration or dripping is the most popular brewing method that many of us use today. The filtration and drip process is very simple. You just place ground coffee in a filter and then run hot water through the ground coffee. The advantage to this style is that it is very cost effective and produces a consistent clean light bodied brew. Some of the devices that are used for the filtration and dripping method include:
                                                    • Electric Percolator
                                                    • Clever Dripper
                                                    • Chemex
                                                    • Hario V60 Dipper
                                                    • Kalita Wave Dripper
                                                    • Vietnamese Drip Filter
                                                    • Melitta Ready Set Joe Dripper
                                                    • Bee House Dripper
                                                    • Cold Drip Brewing
                                                    • Nitrous Coffee


                                                      Boiling Coffee is the most simple method of brewing coffee. You just take boiling water and mix it with ground coffee. The two methods of boiling coffee are:
                                                      • Cowboy Method
                                                      • Turkish Coffee

                                                        What makes Cozy Bear Coffee unique?

                                                        Ethically Sourced Coffee - Cozy Bear's coffee is ethically sourced directly from farmers in the best coffee growing regions of the world. We have long lasting personal relationships with all the farms we source from to guarantee premium quality and taste. 

                                                          Freshly Roasted - Cozy Bear's coffee is freshly roasted, so you can experience all the flavor notes and aroma like never before. The difference between freshly and non freshly roasted coffee is immense. Once the coffee is roasted, the oils and compounds begin to break down which dulls the flavor and aroma of the beans. Freshly roasted coffee will actually smell more earthy compared to non freshly roasted coffee. 
                                                            Small Batch Roasting - Cozy Bear roasts all of the coffee in small batches to guarantee consistency, quality and freshness. Small batch roasting allows the roast master to keep a better eye on the roasting process, so that our customers can rely on a consistent and excellent taste all year around. 
                                                              ​​No Over Roasting - Cozy Bear coffee beans are high quality and fresh, so we will never over roast our beans. Over roasting the beans covers up the true flavor notes of the coffee and produces a bitter and burnt taste. The unfortunate fact of the matter is that most coffee companies over roast their beans to save on cost and cover up the lack of quality in their beans.
                                                                Flavored Coffee Without The Added Calories - Many of us love the sweet flavored coffee drinks from our favorite coffee shop. Unfortunately, the one drawback of those flavored coffee drinks is the added sugar and calories. The calories can add up fast especially if you are drinking more than one per day. Cozy Bear Coffee offers a variety of different flavors that can satisfy anyone's sweet tooth without all the extra sugar and calories.

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