|September 26, 2022

Is Chicken Korma the Mildest Indian Curry?

Is Chicken Korma the Mildest Indian Curry?

Tired of asking Is there any mildest curry available in restaurants? After this read, you won't be wondering whether it's a YES or NO from them because the aromatic Chicken Korma needs a few simple steps to get ready at your home. 

A simple blend of natural Indian spices with yogurt and cream is all you require for this authentic mild Indian Chicken curry. And no comparison at all when served with Naan or Basmati Rice.

Bring this excellent delicacy to your home and experience the best dining in a restaurant style. It's even possible to prepare Chicken Korma absolutely Gluten Free and even Nuts Free with Alcoeats. 

Did I tell you that Chicken Korma needs only 25 minutes of cooking? Unbelievable, right? But it's true, everyone's favorite chicken curry is super tasty and super quick. In simple terms, it's the best mild and delicious chicken dinner on your weekdays.

Why Cooking Korma Curry So Quick?

If you are new to Indian cooking, you probably won't have heard about pre-prepared Indian curry sauce, but if you like Indian food, then I'm pretty sure you are no stranger to buying curry sauce from supermarkets.

The same is for the Chicken Korma Curry. It also uses a curry sauce base which you can prepare a day or even a week before! Making the Korma Sauce at once and using it for weekdays is the best. 

The very first time when I served my self-prepared Chicken Korma to my guests, the only thing they wanted to know: Which sauce brand do I use? I was surprised because I didn’t stick to a particular sauce brand. I just used some authentic and flavor some Indian spices and masalas by Alcoeats and yogurt for a thick gravy. 

So, I replied that the Authentic Chicken Korma Sauce could be easily prepared using chicken sauce mix from Alcoeats and other whole Indian curry spices. The result will be amazing and bowl-licking good!

Well, there's nothing to worry about if you can't find all the whole spices at once. Garam Masala (not blended) can be used as an alternative here with Alcoeats chicken sauce blend. 

Sauce Freeze Instructions:

To make your weekdays memorable, you can freeze your Korma Sauce for a week of the cooked Chicken Korma Curry just after it cools down. You must use:

  • Ensure that you have fresh chicken and ingredients.
  • Use Whole spices only.
  • You must add yogurt for the long life of your gravy. 

Chicken Korma: Is It the Mildest Indian Curry?

With yogurt and value-bomb of flavor, the Chicken Korma is the mildest Indian Curry.

The authentic taste and aroma of Chicken Korma is because of the whole Indian spices used, so naming it a Mildest Indian curry is true.

You may observe a slight variation in the exact taste compared between a restaurant and homemade, but this is due to sauce blend and nothing else. You can observe a better taste using Alcoeats chicken sauce.

Why Only Alcoeats? 

If we advise something to add in your dining throughout weekdays, it must be healthy apart from having a good taste. Alcoeats provides you with entirely Gluten-free spices and sauce mix to quickly add up to your diet plan. 

We make sure every product they offer must satisfy customer needs and expectations. 

Also, if you have any queries related to any of the products, they offer you can easily connect with their experts through the chat box provided on the website. 

So, do check out once what they offer and why they are the best. 

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Is Korma curry hot or mild?

The Korma Curry first originated from Northern India and somewhere in Pakistan. As the curry has yogurt, coconut milk, and almonds, it's undoubtedly mild and even one of the mildest curries you'll find in Indian restaurants.

Which Indian curry is the mildest?

Of course, the Korma Curry with little or almost no spices is the mildest Indian curry. It even tastes better when served with chicken and plain rice. If you are on a gluten-free diet and want something light but tasty, Korma Curry is the best.

Is Chicken Korma spicy in India?

It depends on what you want, as Korma has its roots in Mughlai cuisine to be mildly spiced or super spicy. The meat used can even vary as per your requirement like goat, lamb, chicken, beef. You can even have a blend of both meat and vegetables like spinach and turnip.

What's the major difference between Korma and curry?

Korma is somewhat like a mild curry prepared using various spices, all whole, majorly coriander. You can add yogurt sauce or nuts to give it a mild taste. In comparison, the curry is a complete blend of spiced sauce with authentic ingredients giving it an Asian texture. 


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