|September 26, 2022

Is Chicken Korma Better Than Butter Chicken

Is Chicken Korma Better Than Butter Chicken?

Chicken Korma is my favorite go-to takeaway dish from Indian restaurants. What I like best about this dish is the lightness of the curry while at the same time being so rich in flavor. It is so exquisite that you can enjoy it with any Indian side, be it Naan or basmati rice.

But Butter Chicken is just the quintessential North Indian dish that is non-missable, and you can enjoy it anytime. It’s one of my favorite comfort foods, which I can never give up.

So just like me, we've enjoyed them for years, but if asked which is better, some of us won't ever attempt to compare these two phenomenal dishes.

What is Chicken Korma?

Started in the Mughal kitchens, it was served to Shah Jahan and his guests during the inauguration of the Taj Mahal. It's regarded as a fusion of Central Asian, Persian, and Indian cooking.

This dish is mainly cooked by braising the meat or vegetables by applying high heat, usually in ghee, and then the meat is cooked in the gravy, making it well cooked and soft. It is mild, creamy, and with ground spices.

Also, the gravy is lighter than most Indian curries since the korma base is yogurt and not cream.

What is Butter Chicken?

Butter Chicken is a North Indian dish originating from post-partition era India with creamy curry tangier from tomatoes and mild spices.

Its base mainly consists of cream and butter, which makes its gravy very rich. But for better and healthier alternatives, some modern versions of butter chicken substitute the cream for yogurt, but there is no taste like the original.

The meat in butter chicken is usually tandoor cooked chicken which is then smothered in the gravy to make it moist and juicy.

What are the Key Differences Between Chicken Korma and Butter Chicken?

Though both the dishes are equally delicious, they are very different taste and texture-wise and to know which one is better than the two, let's see the key differences between these dishes:

 Chicken Korma  Butter Chicken

1. The gravy is chunkier since it has many ingredients that are used whole or chopped.

1. The gravy is smooth since it uses ground spices and pureed gravy.

2. It has a low-calorie count of around 300 to 330 calories per serving

2.  It has higher calories count where it can be between 500-700 calories per serving.

3. The primary method of cooking used in korma is braising the meat and the ingredients for a long time.

3. The meat is cooked in tandoor ovens and later added to the gravy; thus, the meat is pre-cooked and not cooked in the sauce.

4. It is a unified dish with all the ingredients cooked together, and one cannot make out one flavor from another.

4. The tomato and cream have distinctive tastes that you can identify in the gravy.

5. It is an inexpensive dish since the ingredients are cheap and readily available.

5. It is relatively expensive since smoked meat involves costly ingredients. 


Overall, we can say that both the dishes are delightful and are some of the best examples of Indian cooking. But if I were to answer which of the two is better, I'd instead let you decide for yourself. 

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Which is better-Chicken Korma or Butter Chicken?

They are both North Indian dishes. They have a unique blend of spices and ingredients cooked using different techniques, making them uniquely delicious and an absolute must-have when trying out Indian Cuisine.

What's the difference between chicken curry and chicken korma?

Chicken curry is a typical dish cooked on low heat, with simple ingredients, whereas chicken korma is a richer and textured gravy where the ingredients blend to form an intense flavor.

Which dish has more calories -Chicken Korma or Butter Chicken?

Butter chicken tops the list as having more calories since a serving of butter chicken has around 600 calories, but Chicken Korma is light on the calories count as it clocks about 300 calories per serving.

Is Korma a Real Curry?

Yes, it is the king of Indian curries. It is an excellent representation of Indian curries and various spices and ingredients, giving a unified taste and flavor.


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