|September 26, 2022


Introduction to Chicken Korma and Butter Chicken 

Almost everyone knows that Butter chicken and Chicken Korma are legendary dishes in Asia and many other parts of the world. 

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While these mouthwatering delicacies are widely consumed in many Indian restaurants, people unfamiliar with these dishes can get easily confused between the two — which is quite understandable since both words use the same type of spices or "garam masala." 

What is the difference between Chicken Korma and Butter Chicken? 

chicken korma

Butter chicken is a primarily dairy/milk-based dish that uses ingredients like heavy cream, butter, milk, and yogurt along with spices for its curry, whereas Chicken Korma is more of a spice-based gravy consisting of deeply caramelized onions, ground/whole spices, and seasoned oil.

What's the origin of Butter Chicken?

Butter chicken's invention can be called an accident! (What a very fortunate accident, indeed!) You may find this hard to believe.

Restaurant Moti Mahal can be credited for inventing Butter Chicken sometime in the 1950s. Legend says this buttery chicken curry was made by mixing leftover food to feed customers. 

The story goes that one day, on a jam-packed evening, cooks at Moti Mahal mixed leftover Tandoori chicken with some tomato gravy and thus inadvertently ended up "inventing" an extremely tasty lip-smacker that would be known as "Butter Chicken" from then on.

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