|September 26, 2022

One of India’s Most Recommended Dishes: Butter Chicken! What’s So Special About It?

One of India’s Most Recommended Dishes: Butter Chicken! What’s So Special About It? 

Yes, butter chicken is one of India's most loved cuisines of all time. There are so many things that make it one of a kind. You can’t find anything like Butter Chicken. It’s a must-have for anybody’s food menu. 

Today, according to surveys, Butter Chicken is one of India's most universally acclaimed dishes. People from different parts of the world primarily know about India and its incredible cuisines- credit goes to this astonishing food invention called- Butter Chicken. 

There are so many special facts and firsts about this dish, which we are going to discuss and share right here right now. 

Stay tuned with us to find out more about Butter Chicken and how it became one of the most loved and celebrated Indian dishes of all time. 

Well, we will be covering some interesting FAQs too at the end. Don’t go anywhere. Read till the end!

Let’s start!

How Butter Chicken Came To Life?

Most of us might not know the story behind this whole creation of Butter Chicken. It’s great if you already know how it came into life and stuff. But, if you don’t, then this is for you. 

Kundan Lal Gurjal, a Punjabi refugee, came to Delhi after the Indo-Pak partition in 1947. He used to own a Dhaba in Peshawar back in the 1920s. In Peshawar, he used to cook and serve Tandoori Chicken at his Dhaba, which was creating a name and stir amongst people. But, due to the partition, everything went disturbed, and he moved out to India. In 1950, he started the Moti Mahal restaurant in Daryaganj with two of his partners in Delhi. 

Back in the day, there weren't any refrigerators to keep the food leftovers. They didn’t want to waste anything. So, one fine day, they decided to mix things up and create something new. Kundan Lal took dry chicken bits, added some tomatoes, masalas, butter, and blended the whole dish with sauces. And, this is how the legendary butter chicken was born.

Isn’t it amazing how a small experiment went on to become the most successful Indian dish worldwide?

It’s wonderful! 

How Butter Chicken Got The Global Name And Acclaim?

It is said that one of the best inventions takes birth by accident. The same goes for Butter Chicken. It’s no different. Right! As we saw above how accidentally, by Gurjal and his cooks, this dish came to life. 

After partition, Kundan Lal Gurjal came to India and started his restaurant, Moti Mahal. Initially, he used to serve tea and staple Indian breakfast and dinner dishes at his Dhaba. But, Tandoori chicken and naans slowly and steadily became the main attraction of his place amongst nearby people. 

Initially, when they invented Butter Chicken with the dry chicken leftovers, sauces, tomatoes, and spicy masalas with the help of tandoors, they started getting even more traffic and praise from daily customers. 

Over time, Butter chicken became a global sensation and one of the most loved Indian dishes around the globe. Why so? Because of its unique component and texture, and flavors. Chicken with sauces and tomatoes and species give extraordinary appeal and taste to the dish. 

The uniqueness of Butter Chicken gathered more and more word-of-mouth recommendations and promotions and stir. And, with no time, it started becoming the best Indian dish one can ever have. 

Well, speak for yourself! If you haven’t eaten Butter chicken ever, then you must give it a try. You will fall in love with it for sure!

Always remember the place from where you will eat Butter Chicken makes all the difference. Frozen and microwaved cooked Butter Chicken is different from the authentic Tandoor cooked Indian spicy one. 

So, choose wisely! Your first-time butter chicken journey should be worth it!

How To Cook & Enjoy The Most Authentic Butter Chicken?

As we spoke just now, there are a lot of contradictions and arguments regarding authentic and original Butter Chicken cuisine out there. 

One should not fall for the not-so-original Butter Chicken. You might get disappointed and believe it’s just all hyped up. It happens with a lot of people that they eat Butter Chicken in a not-so-authentic way and say it’s not so special. 

But, when folks go to core Indian Dhabas and restaurants, their narratives get different, and they fall in love with the dish. 

Well, these days, preparing, cooking, and eating authentic Butter Chicken is a no-brainer. How come?

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Who invented Butter Chicken?

Kundan Lal Gujral, with his cooks and partners back in the 1950s, invented Butter chicken at his Dhaba - Moti Mahal. 

What Butter was traditionally called earlier?

Murgh makhani is the traditional name of Butter Chicken. Still, some people acknowledge the dish by its traditional name. 

How did Butter Chicken get created?

One fine day, accidentally, Gujral and his cooks used the chicken leftovers and blended it with tomatoes and sauces, and seared the whole mix on tandoor and this is how Butter chicken was created. 

What are the main ingredients for Butter Chicken?

Butter, Yogurt, Tomatoes, Garlic, Ginger, Chicken, Onion, Coriander, coconut milk, and cream are some of the main ingredients of Butter Chicken. 


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