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Indian cuisine is rich in flavors and aroma because of the presence of ultimate spices, fresh ingredients, and traditional cooking methods like a tandoor. The foods prepared in Tandoor carry a unique aroma that is more than satisfying.

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Tandoor is a clay-based oven. It is cylindrical and can be made of clay or metal. It is the most common practice of cooking and baking in the Asian region. The heat produced in the tandoori oven is created by putting charcoal or wood.

Many delicious tandoor dishes are famous around the world. Some of them are tandoori chicken masala, tandoori kabab, etc. A tandoor has been used for cooking in the Asian region since 3000 years ago. Clay was used to create a dome-like structure over a single flame. 

The clay used to make Tandoor radiates more heat than other metals. This property of clay makes the cooking experience unimaginable. Tandoor can be used for more extended periods of time than any other cooking method.

Indian tandoori oven is somewhat similar to America’s barbeque. In spite, Americans should know about Tandoor because of its flexibility and the outcome. Tandoor’s standard temperature can go high up to 480 degrees Celsius. 

How Tandoor Works?

How Tandoor Works

Every Tandoor operates on one standard principle, irrespective of shape and size. Tandoori ovens are made of clay with insulating material like mud or concrete from the outside. They have a curve that is inverted over the top, similar structure of a beehive or jug. 

A heated charcoal or fire is put in the bottom of the Tandoor that heats the overall surface of the tandoori oven. The temperature can go higher, as much as 900 degrees Fahrenheit. Before cooking any dish, the fire should be cooled to some extent for smooth and convenient cooking.

The most common dish prepared in a tandoori grill is naan or any Indian flatbread like roti, paratha, kulcha, etc. Naan is placed over the edges of the Tandoor and removed because the Tandoor cooks naan quickly. 

Meats are generally preferred to cook using skewers placed over the top of the Tandoor and inserted to cook in the flame. This is the same method as America’s barbeque style of cooking meat.

The most significant benefit of using tandoor ovens for cooking is they remain heated for more extended periods of time after being lit up. Only a little fuel is required to get tandoors heated up. This cooking method must be helpful for places running out of fuel.

Many innovations and new techniques are engraved in the traditional Tandoor, like a tandoori grill, gas tandoor, etc. Now tandoors are used not only for making naan or flatbreads but also for baking and cooking complex dishes.

What Can Be Cooked in Tandoor?

What Can Be Cooked in Tandoor

The temperature of the Tandoor can be varied according to the demand of the ingredients to be cooked. Tandoor is now very often used for steaming, baking, and grilling. Meats and vegetables can be quickly cooked over tandoors.

Meat like chicken tandoori and mutton kebabs are immensely popular. Vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes, mushrooms, and bell peppers are skewed and inserted into the Tandoor, leading to succulent and smokey dishes.

Americans should consider Tandoor over barbeque because of one fact, in barbeque, skewers are placed horizontally to cook over heat. In the Tandoor, skewers are placed vertically, which leads to the excess fat getting simmered, which keeps the flavors intact.

What are the Benefits of Tandoor?

Benefits of Tandoor

Cooking in Tandoor has many advantages. People are moving towards this traditional cooking method and creating many tandoori restaurants, tandoori palace, and tandoori garden. 

Requires Less Oil

The need for oil becomes less when cooking in clay tandoors. People nowadays want to consume less oil to get rid of fat. The heat in the Tandoor can cook any complex food. It will give the perfect earthy and smoky flavor and make your food delicious.

Authentic Smoky Flavor

Cooking and baking any dish in a gas tandoor keeps the natural flavor of the dish intact, which turns out to be a delectable smoky flavor. This smokiness comes because the food is directly exposed to heat and fire. Cooking in direct heat leads to the ultimate cooking of the dish from every corner and gives a mesmerizing smoky flavor.

Quick Meal Preparation

Whether you cook tandoori kabab, tandoori chicken in the oven, or tandoori chicken masala, you will not take so much time to prepare your dishes. Foods prepared in Tandoor take less time than other cooking techniques.

Types of Tandoor

There are different types of Tandoor available for different needs. Knowing the kinds of Tandoor is essential to meet your cooking demands. Each tandoor oven has its own set of advantages over others.

Charcoal Tandoor Ovens

The charcoal tandoor ovens provide an enhanced cooking experience due to their smokiness. The vegetables and meat cooked in charcoal tandoors have a unique smokiness and tandoori flavor you always relish.

Natural Gas Tandoor

Natural gas tandoor makes it easier for a tandoor to be adequately fuelled because it is connected to the home’s supply, ensuring ready to use. These tandoors provide low emissions for a greener environment. It is less expensive than propane tandoor ovens.

Propane Gas Tandoor

While cooking in a propane gas tandoor, you can control the temperature quickly. At first, it is a daunting task to know about the temperature controls when cooking in tandoors. In this situation, a propane gas tandoori oven is the best option.

Summing Up

Tandoor is a clay or charcoal-based utensil for a great cooking experience. Dishes prepared through this cooking method will leave you amazed by the earthy and smoky flavor of the cooked food.

Americans should consider starting cooking in tandoor ovens because of the multiple benefits. It gives the dishes a smoky flavor, requires less cooking oil, and can be made quickly.

Alcoeats are here to make your smoky dishes more flavorful with the addition of authentic and savory Indian spices. Add them while preparing with the earthiness of Tandoor; you will get a great-tasting experience.

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