|September 26, 2022

Where do I find Good and Authentic Indian Spices Online?

Where do I find Good and Authentic Indian Spices Online?

Here’s the guide to getting your hands on the best quality spices online:

1. Check the Ingredient List.

The ingredient list of any product speaks for the product itself. Marketing campaigns and claims can be misleading at times, but the ingredients will give a clear view of the purity of the product.

Most spice products in the market come packed with Hydrolysed Soy Protein like MSG, fillers, anti-caking agents like Silicon Dioxide, artificial flavor enhancers, and Maltodextrin. Even the most popular, consumer-loved brand contain one or more of these ingredients.

Although these products with these components will be tastier, but consuming them regularly will show adverse health effects, ranging from diabetes, depression, and heart diseases to infertility and even lung cancer.

So, checking the components of a certain product is vital while settling for a final one. Look for products that do away with any such ingredients and maintain purity in the products.

  1. Look into Customer Reviews.

Next thing you can go for is looking into reviews. Customer reviews is an honest recommendation that you will find online because they have already used the product themselves. You can opt for products with several positive reviews to ensure you get the excepted quality in the spice product.

  1. Read Recommendations by Testers.

Several masala testers give out an unbiased opinion on their blogs, videos, or in the consumer reviews about the best products out of the numerous choices available in the market. They usually have already tried a range of products before they pick a winner.

You can read or watch their reviews on spice products to get a clear idea about what you need.

  1. Try Samplers.

There is no match for this: Trying it Yourself!

After going over the above steps, you can get masala samplers of the brands you think will fetch you the desired results. Masala samplers are inexpensive and come in tiny pouches so that you can try them before buying the product itself.

As a product tester myself, I’ve tried out spices and masala ranges from over 20+ spice brands. To declare a winner was a tough call, but I found an emerging brand to beat them all, in terms of purity, quality, and customer satisfaction.

Alcoeats provides a range of whole spices and masalas that are arguably one of the best in the market. Their products are:

  • Free from Artificial Flavor Enhancers, MSG, fillers, Anti-Caking Agents, and Preservatives.
  • The main motto of Alcoeats is to ‘Stay Pure’.

    All the spice and masala products from Alcoeats are free from any artificial additives and only pure ingredients are used in the product manufacturing.

    Here’s a sample of the ingredient list of Alcoeats’ Amritsari Chole Masala.

  • 100% Vegan
  • All the spice and masala products from Alcoeats are certified vegan, even the masala products meant for non-vegetarian dishes. 

    The spice products from Alcoeats are also free from any Gluten or Dairy. This means that you can grab them without any worry as it is the brand that fits every lifestyle.

  • Quality Assured in the Manufacturing Process.
  • Alcoeats uses innovative and sophisticated machineries supervised by skilled technicians in the manufacturing process of their products. The products assure quality by:

    • Making the entire manufacturing process automated
    • Zero human touch
    • Numerous hygiene check rounds

  • Inexpensive.
  • Besides maintaining quality and purity, the range of spices and products from Alcoeats is affordable when compared to other brands in the market. They also provide samplers that cost only $1, which you can try before buying the desired products. 

  • Airtight and Ziplocked Products.
  • All the masala and spice products from Alcoeats come in containers or airtight and ziplocked packets. This removes the hassle of transferring the spices from the packet to different containers and maintains longevity of the shelf-life.

  • Non-GMO, Paleo-Friendly, and Keto-Friendly.
  • Besides being vegan, dairy, and gluten free, the range of products from Alcoeats is also certified non-GMO, paleo-friendly, and keto-friendly.

    This means that besides having low carbohydrate content, they are free from the use of processed food or products derived from any genetically modified organism.

    Checkout the products of Alcoeats from: www.alcoeats.com


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