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Indian butter chicken or butter chicken masala has quickly become one of the most popular dishes among those who love to cook. As there are many different theories about how this dish came to be, people often try to recreate it in their kitchen - with varying degrees of success.

Indian Butter chicken, also known as murgh makhani, was invented in the Indian city of Calcutta by chef Kundan Lal Gujral who added tomato puree to his chicken curry after running out of butter one day. The resulting dish became so popular that it's now available on menus.

The origin of Indian butter chicken lies in the source of tandoori chicken - an Indian dish. A little over 100 years ago, Mokha Singh Lamba set up a restaurant in Peshawar which now lies in Pakistan. The butter chicken can be traced back to when it first gained popularity in India as a variation on tandoori chicken.

Chicken Makhani has become well-known, and every country seems to have given its twist to it. In Canada, for example, they serve butter chicken with tacos or roti; in India, however, it goes well alongside naan bread.

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The Origin Of Butter Chicken

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Butter Chicken is an Indian dish- a rich sauce that combines cream, tomatoes, and aromatics with succulent pieces of chicken. It has become one of the most popular dishes from India to replicate due to its exceptional taste.

The first dish we know as Butter Chicken came about when Kundan Lal Gujral created his tandoori chicken. Tandoori chicken has its roots in Peshawar, where a man named Mokha Singh Lamba opened a small restaurant. It all started with yogurt-marinated pieces of chicken skewered and then thrown into the traditional clay oven known as tandoors, which created an incredible medley of flavors giving birth to what we now call Butter Chicken.

Gujral started a successful business venture in Delhi called Moti Mahal. The most popular item on his menu was Tandoori Chicken which tended to lose moisture when left for too long without being sold. To fix this problem, he improvised and created a basic recipe of tomato sauce, butter, cream, and spices - what we now know as Butter Chicken today.

What Makes Butter Chicken So Special Among Indians?

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This dish was first discovered in northern India, specifically Amritsar. It was created with generous butter to remain true to its Punjabi roots. The culinary creations are referred to as butter chicken or murgh makhani.

Today, Indian restaurants worldwide offer different takes on traditional dishes such as butter chicken. In America, this dish has been modified due to American preferences for cream or tomato sauces, both of which are common in Mughlai cuisine.

The name Butter Chicken often perplexes people. Is Butter Chicken a curry? What kind of dish is it? But because Butter Chicken has evolved into a hugely popular dish, it can be challenging to pinpoint its defining characteristics.

A good way for someone to think of it is that butter chicken is a dish found in most Indian restaurants which consist of cream and tomato sauce. But this does not mean there are no variations, and these ingredients make many restaurants'  different versions.

Summing Up On Indian People Love Butter Chicken

Butter chicken, otherwise known as murgh makhani, originates from Punjab. A Punjabi chef living in New Delhi experimented with butter-fried chicken and came up with something so delicious that he named it after himself: Murgh Makhani, buttery chicken.

Outside of India, people recognize butter chicken for what it is called. In India, however, some may refer to it as Butter Naan because one of its main components is naan bread spread with butter. Both dishes are excellent options if you order Butter Chicken while in India.

Butter Chicken is a tasty, sweet dish that pairs well with Basmati rice or naan bread. When pairing this, you could include Tandoori chicken, mild curry, and basmati rice - served alongside steamed vegetables. Though its origins are in North India, this dish is most commonly eaten as an entrée over white or brown Basmati Rice - though not naan.

Instead of butter chicken masala, consider serving grilled seafood salad or even a mint cucumber raita (spiced yogurt dip) to cool off the guest's palette during the hot summer.


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