|September 26, 2022

Why do Indian People Love Butter Chicken So Much?

Why do Indian People Love Butter Chicken So Much?

What's the one dish that comes to mind when you hear, “The most popular Indian curry around the world”? Could it be a lamb, paneer, chicken, potatoes, chickpeas?

The answer is Butter Chicken! Butter Chicken is an international Indian curry delicacy, loved and obsessed over the most by the Indian population. Even compared to common rivals such as chicken nuggets, with a creamy dipping sauce, this butter chicken will be chosen as the preferred option. So what’s so special about Butter Chicken that makes it one of Indian people’s favorite dishes? Yes, India is more than just Butter Chicken, and you will get to know the real reason for that. Every Indian dish is well known for its flavors, and ingredients that add authenticity to the cuisine’s history and legacy.

Let's explore the world of ‘Butter Chicken’ and its strong connection with the Indian people.

Unexpected Dish Trip: Invention of Butter Chicken

The origins of Butter Chicken are disputed as is the origins of any topic that has history. Two families claim this recipe to be a part of their identity, though it is difficult to determine who is in fact correct.

One thing is for certain, Butter chicken originated in Delhi, the capital of India, sometime in the 1950s. The 1950's? YES! India may be perceived as an ancient culture dating back thousands of years of tradition, though the butter chicken recipe timeline of origination is a tradition of the 20th century. During 1950's, a man named Kundan Lal Gurjal ran a restaurant called Moti Mahal in the city of Delhi. Kundan settled here and started his business after fleeing political turmoil in another part of India. Moti Mahal is very successful and offers many delicious tandoor dishes. The story of his butter chicken origination is as follows: At the end of the day's cooking, the chef at Moti Mahal would mix the rest of the marinades with butter and tomatoes, then simmer the chicken to add. At the time, it was an idea to re-use food to not be wasteful and save money and ingredients. It turned out they hadn't had the slightest understanding of what they found would be among the most popular dishes across the globe. Sometimes the best things in life are often discovered by accident, a truth that we have no control over, though a truth which gives us an opportunity to act on.

The Kundan restaurant quickly became a famous attraction in Delhi, and soon the butter chicken spread throughout the world, being loved by all cultures.

Butter Chicken Ingredients And Recipe

A rich, creamy, aromatic, and slightly spicy, pieces of chicken simmered in a smooth buttery tomato sauce is probably the most popular Indian dish in the universe. Ever wondered where the Butter Chicken gets its authentic flavor from? Well, you need to check out its ingredients for that.

Let’s begin:

  • Add the yogurt marinade. 
  • If time permits, marinate the chicken for 20 minutes or overnight. (The longer the marinade, the tenderer the chicken.) 
  • Fry the chicken to brown in a frying pan. Put those charred pieces in the pot to make the sauce. Golden bits = taste. 
  •  Finally, the curry paste is made in the same frying pan.

The spices required to make a great sauce are garam masala, turmeric, cumin, red chili powder and salt. You can adjust the spicy level as per your taste. 

To make the sauce for Butter Chicken, you also need onion, tomatoes, garlic, and ginger. 

Cook tomatoes for at least 10-15 minutes, until they are almost dry on the pan. After that, blend the paste until it turns smooth and add in your cream.

Enjoy your meal hot!

You can spend hours cooking this delicious gravy or you can use Alcoeats Butter Chicken Gravy to make it within 15 minutes and retain the same or better flavor in less steps and less items to purchase!

Indian People And Their Relationship With Butter Chicken

Indian people have a very serious intimate relationship with curry, or let’s say, spices. If you have eaten Indian food, you may think it has a lot of spices. India is rich in its flavors of different cuisines. Also, they enjoy their meal with richness of their traditional flavor and extra tanginess. Why are Indian people obsessed with Butter Chicken?

As a non-vegetarian Indian, you can’t say no to Butter Chicken because it's just to good. Even when you're asleep, you may find yourself waking up to the smell of Butter Chicken cooking in the pot and realize you just made it while sleep walking.

Indians rarely compromise on the flavorful content. Butter chicken is a delicious dish cooked with a blend of traditional Indian spice mix that gives it a unique and relishing taste as well as an aroma. You will be amazed to know that Butter Chicken is always on the menu for lunch and dinner in any Indian restaurant. But behind the appeal of this Indian cuisine, what makes it so novel and popular, there is also a strange and ingenious truth. There is something about the sharpness of flavors that gives it a unique taste. The dish has evolved over a long period of time and the flavors have enhanced as well. Indian people enjoy cooking and eating Butter Chicken. Whether it is the weekend, or any time for a celebration, Butter Chicken should be a menu option to consider, you and your guests will thank you for it.

The why behind the Butter Chicken following can be defined in three words history, taste, and culture.

Do you know that October 20 is celebrated as World Butter Chicken Day? In other words, World Butter Chicken Day is to celebrate the anniversary of the restaurant where this dish was born (supposedly that restaurant, though who truly knows). Sounds interesting, right? To imagine the extent of the likeness of a dish that has been given a day in the world calendar to celebrate? It must be good!


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