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Are you looking for the best technique to brew excellent coffee at home? Look no further- the French press for the answer!

The French press is a basic, manual brewing process that provides you complete control over your brew. Anyone can do it, and it's one of the cheapest brewing methods. With the tips and tricks shown in this, you can create some of the best coffee you've ever had. Let's get started!

What is a French Press Coffee?

French Press Coffee is made by combining coarse ground coffee with hot water and steeping it in a Coffee Press before pouring the grounds into the bottom of the carafe. The resulting coffee has a deeper, richer flavor than coffee made using other methods. This approach also has the bonus of lowering the risk of producing the bitter taste many coffees have because less heat is used in the preparation.


The French Press Coffee is a delectable cup of Joe. The brewing technique creates a cup of pure coffee with intact essential natural oils and superior flavor
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How to make French Press Coffee

You may be curious about a French press and how it operates. It's a coffee maker that consists of a beaker, a base, a handle, and a plunger. The significant component is the beaker, which holds your coffee grounds and hot water. The base and handle are attached to the beaker. You have the lid with the filters and plunger attached. Easy to use, a normal-size french press gives two large cups of coffee. Let's see how to make coffee in a french press. 

  • Preheat your french press - It is an essential phase in any coffee brewing procedure. Pour hot water into the press, swirl it about until it is warm to the touch, and dispose of it properly. Preheating your coffee press will also help you keep your coffee hotter for longer.
  • Grind the coffee beans - In a coffee grinder, grind entire roasted coffee beans to a coarse grind. A fine grind will clog the holes in the french press filter. You can also use pre-ground coffee, but we recommend using fresh ground.
  • Boil water - Bring water to a boil in a kettle or a saucepan. Remove from heat and sit for 2 minutes, so the temperature reduces slightly. 
  • Add the coffee grounds - Pour hot water over the ground coffee in the French press. Wait to press the plunger! Please give it a brief toss with a plastic spoon before covering it with the top.
  • Let it steep - Allow 4 minutes for the coffee to brew. Four minutes is ideal for a balanced, medium-strength brew. You can alter the timing if you like a lighter or stronger coffee.
  • Train - Carefully press the plunger down, allowing the coffee grinds to settle to the bottom of the french press. Pour your coffee into mugs and enjoy. 

The Pros and Cons of French Press Coffee

French Press Coffee has a cult-like following. It makes solid and robust coffee without an electrical brewing device. You have complete control over your brew, and you can use a French press coffee maker to make other beverages, such as tea or even cold brew coffee. It is also really affordable. You can acquire a top-rated French press coffee machine on Amazon for about $20. And it's a Perfect gift for Father's Day and Mother's Day if your folks are coffee lovers!

However, there are certain drawbacks to the French press. Because it's a manual brewing system, you can't exactly set it and walk away. It's also a touch picky about grind size - it's recommended that you grind your beans to achieve the uniformly coarse grind required for French Press Coffee. But once you've mastered the technique, you'll be rewarded with delicious coffee in its purest form.

The Basics of Great French Press Coffee

The following tips are the basics of a great French Press Coffee. It's easy to brew and tastes purer than coffee brewed through any other process. 

  • Make sure the grounds are coarse, roughly the size of panko breadcrumbs.
  • For the best flavor, grind the beans fresh every time.
  • To get the most exact measurements, weigh the materials on a kitchen scale. 
  • Use fresh, cold, filtered water that hasn't been previously boiled or sitting in the kettle.
  • Pour the brewed coffee out of the French press as soon as it's finished to avoid a bitter taste.
  • Pour the mixture through a sieve lined with paper towels to remove the muddiness altogether.
  • Use a weight-to-weight ratio of 1:12. (1 gram of beans to 12 grams of water). Feel free to play with the ratio based on your preferences and the beans you use.

Final Words

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FAQs on French Press Coffee Recipe

Is french press coffee more flavorful than ordinary coffee?

While it is undoubtedly a matter of taste, French press coffee tastes better than standard drip coffee. French press coffee is often made with freshly ground beans, increasing the flavor; the brewing method retains all rich oils rather than filtering them away.

Is it bad to have French press coffee every day?

Coffee is safe to drink daily as long as it is consumed in moderation. Drink no more than four cups daily, and try to limit the sugar, cream, and syrups you use.

What exactly is the purpose of French press coffee?

The French press brewing process does not filter out the natural oils, producing a profoundly and richly flavored beverage. It means the coffee will taste far superior to a regular drip machine.

Why can't I use a metal spoon to stir my French press?

Because the coffee press is glass, you must not damage it. A plastic or wooden spoon is gentler than a metal spoon so you won't scratch the glass.

How do I clean a French press?

If coffee is left in glass containers, it stains and leaves a film that is difficult to remove when reheated. Using a plastic spoon or your hands, gently remove the ground from the bottom of the carafe. Then, using hot soapy water, wash all of the parts. Allow to air dry before reusing.

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