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What is Blend Coffee?

How often have you thought of sipping a nice mug of Blend Cofee? There is an ample amount of dissatisfaction as you are not sure about the coffee you have bought. Blend Coffee is a mix of more than two kinds of original coffee beans. The combination brings the best taste, aroma, and color.  

Blending coffee beans is an art, a class by itself. It mellows down the overpowering attribute of the single origin. The blending of coffee not only uplifts the flavor but also creates signature coffee, a unique taste and reduces the cost. You can indulge in your smooth Blended Coffee with or without milk. Cold days make the Blend coffee and a cookie a date affair. The goodness of mixed coffee enhances the energy level. It fine-tunes brain health. You cannot live without it and want to enjoy every sip to the core. 

It is not easy to get a fine blend of coffee. You get deceived under the pretext of buying the best and end up buying a brand that is not reliable. It is best to opt for blended coffee that is tried and tested. You can rely on Alcoeats products that offer a fine blended coffee experience. Unlike the fear of getting a product that may not fit your taste buds, select the coffee you know the ingredients of. There lies the art of making blended coffee. Here is an easy recipe to make blended coffee.

How to make Blend Coffee?

The homemade version of blended coffee is always unique. So, here's the best way to make blended coffee. 


A coffee blend is a combination of two or more distinct origin coffee beans that are blended together. The idea behind blends is to take the best grades of coffee. Read here to learn more.

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  • Type - Beverage
  • Serve - 1
  • Preparation time - 2 mins
  • Cooking time - 5 mins
  • Total time - 7 mins

Ingredients to make Blend Coffee

  • 10 tbsp - Alcoeats Hawaiian Kona Blend (medium roast coffee grounds)  
  • 100 ml water

Optional Additions

  • ¼ cup Steamed milk
  • ½ tsp sugar

How to make Blend Coffee

  • Take your coffee maker and add 1 tsp of coffee powder. ( Depending upon how robust you want your coffee) 
  • Add water to the reservoir and keep it ready. 
  • Let the coffee powder brew for 4 mins. in the coffee maker. 
  • Blended coffee is prepared to serve. It depends if you wish to add steamed milk and sugar to your mug of coffee. 

Health Benefits of Blended coffee 

DISCLAIMER-  This blog does not provide you with any medical advice. It is strictly meant to be an informational and recipe blog only. Please consult your physician or medical expert for what works best for you.

  • Having blended coffee at least once a day promotes weight management. It decreases body fat and provides energy to do physical activities.
  • According to the British Medical Journal, coffee users have a lesser mortality risk. 
  • The Journal of the American College of Cardiology states that having an average amount of blended coffee reduces the risk of developing heart diseases. 
  • A study shows that having coffee reduces the chance of liver, metabolic, and neurological problems. 
  • Blend Coffee lowers the risk of prostate, endometrial, or other cancer. 

What are the types of coffee blends?

Types of coffee blends depend upon the roasts you pick for each coffee bean. It can be light roasts, medium roasts, espresso roasts, or dark roasts. The coffee roasts explained is as follows-

  • Light roasts reach an internal temperature of 356°F – 401°F. 
  • Medium roasts get 410°F-428°F. 
  • Dark roast coffee beans hit internal temperatures as high as 482°F. 

The coffee blends depend upon the kind of coffee you are mixing with. People who love strong and bitter coffee would like to opt for a dark roast. Many prefer light to medium roast coffee blends. For instance, you may get a fruity flavor to your blended coffee if you have mixed Arabica and Robusta in equal proportion.

The debate on single-origin coffee vs. blends

There are mainly the following factors that distinguish single-origin coffee vs. blends.   

  • Purity- You will find that the purity of single-origin coffee is higher than that of Blend Coffee. Blend Coffee has a mix of other coffee beans from different regions, making it difficult to maintain purity. 
  • Flavor- For those looking for a robust taste, single-origin coffee is doable. Coffee blend offers different flavors that complement the mix of other coffee beans. You won't find one flavor overpowering the other. It completely dissolves the taste, presenting a whole new flavor to the coffee. 
  • Origin- People are aware of the origin of single coffee beans. Blend Coffee is difficult to state as more than 2 types of coffee beans are mixed. 

Summing Up with Blend Coffee

We hope you have got a gist of what blended coffee is. It is challenging to state which one tastes better- single-origin or blended coffee taste better. It depends upon the individual. It depends upon the mood the person is in. When you are in the mood for energy, you may opt for a single origin, Espresso. While a Latte or Blend Coffee may be during office meets and seminars. 

Get ready to taste the best Blend Coffee from Alcoeats. It is robust and offers a flavor that will forever linger on your taste buds. Let us begin the saga of blended coffee over a chat. Pick your coffee blend as per your mood. We are all set to impress you with our choices of blended coffee. Are you ready?

Faqs On Blend Coffee Recipe

Is Blended coffee a hot coffee or a cold coffee?

Blended coffee can be made as hot coffee or cold coffee. You can always cold brew the coffee and have cold coffee. 

How long will Blend Coffee remain fresh?

Freshly roasted coffee beans must be used within 3 months. 

How to store blended coffee at home?

Keep your coffee sealed in an airtight container. Keep your pack of coffee in a dry place, away from sunlight. Alcoeats' Blend Coffee comes in zip-lock packaging. You can be sure of the freshness to remain intact.

What type of coffee does breakfast Blend Coffee have?

Ans. The breakfast Blend Coffee has different types of coffee, such as from Colombia, Indonesia, Central America, Brazil, or other origins. 



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