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Can you name a snack that can be described in a word as “addictive”?

Crisp Honey Chili Potatoes? 

Yes, absolutely right!!

Crispy Honey Chili Potatoes are one hell of a super-addictive snack where fried chili potato fingers are tossed in a sesame honey chili sauce that's both sweet and spicy and will leave you with deliciously sticky fingers that you'll be licking clean!

Let’s just say you’ll most probably eat them straight from the wok!

If you have ever eaten honey chili potatoes or their variants like sweet potato chili, chili baked potato, or chili with potatoes, what distinguishes all of these super-tasty sweet potato chili recipes is just how crisp they are, despite them being sauteed in the sauce. They retain their signature crunch and that's what this recipe is all about. 

There are many variants of honey chili potatoes with additional/lesser ingredients, for instance, sweet potato black bean chili, Turkey sweet potato chili, and sweet potato and black bean chili. Why, there are even chili potatoes for people following the vegan diet called, quite aptly, the vegan sweet potato chili! Such is the popularity of this finger-licking snack!


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How to make crispy honey chili potatoes?

The secret to making fantastic crispy vegetarian chili sweet potato is – batter-fry the potato fingers twice. Deep frying them just once results in potatoes that don't hold their shape and get soggy after a few minutes. 

So, to start with, the potatoes are first coated in a dry mixture, deep fried till they are almost cooked, and then cooled for a bit. Then they are coated in a second coating of batter and deep fried again till they become crisp outside and are cooked perfectly inside. You may be familiar with this style of cooking if you make French fries regularly.

The final step is to coat them in sesame honey chili sauce that adds an extra layer of texture and is sweet and spicy.


Crispy Honey Chili Potatoes are a super-addictive snack where fried chili potato fingers are tossed in a sesame honey chili sauce that's both sweet and spicy and will leave you with deliciously sticky fingers that you'll be licking clean!
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  • Prep Time - 15 minutes
  • Cook Time - 10 minutes

Ingredients for Honey Chili Potatoes

Ingredients for the first and second coating of potatoes

  • Potatoes (but of course!) - As far as possible, use old potatoes. These should be cut into ⅓ inch thickness and should be approximately 2-3 inches long. Ideally, keep them at the same size so the fingers cook at the same time
  • Chili Paste - Chili paste is made from ground chilies that are made by soaking dried red chilies in hot water for 10-15 minutes and grinding to a paste.
  • Chili Powder - Ground red chili powder, or Alcoeats Red Hot Chili Powder which is the better option.

Ingredients for honey chili sauce

The honey chili sauce is the “addictive” X factor in Honey Chili Potatoes. It is sweet, spicy, and sticky and becomes the coating on the potatoes. Honey Chili sauce is not meant to be a sauce.

  • Garlic - Should be finely chopped and there must be lots of it because it’s a flavor bomb!
  • Honey - Choose plain honey, as flavored will not work well here
  • Ketchup - For the perfect balance
  • Soy sauce - Light soy sauce is good for adding some saltiness and rich flavor
  • Chili Paste and Chili Flakes - Chili is meant to pack in some heat. If you don’t prefer spicy food, reduce the quantities of both chili paste and chili flakes in the sauce
  • Sesame Seeds - For added flavor and crunch; also, they stick to the potatoes because of the sauce
  • Corn flour - Corn flour is an excellent thickening agent, although it can be substituted with either potato starch or tapioca starch
  • Vinegar - To add a hint of acidity and balance

How to make crispy honey chili potatoes – Step-by-step

Here's the detailed recipe is broken down into three steps to help you ace this recipe!

First coating and first frying

  • Mix all the ingredients for the dry batter – i.e., Alcoeats Red Hot Chili Powder, chili paste, garlic paste, all-purpose flour, corn flour, and salt. It should become a scraggly crumb-like mixture.
  • Add potatoes and coat them well in the dry batter.
  • Deep fry the potatoes in batches. Drop one potato at a time so they don't stick together. Deep fry on a medium-high flame for a few minutes till the potatoes get golden brown and almost cooked. Remove and set aside.

Second coating and second frying

  • Make a thick batter by mixing the all-purpose flour, corn flour, pepper, and water.
  • Dip each half-fried potato stick in this thick batter.
  • Now, fry these batter-coated potato fingers again (this becomes their second frying), this time on high heat. Ensure that you add one potato at a time, so they don't stick to each other. Fry the potatoes in batches so you don't stuff the frying pan.
  • Fry them till they turn a nice golden brown. Remove them onto a tissue-lined plate and set aside.

Stir-frying in honey chili sauce

  • As soon as the potato sticks are deep fried, heat some oil in a large wok and add some garlic. 
  • Sauté the garlic for 30 seconds, but don't let it become brown.
  • Add sesame seeds and sauté for another 30 seconds or so, ensuring that they don’t turn brown otherwise they’ll taste burnt.
  • Now add the soy sauce, honey, ketchup, chili paste, chili flakes, vinegar, and water and mix well.
  • Add the fried potato sticks and toss them thoroughly so that the sauce covers the potatoes.
  • Add the corn flour batter and stir-fry again for a minute or two till the corn flour cooks through.

That’s it! Your delicious homemade Honey Chili Potatoes are ready to go!


Remember, Honey Chili Potatoes are not particularly saucy (and they shouldn't be!). They are not meant to be eaten as a side. They are more of an appetizer or more like a bar snack to serve with beer or mocktails. Just hand over some toothpicks and let guests dig in or let them just use their fingers!

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