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Crispy fried, hash brown Potato Latkes combined with creamy, spicy Jalapeño Dill Sauce are the perfect snack or side dish to enjoy through the spring and summer!

Extremely simple yet utterly satisfying, latkes are crispy, crunchy little delights of fried shredded spicy potato. And when these are served warm and topped with a cold and creamy sauce, they become irresistible for enjoying anytime as a yummy appetizer, snack, side dish, or main meal!

Latkes are an extremely versatile spring and summer dish filled with textural appeal. They are similar to spicy roast potatoes, spicy roasted sweet potatoes, or even spicy sweet potato fries in taste and flavor.

What are Latkes?

Latke (pronounced LOT-Keh, LOT-Kah, or LOT-kee) is a Jewish dish, and is the Yiddish word for pancake. On Hanukkah, it is traditional to serve latkes (most often made from potatoes) fried in oil to celebrate the miracle of Hanukkah, when the oil in the Temple menorah lasted for eight days instead of just one.

Jews usually eat foods that reflect the significance of a holiday — like Matzah on Passover and apples dipped in honey on Rosh Hashanah, for instance — and Hanukkah is no exception. For at least a thousand years now, Jews have traditionally eaten oily foods like spicy sweet potatoes, spicy potato salad, and spicy mashed potatoes, apart from Latkes on Hanukkah.


Latke is a Jewish dish, and is the Yiddish word for pancake. On Hanukkah, it is traditional to serve latkes fried in oil to celebrate the miracle of Hanukkah.

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Ingredients needed for spicy latkes

This spicy potato chip with Jalapeño Dill Sauce recipe combines crisp potato latkes with scallions (spring onions), and a cool creamy dipping sauce made with fresh spring dill.

  • Prep Time - 15 minutes 
  • Cook Time - 15 minutes

For the latkes

  • Potatoes - Shredded
  • Scallions - Chopped
  • Eggs
  • Cornmeal
  • Salt and pepper
  • Oil for frying

For the Jalapeño Dill Sauce

  • Sour cream
  • Jalapeño - grated
  • Fresh dill (a herb found in Europe and Arabia) – Chopped
  • Salt and pepper

Note: Ensure that your jalapeño is completely de-seeded and thoroughly rinsed before grating to provide that little bit of heat without eye-watering spiciness.

How to Make the Best Jalapeño Dill Sauce

  1. Combine a little sour cream with about half of the grated jalapeño and dill in a small bowl.
  2. Taste the mixture. Add more jalapeño to increase spiciness if needed.
  3. Add salt and pepper to taste.
  4. Cover and keep in the refrigerator till serving.

How to make delicious Latkes?

Mixing fresh onions into the batter for a latke makes all the difference between boring latkes and addictive, irresistible latkes. And adding shaved jalapeño in the dill sauce offers the perfect amount of heat and intrigue, just like chipotle sweet potato, or spicy potato wedges.

  1. Mix your shredded potatoes with eggs, cornmeal, and chopped onions in a large bowl.
  2. Scoop little balls of this potato batter (about 2 tablespoons each) into the hot oil. Gently flatten them with a spatula.
  3. Fry until they turn golden on both sides, flipping occasionally.
  4. Once finished, keep your mouth-watering latkes on a plate lined with a paper towel to drain excess oil, and then keep them in a warm oven until they are ready to be served. 

FAQs on Spicy Potato Latkes Recipe

What are latkes, and what do they symbolize?

Latkes are potato pancakes meant to symbolize the miracle of Hanukkah when the oil of the menorah in the ransacked Second Temple of Jerusalem stayed lit for eight days, even though there was enough oil for just one day. The symbolism in Latkes is in the form of the oil used for frying latkes.

Is there any difference between latkes and potato pancakes?

Both latkes and pancakes use potatoes and eggs as their main ingredients. But Latkes also include baking powder, matzo meal, and occasionally, even milk! Potato pancakes usually don’t have these ingredients. Also, you can make potato pancakes from raw and cooked mashed potatoes.

How do latkes taste?

Latkes taste like spicy potatoes, salty in a good way, with a hint of onion. It's just a nice fried, crispy soft potato with salt. This is the simple and traditional latke. 

What do you traditionally serve with potato latkes?

Sour cream or Applesauce are the traditional accompaniments for latkes. Some load their potato pancakes up with both toppings, while others prefer one more than the other. 

What are Potato latkes made of?

Latkes are pan-fried potato pancakes consisting of grated potatoes, onions, eggs, and some kind of binder, like matzo meal or breadcrumbs. In their best form, they have a crispy exterior and a light, creamy inside.


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