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Indian Masalas are versatile spice blends used throughout India. They add flavor to various Indian dishes. Preparing Indian masala spices blends raw spices to encompass India's authentic taste. Timing is crucial to becoming skilled in cooking Indian cuisine. Although it may appear challenging, organizing all the required spices beforehand can simplify the process. 

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Indian Masalas are the key to achieving genuine Indian-style dishes. Firstly, heat oil and add small quantities of spices promptly to ensure that the mustard seeds crackle, cumin seeds sizzle, and turmeric and red chili powders lose their raw taste without scorching. It requires precise control of the oil temperature. Identifying which spices to use and when to add them is essential for achieving the perfect outcome.

Some of the most popular Indian Masalas are:

Garam Masala

garam masala

Arguably the most well-known North Indian Masala is Garam Masala. It translates to "a hot mixture of spices." Garam Masala is one of India's most prominent and used spice blends. It is a versatile warming spice blend. It adds a complex, uniquely warm, spicy flavor to curries, lentils, soups, and more. In many recipes across India, Garam Masala is a prime ingredient. Its components will differ based on the Indian region. However, the spice blend originated in North India. You can get the best Garam Masala in India and USA from Alco.

Kitchen King Masala

kitchen king

Kitchen King Masala is known as the king of all Indian masalas. Its ingredients vary per manufacturer, but it blends India's most beloved spices. Please do not confuse it with Garam Masala. Kitchen King Masala is a versatile and complex spice blend that enhances the flavor and aroma of any dish. Kitchen King Masala is another North Indian Masala. It adds a spicy solid flavor to several North Indian cuisines. You can use it in North Indian dishes like Butter Masala, Amritsari Chhole, Butter Chicken, and more. You can get the best Indian masala spices in India and USA spices from Alco.

Delhi Kadhai Masala

Kadhai masala

Delhi Kadhai Masala is a coarse spice mix made from whole spices. You can use it to season vegetables or meats. Traditionally Kadhai dishes use a wok-like iron pot for cooking. Delhi Kadhai Masala originated from Delhi, the capital of India; thus, it is another in the North Indian Masala category. It adds a range of flavors, including the citrus flavor of the Coriander Seeds, the earthy and bitter taste of the Cumin Seeds, and the warm hot flavor of the Red Chili. Click here to get the authentic tasting Delhi Kadhai Masala in India and USA from Alco.

Curry Powder

curry masala

Did you know curry powder is a spice blend that originated in British India? It's important not to confuse it with garam masala, a native spice mix. Curry powder is a unique mixture of Indian masala spices that adds a warm and robust flavor to any dish. It has a slightly sweet, savory, and earthy taste with some heat. In traditional Indian cooking, curries are made by toasting whole spices and grinding them as needed for each dish. However, curry powder has become familiar outside India for those who want to replicate authentic Indian flavors. Get your pack of Curry Powder from Alco now.

Hot Madras Curry

hot madras curry

Hot Madras Curry is a South Indian Masala mix that gets its name from the city of Madras (now known as Chennai). This versatile Indian spice blend can add heat to various dishes, including vegetables, meats, and lentils. It has a distinct, hot, and citrusy flavor with a spicy and herbaceous taste. Unlike other curries, Madras doesn't use warm brown spices like cinnamon, nutmeg, clove, and anise. Alco offers pre-made jars of Hot Madras Curry Masala Mix for easy use for those in India or the USA.

Magic Masala

magic masala

Alco's Magic Masala is an exceptional blend of Indian masala spices crafted by Alco's spice specialists in collaboration with master chefs and mothers to cater to the taste buds of today's generation. Using the appropriate techniques, such as picking high-quality ingredients, roasting each spice, coarsely crunching them, and keeping whole spices in powdered form, Alco has created the perfect Masala to add magic to every dish you prepare. Trust us, and try Alco Magic Masala to experience the difference!

How are Alco Masalas processed?

Alco Foods manufactures Alco Masalas in Raipur, India. Before Alco could start manufacturing its line of masalas, much research went into creating the perfect blend of spices. The chemists at Alco Foods were tasked with creating masalas that would allow anyone to recreate their favorite Indian dishes from anywhere in the world. After making a full lineup of masalas, Alco Foods needed to find farmers to source their raw ingredients. Finding farmers, they could trust to provide consistent and quality ingredients all year round was essential. When the natural ingredients arrive at the warehouse, they first undergo sanitization. The raw ingredients then go through a cleaning machine, which removes any impurities. After cleaning, the natural ingredients are inspected by hand before roasting. A machine is used to toast the spices, significantly enhancing flavor and aroma. After roasting, the spices are then ready to be ground down. Another machine and sieves are then used to grind the spices into a fine powder. The sieves are used to extract the non-grounded parts from the fine powder. After the spices are ground down into a fine powder, they are packaged and ready to be enjoyed.

What dietary and health benefits do ALCO Masalas provide?

Dietary Benefits of ALCO Masalas:

  • Gluten-Free
  • KETO Friendly
  • Paleo Friendly
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian

Alco Masalas contain many different spices, which have several potential health benefits. 

What Makes Alco Foods' Masalas Unique?

Our commitment to sourcing the finest spices from India guarantees you'll experience solid, fragrant flavors that will inspire you in the kitchen. 

We pride ourselves on providing safe and transparent food products. Our spices are natural, and we never use artificial flavors or preservatives. 

Our products also don't contain any chemicals to extend their shelf life. By sourcing all of our raw spices from Indian farmers, we're also supporting their livelihoods.

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