|September 26, 2022

Nutritional Content Of Chicken Tikka

Nutritional Content Of Chicken Tikka.

What's better than Chicken Tikka as a starter? I don't think there's any better alternative. It is somewhat like a finger-shaped snack and is popularly known as an appetizer. 

Using Chicken in Tikka is not a popular trend; it's used for its Lean meat and flavorful texture. Also, one more reason is its low-calorie content compared to any other meats.

It might look oily and unhealthy, but it can provide the body with exceptional health benefits. There are a lot more things to explore apart from its brilliant and savory taste. 

So, here's everything that your mind is looking for:

About Chicken Tikka:

Chicken Tikka is a traditional recipe with boneless chicken pieces cooked using skewers in a tandoor with Indian masalas and yogurt. They have a soft, brick-red texture with a smoky aftertaste, making them one of the most sought chicken recipes in the country.

Chicken Tikka makes a great addition to any menu, either as appetizers or side dishes with any curry or basmati rice or Indian Bread.

The origin story of Chicken Tikka is also enjoyable. Versions trace the discovery in India and show how it started from a restaurant in Scotland.

Now that we know a briefing on Tikka, let's learn the nutritional benefits it offers/ 

Nutritional Facts About Chicken Tikka: 

Hard to believe, but your chicken tikka contains a whole sum of nutrients that you might not be aware of.

Calories Content In Your Chicken Tikka: 

On average, one standard serving of Chicken Tikka of 100 gm contains around 150 calories. But reducing this calorie content is relatively easier with using Alcoeats pure Indian spice blend.

Apart from calories, there is some other nutritional content too. So, here's the complete list of other nutrients content

  • Protein- 22.52 mg
  • Carbohydrates- 7.62 gm
  • Sugars- 3.45 gm
  • Fat- 3.02 g
  • Polyunsaturated- 0.62 gm
  • Potassium- 313 mg
  • Cholesterol- 58 mg
  • Monounsaturated- 1.03 gm
  • Saturated- 0.88 gm
  • Fiber- 1.3 gm
  • Sodium- 62 mg

  • The best fact is that you can make your Chicken Tikka healthier. Let us learn about some valuable tips:

    Ways To Make Chicken Tikka More Tastier And Healthier: 

    These days cholesterol, adipose accumulation, etc., have become very common because of such foods. Henceforth, we have some tips and methods to make your chicken tikka body & health-friendly. 

    Yogurt is one of the beneficial ingredients in chicken tikka preparation. Generally, we use it for marination purposes. We can replace it with low-fat yogurt. But if not, available we can instead use curd to marinate chicken pieces.  

    Use fewer spices to elude from being inconvenient to all-age members at your house. Food prepared with lots of spice mixtures can cause liver malfunction. 

    Evading addition of cream while making the dressing would lead to less calorie and fat consumption. 

    Chicken can be delicious and healthier too. However, preparation in an unhealthy manner can cause health issues as the fitness of our adored reader is our foremost concern.

    You can even use Alcoeats spice blend and prepare your homemade Tikka masala in almost no time.

    Why Choosing Alcoeats A Wise Move?

    Authenticity is a marketing gimmick without proof.

    You might find flavorful masala brands that will make your food tasty, but it doesn't mean that you can rely on them in terms of health. Several ready-to-cook masalas come with harmful ingredients linked to several diseases. 

    If you are among those who never compromise with your and your family's health, then Alcoeats is for you. The main goal is to provide the best out of any other available choices. 

    Not only does Alcoeats have verified labels, but their ingredient list shows that they are pure and free from any artificial products in them.

    Everything marked on the pack is the company's priority to serve. If your mind pops up with any question related to any of the products, then the FAQ section is for you, where Alcoeats' experts are ready to answer all your queries.

    So, make sure you fill up your bags with the best and gluten-free Spice Blend By Alcoeats.


    How Many Carbs are there in a Regular Serving of Chicken Tikka?

    A British Indian dish and simple recipe, Chicken Tikka Masala is delicious and has some health benefits. Naturally, a typical serving has a very low carb, around 6gm, and is even Keto friendly.

    Can Chicken Tikka be Good for Weight Loss?

    Well, any fried chicken or chili chicken prepared in restaurants contains high-fat content. But you can make your chicken tikka healthier using yogurt and Alcoeats spices to reduce the calorie content.

    Is Chicken Tikka Healthy?

    Chicken tikka is one of the most-ordered dishes at any restaurant, especially for starters. But the best part is that it has very low-fat content and high antioxidants. Apart from this, there are several other healthiness notes too.

    How Many Calories are in Chicken Tikka? 

    On average, a regular serving of chicken tikka has 150 calories, and using Alcoeats spice blend along with Greek yogurt; it gets reduced to 120 calories.


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