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The famous recipe of korma primarily includes chicken. It's difficult for a vegetarian to enjoy delicious korma because they cannot use chicken as an ingredient. But for them, there are many options to try a korma recipe in the form of vegetable korma recipe, cauliflower korma, veg navratan korma, mixed vegetable korma, etc.


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What is Called a Korma?

An Urdu word Qorma which means braising led to the invention of the word “korma.” This combination cooking method uses dry or moist heat to chop complex meat pieces or vegetables. 

Korma can be customized according to your preference. In the North, korma is primarily soft and chewy in texture, while in South India, you will find spicy kormas. It contains chopped tomatoes in the gravy.

The common ingredients in making delicious vegetable korma are cumin seeds, coconut milk, cashews, yogurt, tomatoes, etc. Making a korma includes marination and cooking on a low flame to bring out the best flavor.

Korma is more of a Mughal than an Indian. It was regularly prepared in the Mughal kitchens for Mughal emperors. Vegetables or meat are firstly marinated or braised with curd and coconut milk. Afterward, they were cooked on a low flame with butter or ghee for the best flavors.

What is Special About Korma?

Korma has a distinct taste of tanginess; sweetness ad can be of various recipes. So many unique things about korma make this dish so prevalent for any season or occasion. Many korma recipes are prepared in the royal style of the Mughals; thus, the term ‘Shahi’ has been added before.

Kormas have multiple benefits also. They are protein-rich, and added ingredients elevate their benefit level. Mixed vegetable korma and a veg navratan korma consist of various vegetables and ingredients in one place and thus makes it suitable for health.

The Common Veg Substitutes of Chicken in Korma

The Common Veg Substitutes of Chicken in Korma

There are many substitutes through which a vegetarian can enjoy korma. Vegetable korma is as delicious as chicken korma.

Cauliflower: Cauliflower has an outstanding property that absorbs any flavor quickly and gives a delicious taste. Cauliflower korma is an excellent alternative to chicken korma because it has a delectable taste, no less than a chicken korma. Try our Alcoeats spices to give a treat to your tastebuds.

Tofu: Tofu has a similar texture to chicken and can be a perfect alternative when preparing veggie korma. It is a soy-based product and has a chewy and succulent texture. It can also absorb flavor very quickly. It can be perfect for preparing a korma no less than chicken korma.

Jackfruit: A tropical vegetable, Jackfruit, also called kathal, has a chewy texture and can be a great alternative to the chicken while preparing korma. You must include jackfruit in your veg korma recipe. 

Chickpeas: Chickpeas, commonly chhole, can also be used when you think of vegetable korma recipes. Chickpeas can perfectly replace meat and serve a delicious chhole korma. Chickpeas korma can be tangy, spicy, and full of flavors.

Mushrooms: Mushrooms, when fried and added to the cashew-based curry with a crunchy and delightful flavor, is an excellent option for vegetable korma. Mushrooms in korma can beat the deliciousness of meat-based korma. It has a perfect flavor with fantastic taste.

Eggplant: Eggplant korma is a not-so-conventional type of vegetable korma. Eggplants are firstly marinated and coated, then dipped in the korma sauce for a perfect eggplant korma.

Seitan: Seitan has a chewy and stingy flavor and texture as the meat and can be used in kormas without a second thought. It is wheat gluten, soy-free and protein-rich. Vegetable korma using seitan has the same texture and flavor as chicken korma.

Tempeh: Tempeh is a soy-based product; it is also like tofu because both come from soy. It has a nutty, grainy taste and texture. It is a good source of protein, vitamins, and fiber and hence easy to digest. Due to its texture, it is a perfect vegetable alternative to chicken korma.

Potatoes: Soft-boiled potatoes can also be used as a vegetable replacement for chicken in a korma. It has a distinct flavor and also absorbs the korma gravy very well. Potatoes can be found in every household due to their multiple uses. So, adding potatoes to the vegetable korma list is a must.

Paneer: Paneer is a dairy product and is similar in texture to the mil. It is juicy and soft and quickly goes with the korma. Also, adding paneer to the korma recipe is a healthier alternative to meat and chicken.

Summing Up

Korma is a royal delicacy and hence a beloved dish. In older days, kormas were prepared in the royal court kitchens of Mughals for their kings. Later, this preparation became famous and paved the way for every restaurant and kitchen.

The main ingredient by which korma is famous is chicken or meat. But for vegetarian people also, there are ingredients and vegetables similar to meat that can be added to korma. Also, adding vegetables to korma elevates the nutrition of korma.

Various vegetables or ingredients can be used to prepare korma, such as cauliflower, paneer, tempeh, tofu, eggplant, potato, etc. You can make korma spicy or add cashews for richness according to the preferred taste.

For any korma recipe, Alcoeats has a variety of authentic and flavorful masalas to give your recipes the zing required to delight your senses. You can pick spices from garam masala to magic masala for your vegetable korma recipe.

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