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As the name implies, Kadai Paneer is a recipe made with paneer, or soft, non-melting Indian-type cottage cheese. Fresh cheese, called paneer, is produced by curdling milk in vinegar or lemon juice. In contrast to the loose, separate curds of American-style cottage cheese, paneer is firm, similar to tofu, and readily cuts into cubes.

"Kadai" describes a simple Indian cooking vessel resembling a Chinese wok with deeper and steeper sides. Since the entire dish is prepared in a kadai, it is referred to as "Kadai Paneer" or "Karahi Paneer." In addition to the paneer itself, the three main ingredients added to kadai paneer are onions, tomatoes, and capsicum (green bell peppers). 

Kadai paneer is one of the simplest and tastiest paneer recipes available. This recipe is ideal for avoiding cooking or having unexpected guests. This recipe is super quick to prepare with the rich taste intact.

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How to Prepare Kadhai Paneer?

A kadai or wok is used to cook Indian cottage cheese, onions, tomatoes, bell peppers, and freshly ground kadai masala in a curry recipe that is somewhat spicy and tangy.


Kadai paneer is a lively, refreshing, and highly spicy paneer meal that tastes great any time of year. This vibrant dish is prepared in minutes using everyday pantry items such as onions, tomatoes, capsicum (green bell peppers), and Indian spices.
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Serve- 4
Preparation Time- 20 Minutes
Cooking Time- 20-25 Minutes


  • 250 Gm- Paneer
  • 1 Cup- Thinly sliced capsicum
  • 7-8 - Garlic cloves
  • 1 inch- Ginger
  • 2-3- Chopped green chilies
  • 2- Medium sized onions
  • 7-8- Tomatoes
  • 1 Tsp- Alcoeats Garam Masala Powder
  • 2 Tbsp- Alcoeats Delhi Kadai Masala
  • ½ Tbsp- Kasuri methi (Dried fenugreek leaves)
  • ½ Cup- Water
  • 2 Tbsp- Whipped cream
  • 4 Tbsp- Ghee or Butter
  • 2 Tbsp- Chopped coriander leaves
  • To Taste- Salt


  • Chop the onions finely. Cut the green bell pepper, or capsicum, into extremely thin strips.
  • Dice both tomatoes finely. After roughly chopping them, add five tomatoes to the blender. Reduce the tomatoes to a purée. Set aside the tomato puree.
  • Use a mortar and pestle to grind the ginger and garlic to a fine paste.
  • Heat butter, oil, or ghee in a pan. Then add the ginger-garlic paste and cook until the raw smell is gone.
  • Onions should then be added and sauteed until transparent.
  • Add chopped green chilies and Alcoeats Delhi Kadai Masala to the kadai.
  • Next, add the finely chopped tomatoes and saute until the tomatoes are pulpy and the tomato masala releases oil from the sides.
  • Add tomato puree next.
  • As soon as you notice oil leaving the sides, stir thoroughly and keep sautéing. on a low flame for nine or ten minutes.
  • Add the sliced green bell pepper or capsicum. Simmer over low to medium heat for two to three minutes while stirring.
  • Simmer for a further seven to eight minutes after adding water and salt.
  • After that, add Alcoeats garam masala powder, crushed kasuri methi, or dry fenugreek leaves, and stir.
  • Add slices or cubes of paneer. Gently stir. The paneer should be cooked for one to two minutes.
  • In the end, you can also add two tablespoons of cream. Simply whisk the cream into the gravy gently.
  • Add chopped coriander leaves as a garnish and Serve the Kadai Paneer Gravy over jeera rice, steamed rice, naan, or rotis.

Notes to Remember

  • The tomatoes are the reason for the tanginess of the gravy. Add additional cream towards the end if you want to counterbalance the tang.
  • For this dish, use fresh ripe red tomatoes. Use of sour tomatoes is advised.
  • There is a hint of spice in the recipe. Use less chilies if you don't want your food to be spicy.
  • The addition of Alcoeats Delhi kadai masala here gives the sauce served with the tomatoes a lovely crimson color. Regarding heat, Kashmiri chilies are milder than other red chilies. Use any dry red chili from India if you still need Kashmiri chilies. Just cut back on the amount based on how hot and spicy the chilies are.

Summing Up

In the well-known paneer dish, kadai paneer, paneer, and bell peppers are cooked in a hot masala. This is among the most well-liked paneer dishes. Almost all Indian eateries have it on their menus. 

Similar to a wok, a kadai is frequently used in Indian cuisine. It is used for various dishes, including stir-fries, deep-fry candies, and snacks. Because it is prepared in a kadai, this dish is known as Kadai Paneer. However, you can use a wok or any other pan in its place if you don't have a kadai.


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