|September 26, 2022

Consumer Critique: Alcoeats

Alcoeats is helping people have the unique flavors of Indian cuisine at home, and providing some International flavors for your meals and snacks! Their products include Indian spices, seasonings and a variety of herbs which you can purchase online in the US. They also offer just add water, indie bowls makes it easy to enjoy, authentic Indian cuisine, at home or on the go! They save time and effort in the kitchen, reducing prep time by at least a half hour, making dinner time easy. They are selective in their ingredients, and have a variety of savory options.

The Air Fryer Chicken Nuggets are easy to whip up and the Smoked Mac & Cheese is a great staple with a flavorful twist!

Some other flavorful options:

Looking for some more great recipe ideas from Alcoeatshttps://alcoeats.com/blogs/recipes

I had a chance to try some of the delicious flavors from Alcoeats. I love that they also have some tasty snack options. Savory snacks are great, especially if you're trying to reduce your sugar intake, and Alcoeats has some Amazingly Flavored Cashews. The cashews come with India and then are seasoned with 100% natural ingredients that are also Halal and Paleo friendly. They taste great! The fact that they're nuts means that they have protein to keep you full longer. Some of the options were a little bit spicy, but they all were great!


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